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It has gotten bigger over the past week and a halfHello,It's hard to tell from this skin rash picture what type of rash you have.
I noticed yesterday a perfectly circular, quarter size and all red spot on my inner forearm. Having a pimply rash on your body can cause a lot of pain, discomfort and possibly embarrassment. Depending upon the type of rash, you may experience patchy red skin with small bumps or solid red skin with large bumps.
Chickenpox can cause you to have a pimply rash all over your body, according to To avoid developing a bacterial or viral infection, stay away from those who are infected with an illness that you could contract, such as chickenpox.
Talk to your health care provider right away should you begin to notice signs of infection, such as pus, fever or a foul odor. Our community is moderated by our moderation team so you won't see spam or offensive messages posted on our forums. My DH is a dermatology PA so I had him come over and look at the picture and read the description.
DH says that contact dermatitis isn't usually accompanied by a low-grade fever, therefore it might be a viral rash. But, it does look similar to Pityriasis rosea rash.A Pityriasis rosea rash is a pretty common type of rash that is usually round or oval in size and usually occurs on the trunk of the body. I have taken my daughter to the hospital this morning as soon as I saw the rash, 4 nurses and 3 doctors couldn't give me a straight answer except that it's not meningococcal or measles. Doctor said it was nothing to worry about and said to use a cortizone cream to alleviate itch. A variety of reasons, such as viral or bacterial infections, could explain a pimple-like rash all over your body.
The severity of the rash will determine if the rash develops in patches or solid streaks on your skin.
The pimples may start small when you initially begin to show symptoms of the viral infection, and grow larger until the viral infection clears. Keeping your skin clean and dry can decrease the risk of infection and crusting from oozing sores.
If you begin to experience a severe allergic reaction and the pimples turn into hives, you may need immediate medical care. Each of our message boards is hosted by JustMommies hosts, whose names are listed at the top each board. This type of rash is also usually pretty itchy and can last for 6 to 8 weeks.The Pityriasis rosea rash is sometimes confused with either ringworm or nummular eczema. Can you help me figure out of it is, a bite or ringworm, etc?--------------------------------Hi Erin,Thanks for your question. After many doctors and treatments (creams and meds including oral steroids **AWFUL) that were not only unsuccessful but harmful to him, we have finally found help for him!He started taking cherwable probiotics and he is a completely different little boy now.
It is imperative that you seek proper medical attention to treat the rash, as certain products can further irritate your skin causing your rash to worsen. The discharge from the pimples or bumps may dry on your skin and cause crusting, which may make it more difficult to wash the area. If you believe you have a bacterial infection, such as a staph infection, seek medical attention right away.

If you've had eczema in the past, apply a daily moisturizer after bathing to help reduce breakouts. I have been using it for years without a problem, but maybe it's effecting me now for some reason. Click here to see what psoriasis looks like.You probably should see a doctor for a more complete diagnosis and rule out anything more serious.
From the information I've seen on psoriasis, your situation does not look like psoriasis, but more like eczema or just a basic rash. I am a medium black male and the spot looks grey.What is it?Hi Dan,Thanks for your email regarding a grey rash. It will also cause your skin to swell in the affected areas, and is most common in young children.
You may also find it uncomfortable to wear certain types of clothing, such as long-sleeved shirts or materials such as rayon or polyester, which do not allow your skin to breathe as cotton would. recommends using calamine lotion to treat allergic reactions, such as reactions to poison ivy or sumac. We have a male nurse where we work, but he skeeves me out, so I didn't show him and figured it would go away anyway. See What Does Psoriasis Look Like and Pictures of Eczema.Generally, the anti-fungal prescription pills take some time to "kick-in" and start to work.
She has green diarrhea, and for the last 4 days has been complaining of sore arms and legs and 5 days ago had a temperature for one day (which is since completely gone). Please understand that I am not a doctor and even if I was, it's not proper to give a skin rash diagnosis -- even with pictures -- without physically seeing a person and examining the skin.While there are many different types of skin rashes, I've never heard of ones that appear grey. I am 72 years old, and otherwise in excellent health, according to a recent examination, blood tests etc.Hello,Thanks for your email regarding raised itchy red spots. I am definitely going to ask my doctor about a referrel to a dermatologist, it's really making me feel self-conscious. I'm allergic to nickel so I used the steroid cream I have for it on that and it went away for a couple days. In more severe cases that won't respond to creams, you might need a oral prescription from your doctor.However, your rash looks very similar to a Lyme disease rash. You should contact your doctor and tell him that you have not received any relief from the medication. You really should see a dermatologist to rule out anything serious.Since you said the area is not itchy or bumpy, but is grey, could it just be a dry patch of skin? You would be surprised how many people suddenly discover raised, itchy red rash spots -- only to have them disappear a few months later. Many people usually misdiagnose this type of rash, because it can vary in size, appearance, and color. He might need to prescribe a stronger or different one.You can also try showering with a anti-fungal shampoo called Nizoral. For what I understand, the formation of a rash (in a strip or band) and the intense itching and pain is considered a classic sign of shingles symptoms.Shingles is a virus that effects the nerve roots of the skin, this is why it can be so painful.
I think everyone with a skin condition like rashes or eczema should at least try taking Probitotics (Acidophilus).The Studies on probiotics and children with eczema were pretty positive. You can also develop a pimply rash all over your body if your skin has been exposed to an allergen, such as poison ivy or poison sumac. But the pain (or at least a strange sensation on the skin - like tickling) usually starts a few days before the rash even appears.

Dry skin is very common this time of year.I'm sorry I couldn't provide more information for your skin discoloration. When I turned 13 my whole face and especially my forehead broke out and it seem to stay like that for almost a year. Other symptoms that appear before a rash are flu symptoms like headache, diarrhea, chills, or stomachache.
Some of it is kind of flat dry clusters of bumps, other places is just a single tiny bump that almost resembles a pimple and if you pop it there's clear fluid. The best product that worked for me - at least to keep it under control - was Stridex pads. I wiped my face and forehead once in the morning and once in the evening before bed and it really helped.
If you have certain days where the itching is worse, examine what you did that day that was different from others. Before I start, please keep in mind that the advice and information I'm about to provide is not a medical diagnosis, just an observation from a non-medical person. Keep in mind that sometimes we make our skin condition worse by over-drying or over-washing it. However, looking at the picture you sent in it looks like it could be either atopic dermatitis or hives. While doctors are not clear what causes it, they do know it generally appears on those who have a history of allergies, asthma or a sensitive immune system.The other type of rash -- looking at your picture -- could be hives (urticaria).
We've tried everything from zyrtec to cortisone creams to Gold Bond medicated lotion and even prescription steroid creams. Hives look like welts and are often itchy and sometimes even sting and burn which could be why your baby is complaining of sore skin.
Other factors include food additives, temperature extremes (going from hot to cold air), and infections like strep throat.
The National Psoriasis Foundation suggests that a diet low in sugar and white flour might help in reducing the symptoms. So you may wish to take a look at your diet and see if you can improve it.I'm very sorry I couldn't give a more helpful answer or solution. Maybe your animals are bringing in some type of bug or red aunt from outside - especially now that spring is here and the weather is warmer. Just because a certain food didn't bother your baby before doesn't mean she's not allergic to it now.
Allergies often just show up like that.I would go back to a family doctor or better yet a pediatrician and tell them that you think she might have hives and then let them do the testing from there. Did you know some companies say they have a return policy -- but don't tell that it's only good on UNOPENED products?
How would I know if it will work or not if I can't open it and try it!!!!If you do try it, please let me know how it goes?

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