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You May Also LikeBiscotti Girls Pocket of Posies Red Christmas Tutu Dress - Long SleevesReg. Every Year our shark beach towels become best sellers during shark week.  Who wouldn’t want their child to enjoy a large hooded shark towel made of absorbent grey-blue 100% cotton terry with an embroidered face and non-chompy teeth? Shark Week is an annual, week-long TV programming block created by Tom Golden at the Discovery Channel, which features shark-based programming.
Regardless of what it is I wish I found this design earlier instead of going completely without a coffee table until the kids grew out of that awkward bumping into the furniture stage.  Those large drawers are amazing for hiding all the miscellaneous toys and blankets, especially when your house looks like a mess and grandparents are coming over to visit. A perfect compromise of style, functionality and safety this table would look great in a living room, family room, den or playroom.  It will last for years, for parents and children to enjoy together.
If the surface has been freshly painted, we recommend that you wait at least four weeks for the paint to cure completely before you attach your wall decal! Be creative and decorate your child’s windows with colorful realistic window decals for kids rooms and bathrooms! Glass adhesive decals for kids rooms and bathrooms only use the finest quality films from the leading manufacturer Orafol®.
The adhesive glass decals for kids rooms and bathrooms is a foil that can be attached to all glass and mirror surfaces such as windows, shower enclosures, glass tables or glass doors. Colorful Childhood has exhibited at Toy Fair 2013 in Javits Center in New York City to introduce two new designs of the exclusive 3D Nursery Wall Murals – Made in USA. We got a chance to show how easy the characters are to remove and re-attach to the wall with removable Velcro-like adhesive strips that remove cleanly without leaving any marks or causing any damage to the wall.
One buyer who is a father of a little girl told us horror stories about vinyl wall decals that his child was peeling of the wall and chewing on.  We never heard this before but we found out another reason why sturdy 3D wall decals might be preferred by some parents. While traditional vinyl wall stickers adhere only to smooth surfaces, 3D wall decals with removable adhesive strips will attach safely to almost any surface. It was interesting to see which of the tree designs was the favorite among the merchandising managers. Your child will love the bright red barn and the cute and friendly farm animals of this farm scene 3-dimensional wall murals. A group of people who stopped by were admiring our Under the Sea theme 3D Wall Murals and then it turned out that they were actually the owners of a swim school.  The general feedback from the retailers of both e-commerce and brick and mortar stores was that the market demand for peel-and-stick products is still high and customers are specifically asking them to carry wall stickers, decals and murals.

The challenge can be that some wall space is required to show wall murals properly, and creative solutions can sometimes be implemented, such as suspending a display from the ceiling over the crib section, for example. Check out the coordinated self-adhesive Under the Sea – Tropical Fish wall border for total immersion in an ocean atmosphere. The base of the unique Nautical Theme Lamp is handmade and hand-distressed cedar buoy and shade features an eastern seaboard depth chart. The first step in creating a nautical theme in a boy’s bedroom is, of course, the color theme.
What gives this particular room a nautical feel is an interesting window treatment that creates an illusion of a sail flying in the wind, as well as nautical accessories – fishing net, ship models, clocks, and nautical wall decor. Aquarium with exotic fish would fit perfectly in such a room, inspiring imagination and storytelling of sea travel, adventures and far away lands. The adhesive wall stickers are made of PVC with a tear-resistant, water-resistant as well as UV-resistant foil. The multi-coloured pictures show photo-realistic motifs that for their brilliant colors evolve into a real eye-catcher. The wafer-thin, pliable soft vinyl film which is water-repellent and UV-resistant fits like a second skin to the glass surface. The foil’s opacity ensures that unwanted glances can be prevented, but still shows a classy style.
The buyers and the press were very impressed with the cute characters.  Everyone who passed our booth wanted to touch the murals, because they really do look 3D and feel like they pop off the walls. We expected our Jungle Theme Wall Murals to be the favorite, followed by the Ocean Creatures Wall Murals, but surprisingly most visitors to our booth loved the Farm Theme Peel-and-Stick 3D Wall Murals.
Each large farm wall mural character is huge and measures around 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide. The consensus was that once the customers see how large and colorful these 3D wall murals are and how unique the product is they will buy. Tropical fish and dolphin wall decals are great for decorating kids bathrooms, bedrooms and even classrooms. Navy Blue Kids Bed creates a modest and understated look while simultaneously strengthening the naval theme of sea adventures.  Blue paint on the walls, maps, flags and nautical illustrations will complete a simple but classy nautical room that encourages dreams of maritime travel.

Dark and light blue colors should dominate, in addition to all shades of brown, white and beige. So little red mustered up as much courage as she could and ran straight though the forest avoiding any evil wolves along the way.
Beautiful satin and velvet flowers with jewel accents are magically captured inside a floaty layer of soft tulle.
Featured annually, it was originally devoted to conservation efforts and correcting misconceptions about sharks.[1] Over time it grew in popularity and became a hit on the Discovery Channel. Choose between 35 different colors. You like it multi-coloured? Then opt for one of the multi-colored, photo-realistic wall art decals! The brilliant colors will not fade and window cleaning can be done as usual with cloth and glass cleaner. Adhesive glass decals for kids rooms and bathrooms can be removed from your window easily and without any residue! You’ll almost want to get your scuba gear to look at the all brightly colored fish and dolphins in this beautiful Under the Sea set of wall decals!  Under the Sea wall decals are extremely easy to apply, remove and rearrange.
Since 2010, it has been the longest-running cable television programming event in history.[2] Now broadcast in over 72 countries. It has a contemporary, circular design, ultra large drawers for storage and a solid bentwood construction. Self-adhesive wall decals adhere to almost all smooth surfaces, doors, glass, furniture, and tiles. Use a knife or tweezers to gently ease the foil off the window and remove the motif slowly at a sharp 180-degree angle.

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