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A mom wants to know whether her son’s slight potty training regression is more than attention-seeking behavior due to the recent birth of a sibling. Until last week, my son had been doing great at sleeping through the night without wetting his pull-up or getting up to let us know he needs to go in the middle of the night (rarely and there’s a gate at his door so he needs help in and out of his room to get to the bathroom).
And how do we get over this hurdle without damaging his precious psyche (and mine, which leads me to the answer to your next question, I’m guessing).
So with a new baby and the accompanying sleep deprivation and exponential increase in laundry, how can I help my son overcome this potty training regression? I can already guarantee that my advice will not be what you were hoping for, but hey, the Smackdown is back from its December hiatus and feels like coming back with a bang of complete and utter apathy. I have three children, and my first two BOTH reacted to the new sibling with some sort of potty-related regression.
Amy also documented her second pregnancy (with Ezra) in our wildly popular Weekly Pregnancy Calendar, Zero to Forty.
Sign up for the web’s most entertaining (while informative) weekly newsletter on your pregnancy! Not to be an alarmist, but if he is really going a fair amount of potty at all of these trips – how is he going during the day? Not sure if this would solve the problem or create a new one with a potential mess, but what about turning up the heat, sending him to bed with no pj pants just undies and putting a little portable potty in his room next to a night light?
Alternately, try doing everything after the first potty break with a bare minimum of interaction. Is this ‘bedtime defiance’, attention seeking, or just an indicator of potty training success in progress? Would you still recommend doing as little as possible to correctly alleviate the after-bedtime-wetness? Potty training is new to me as the older siblings didn’t live with me long enough for me to potty train them. Affiliate RelationshipsWe have affiliate revenue relationships with Amazon, and with other retailers that are handled by third parties like Skimlinks, RewardStyle, Commission Junction and Linkshare. Regression or potty training regression is a condition when your kid has poop accidents or refuses to use the toilet after being toilet trained. Joining day care school – new caretaker, bullying from fellow kids, possible untidy toilets. You have got a new baby at home – your kid wants to get your attention which is now on the new baby.
These may seem trivial to you but they are just toddlers and are just trying to cope with their body changes and environment. Once you have identified the reason, you have won half the battle of potty training regression.
Usually the child picks up on potty training regression and gets on track within a few days or weeks from where they left off. If you find the information useful – like it, share it, tweet it and sign up for our monthly newsletter below.
Edward Christophersen says no matter how Find tips on dealing with toilet training setbacks and accidents. And while my 3 year old son has made it so easy for us, I read your potty training columns anyway.

For the last week, not 5-10 minutes after I tuck him in (and after 2 trips to the potty right before bed), he calls to us that he peed in his diaper.
He is changing to a new school and his last day at the old school was about a week ago a few days before this started.
At the though of losing more sleep or getting buried further under the laundry mountain, the frayed thread my sanity is hanging by starts to give out.
For some, it’s the endless requests for a glass of water, one more story, or that you check the closet for monsters. Meeting all those new friends will probably help — a new big-kid peer group around this age typically makes potty-training and cool underwear more of a Thing, a source of pride, and he’ll prefer not to seek your attention in this particular, babyish way. I think OP was just saying she was surprised he still had pee, and did not see to be withholding pee at earlier trips. My 3 year old can pee a substantial amount and then not even 10 minutes later insist in going again and produce an almost equal amount.
My oldest has been completely potty trained, day and night, since June (at around 38 months). Parents are often driven nuts when after spending so much time on potty training their kid, they hear that their child has had a toilet accident at preschool.
The reason might be so simple like he just fell over from the toilet seat and so is frightened.
Now its time to solve the regression.Tell your child that she has moved away from her toilet discipline and you understand why. Get her to the potty and tell them that every time they need to poop they have to get to the bathroom. This is will work itself out in time, if it hasn’t already in the nine days since you wrote this email. Or bring them some toy or fix their covers or correct an uncomfortable pajama-tag situation. He makes me so nervous going out because using the potty right as we leave is no guarantee he won’t ask 5 minutes into the grocery shopping. However, rest assured that our affiliate relationships do not guide our product recommendations, at all. Whatever the reason, identifying it will be the first and most important step in dealing with potty regression.
As a parent it is your duty to your kid to make them potty trained forever so that you don’t need to deal with potty training regression and dirty diapers again. This is a three year old doing what three year olds do best: Angling for attention in the weirdest ways imaginable.
Often the best rewards are a pat on the back and telling them how much responsible and grown up they are.
How, I ask you, HOW is it physiologically possible that he STILL has anything left in his bladder to do this? Again, not a significant change in behavior but an acceptable amount of jealousy and demands for extra attention, hugs, etc which I do all I can go meet or exceed. Offer an incentive for keeping his diaper dry. Remind him he can get up and use the bathroom any time he needs to.
Empathize with them and reassure them that you know how difficult it is for them with all changes happening around them.

Make them understand in a loving manner that accidents are not acceptable and its their responsibility to use the toilet.
You are the world to the kids and so when you tell this they will definitely believe you and accidents are bound to reduce.
You can find a list of highly recommended and essential potty training items, guides, reward charts used by lots of parents. Let her know that other kids have this problem too and it can be solved easily.Never sound negative or shout at them which will definitely lead to adverse impacts which you do not want.
While it is frustrating, you can get your toddler back on track as long as he is ready to use the toilet. Spend time with them like reading from books while they are on the potty, play games (I know you have done all this before but you must repeat a little). Did you train them properly so that you could have have avoided potty training regression in first place?
According to Scholastic, a major cause of toilet training regression is the addition of a new brother or sister to the family. This is natural and is the result of your toddler trying to take back attention he feels has been taken away by the new baby.
Changes in routine caused by illness, family issues or a parent going out to work can send a trained toddler back into diapers. Unpleasant experiences related to the toilet, such as a painful bowel movement, teasing or being punished for an accident can also cause your toddler to regress. Toddlers that are toilet trained before they are developmentally ready might be more likely to regress later. The most obvious sign of readiness is when your toddler shows an interest in the potty or toilet or asks to wear underwear.
Other signs include grabbing at diapers or telling you diapers need to be changed or hiding when having a bowel movement. If your toddler understands about potty time, follows basic directions and stays dry for longer than a couple of hours, he might be ready to start using the toilet. Be aware of stresses in your toddler’s life, such as new siblings, illness or schedule changes that might be triggering the regression.
If you can adjust the situation to alleviate that stress, your toddler might go back to using the toilet as she did before. If your toddler is having accidents after using the toilet successfully, you may need to limit fluids, particularly between dinner and bedtime, to prevent accidents. By allowing your child to decide when he goes to the toilet, you give him an active role in toilet training. Make toilet training fun by using a smaller potty in your toddler’s favorite color or with his favorite fictional character, and make time on the toilet fun by sharing books or songs while your toddler goes.

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