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Health: Cloth diapers help parents reduce exposure of their babies’ skin and lungs to the chemicals in disposable diapers. Our diapers are made of strong absorbent breathable material this helps prevent diaper rash and leaks.
On the tray is also possible to place a practical storage organiser to contain all your bath accessories.- The structure can be regulated to three different heights to adapt at best to every mums' needs.
The Potette Plus fold away travel potty is the perfect solution to take with you while your little one is potty training, it folds flat and is stored neatly in its own hygienic bag ready to use as soon as the need arises.
When it is needed as a potty, simply unfold the legs to create a standard sized potty, place in a potty liner and once your little one has finished you simply remove and dispose of the liner as you would a nappy.

The potty features a carry handle at the back and is made from strong, high-quality, easy-to-clean, durable plastic. Engage your children in George & Holliea€™s world, use the reward chart and stickers to congratulate and motivate your little ones.
The toilet trainer seat fits most standard toilet seats and features a rubber base in order to prevent slippage. Furthermore, the toilet trainer has a hook at the back allowing you to hang it for storage.
With an anti-slip base to prevent sliding and a large surface for use into early childhood.

Just two sizes of nappy cover and a onesize nappy will see you through from birth to when theya€™re potty-ready.

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