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Keep in mind that some things will being to work almost immediately (3-4 days), while others will take weeks, months or even years. Drink lots of water and juice throughout the day, this will keep you bladder full and make it much easier to practice uncontrolled wetting. It took time to become potty trained in the first place and more important it is something you have been doing for decades, so it will take patience and time to unpotty train.
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One side contains your personalization, up to 4 lines, while the reverse side incorporates our colorful designs into fun, whimsical backgrounds. Regardless of where you are or what the occasion, unpotty training requires you to wear diapers at all times, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Each one comes with a strong, clear plastic loop so it can be attached to diaper bags, school gear, and luggage.
All personalization is printed exactly as it is entered at the time of purchase, so make sure to double check those numbers and letters!
If you are reading this and have never tried wearing adult diapers than I want to tell you how they can change your life, for the better. I then took my scissors and cut up my underoes so all I was left with was a pile of cotton rags. The moment you put on that big boy underwear and use that potty all that training you did will be destroyed.
I quickly got myself padded up before I could change my mind, put on some pants and took my destroyed underwear to the trash, telling myself that I will NEVER wear underwear again. It takes a great degree of effort to convince your body that it is okay to just let go whenever and wherever. Since you went to bed with a full bladder you will likely wake up and at some point and need to pee.

Potty training and all those years of using the potty have created a very strong learned behaviour.
It’s a muscle that needs training, so ensure you are constantly training it to relax.
After you wet your diaper, relax again, and picture this happening while you sleep soundly, contentedly, and happily. A few days to a week of unconscious natural voiding and you will be wetting and messing just like a little baby.
Continue rewarding yourself mentally for being such a good baby, and wetting and messing yourself naturally and easily, and you will never feel ashamed or humiliated or embarrassed about what you now can do. It may take a few months [my experience] for you to sleep soundly through the night, and to wet naturally in your sleep.
You may find yourself waking a while after you have wet, or just as you are wetting, but ignore it, and keep your eyes closed and fall back asleep. Remind yourself how wonderful it feels and fall asleep sucking your pacifier and hugging your teddy bear.

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