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The top of the pretty pink step stool also features a non-slip rubber surface that provides traction for children to stand safely and confidently.
A training toilet that’s appealing to kids, simple to clean, and easy on the eyeballs.
The Baby Bjorn Spoon has a short handle that is easy for small hands to grip and is designed to make it easy to pick up food and to work with the shape of the plate.
This Pink Baby Bjorn Safety Step Stool is the way to go.The Safe Step provides comfort and security for both kids and parents, thanks to its two non-slip surfaces. Made of durable, PVC-free, BPA-free recyclable plastic, this sturdy step holds up for long-term use.

Use it to give children that little boost they need for reaching items around the house, or keep it in the bathroom, so they can feel independent washing their hands and using the toilet on their own. The plate has a rubber base that makes sure it stands steadily on the table while the three-leaf clover shape of the edge makes it harder for small hands to grab the plate and throw it away. The Baby Bjorn Spoon can naturally be used with either hand, and is also available separately. The bottom of the stool features strong, firmly-attached rubber feet that ensure the stool won't slide on the floor while someone is standing on it.
The smooth, rounded design features a high back and generous overall size, which makes it an extra comfy throne for tiny tushies.

And with its smooth, rounded features that repel dirt, the step is extremely easy to clean with a simple hot water rinse. The rubber strip along the base of the potty means you don’t have to worry about it slipping around in your bathroom, even on a tile floor. A removable insert makes quick work of clean up, and the one-piece base can be easily wiped with a sponge.

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