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When you get a layer all the way around like shown below (that’s actually 2 layers) have one person hold them like this and the other person can easily slip a rubber band around it.
Follow that same pattern, making each tier a little smaller than the one below it.  Once you have all three tiers, you can adjust by adding or taking away layers.
The first step is to wrap ribbon around your tiers to cover up the rubber bands.  We just secured the ribbon with tape. And we did 2 layers of ribbon- I love how this blue dotted ribbon matches the diapers, and it looks so cute over the pink! We took some cascading ribbon and used a little wire butterfly decoration to hold them together. And Kristen is a super genius because she grabbed a spool of ribbon, did a few ninja moves, and turned out a gorgeous bow in the time it took me to check my camera settings. I have made the same sort of thing for perhaps not quite so much $$ – using a bouquet of roses.

The seventh generation diapers also do not have any pictures on them; they are a cream color and would make a pretty cake as well. Then repeat the process on the remaining 4oz bottle(s), but only use 3 to 4 rings – each tier in decending diameter. If you want to make a 3 tier cake you might consider rolling up about 10 bibs similarly to how you rolled the diapers and distribute those evenly amoung the outer tiers. I usually decorate my cake with baby items (pacifiers, snot sucker, nail clippers, etc) amoungst other little baubles that coordinate with the shower theme. Would you be so kind as to e-mail the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I would like to make a diaper cake for a friends daughter that had a little girls about 6 weeks ago. Slightly different construction that what I’ve seen in the past, but the overall effect is the same. I’ve made several of these before but always the other way, rolling up each individual diaper.

The 8oz bottle is your base (you could totally use another 4oz bottle here, especially if you found a 3 or 4 pack on sale). As grateful as I was that we got a bunch of diapers, it was a pain in the rear to remove all of the rubber bands.
You do not need to unfold the diaper to roll it up, just roll it up the way it comes out of the box. But this was something I was able to pull off and everyone was wowed by it… and you can use the diapers afterwards… makes a great gift for the mom to be!

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