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The chairs "cheer" for your toddler when the bowl is full and cleaning is easy because the bowl is removable!! If you are looking for more money saving potty chairs and potty seats check out all of our Mult-Functional Potties! Soccer is a sport played around the world, and some countries passionately follow it as we in America follow football.
This is a cost saving feature, when your child out grows the free-standing potty chair they still might need a toilet seat reducer.

So it's no wonder your child at a young age would start to show interest in such a beloved sport. Once your child is old enough you can remove the potty seat and place it on an standard size toilet. While not wanting to sacrifice fun features that could encourage training, I did not want to pay the extreme price as seen on other seats like Fisher Price, which had a flushing noise I felt was important.
Not only is there a handle with a flushing sound, but you can actually record your very own encouraging message to your child that is played after the flushing noise.

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