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This is a fabulous 3-1 toilet trainer, I used this when I trying to get my son out of nappies when he was 2 years old. We're featuring shopping recommendations just for you!You'll find trending products our customers are excited about, and suggestions based on items you've recently viewed and purchased.
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The seating area is also quite wide - my little girl just would not sit on an old fashioned hard potty but she seems realy comfy on this.The lid is easy to lift even for a toddler. In addition to being a regular potty chair, the top can be removed and attached to a regular toilet. There is also an electronic 'flush' sound followed by a musical fanfare which is activated by a small handle, my daughter loves this. The potty also came with a pack of reward stickers which I thought was a nice touch.On the downside, I found that the lid easily comes off its hinges.

Also wee can leak into the body of the potty - this doesn't always happen I guess its down to the angle of trajectory! I just took the seat part off the potty and this would rest safely on any standard toilet seat and with the handles my son felt very safe.

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