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If you don’t keep a schedule your puppy will be confused and his training will go much slower. You’ll of course have to customize your crating schedule based on the puppies age and specific needs.
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Bring them back in to drink and eat and then 15 minutes later take them outside for five minutes.
The first time your puppy see’s grass or snow they may need a little coaching to get them adjusted.
After seven to ten days of this schedule you can start altering the schedule by as little as five minutes and your puppy will start barking at you looking for you the let them out to do their business.
You have to get the puppy adjusted to the family schedule and the family aware of the new puppies’ schedule.

My wife and I were just blessed with eight new puppies and the two of us set up a REGULAR schedule and had all eight puppies potty trained on both paper and outside before they were eight weeks old. They nap just before lunch and are woken up let out feed and watered and let out fifteen minutes later.

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