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Usually it turns out that we respond verbally when we control ourselves, when we are not very much hurt; however, we respond physically when he flies into a temper, when it is the last straw already. It turns out that a very big problem arises when parents teach their preschooler to hit back. When you tell your kid that he can hit someone in response and that he may resort to physical violence, it is not certain if the kid will use physical violence in a situation in which you would like him to. Most often, the child begins to try aggression in practice as a result of such permitted physical aggression. If you allow your child to hit back, be prepared for the fact that there will be conflicts between the children, that there will be fighting, and that you will have to be responsible for this.
Therefore, psychologists do not recommend giving the kids actual opportunity to hit back physically.
In such situations, here is another important issue: think how would YOU defend the interests of the child? About GeniuspregnancyGenius Pregnancy is the site for pregnant women, expecting couples and those who are planning to have a baby. Let’s face it, unless you live in San Diego and never stray, your pit bull may need a coat. On a different note, you can also check out my recipe for Homemade Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats. I have had many friends along the way who owned wonderful pit bulls, and this summer we had the honor of adopting our own Lola (literally).
Sorry, not trying to offend anyone, but my experience has taught me a different lesson: Growing up, my best friend had a pit bull and it was raised in a very loving and responsible manner. I know this could happen with other breeds and I know this doesn’t happen with all pit bulls, but being as physically capable as they are, my kids will never be exposed.
Allen, I completely get what you’re saying and it is most certainly your prerogative not to have your children around a particular breed of dog. But I will tell you that I’m a victim of a story very similar to the one you told, only in my case it was a Cocker Spaniel. Any dog can attack, and a lot of the time it’s due to people not understanding the signs the dog is giving off. Hello, I came across your site on Pinterest and printed out some of your recipes for my babies.
In fact, the number of reports of Kentucky public school student bullying, harassing, or threatening others more than tripled from 2012 to 2015 due to changed criteria. Observes you excluding, gossiping about, or otherwise hurting others: As human beings, we occasionally exhibit some bullying behaviors. provides resources for adults and children looking to stop bullying and educate others about bullying issues. PACER Kids Against Bullying is an educational site designed for elementary school students to learn about bullying prevention, engage in activities, and be inspired to take action.
The most effective way to keep children from being bullied, and from becoming bullies, is to make sure they grow up in loving relationships. And of course, if you’re at all worried about safety, dial 911 or shout for a teacher.
The best strategy is always to respond evenly and firmly, maintaining the dignity of all children involved. Ensure your child’s school has consistent school rules and policies about bullying that are implemented and followed through. There is even a corresponding phrase that reflects the essence of this mechanism of hitting back – eye for an eye.
Because in our civilized society, it is not acceptable to hit back with fists, even if you have been hurt physically. It helps us understand that preschoolers are mostly unable to adequately control the situation and decide whether to hit back or not. After all, even in primary schools children face the situations when somebody uses offensive words, and the insulted kid takes a chair and strikes the offender back. It is better either to prohibit hitting back or limit the situations in which you can afford a physical response to the offender.
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You judge based off of the negative things you’ve heard in the media and elsewhere vs.
We had two black labs before Lola, and hands-down this is the best dog we’ve not only ever owned, but known as well.

The trouble is a lot of times people think they have a pit bull, or that they see a pit bull attack someone but there are so many breeds that people think are pitties that aren’t. A friend’s dog that had never shown any aggression at all started acting cranky and testy around people AND other animals, and a few days later it killed a cat. Did you hear the story of the dog fight last weekend between a boxer and a cocker spaniel that resulted in a man’s death? When I was five I was attacked by our families Great Dane breeding bitch, because I was arrogant and didn’t listen when I was told not to go near her or her pups. When I got to hospital though and the doctors said that I had puncture wounds in my skull, I was forced to cough up the truth.
I could not read the signs of aggression as I entered the room and walked straight towards her, I was just a kid who didn’t know any better.
Modern society has seen a rise in dysfunctional families, drug and alcohol misuse, which can lead to neglect and abuse of children.
It is important to determine whether the situation is bullying or something else. State law and school policy may have additional guidelines for defining bullying behavior. With a clear definitions, schools must enforce uniform standards of conduct. When a school finds out that harassment may have occurred, staff must investigate the incident(s) promptly and respond appropriately. Model positive parenting. If your discipline methods use power over your child, he will learn to use power over others, or to let others use power over him. Kids who are successful in joining groups of kids usually observe first, and find a way to fit into the group, rather than just barging in.
Bullies love it when their teasing upsets their victims, so help your child find a way to not let his tormentor get to him. Your 7th grade son who kisses you goodnight before grabbing his stuffed animal will never show that side of himself to his friends. Children regularly exposed to media violence are apt to become desensitized to real life violence. Reading, parenting and good early childhood education are just some of the topics that get her excited.
Just curious – why did you think the Berestain book on bullying could be damaging and confusing for preschoolers?
For example, if you get hit, you can hit back, in other situations you should not show your aggression in any way. It also attacked my friend’s father when he tried to break up the fight with the cat. Because of their wild nature, they are definitely unpredictable, to a degree, regardless of breed. After a couple of weeks, when the pups had grown more, our Great Dane bitch was fine with me going near her pups, and she never batted an eye at me ever again. I am originally from the East Coast but am currently across the world in the West – and let me tell you I have come across some seriously ignorant people not just about Pitt Bulls but dogs in general. Adults and children you don’t know, and you hope and pray they’ll take care of your child like the treasure he is. Point out to your child that the bully wants to provoke a response that makes him feel powerful, so showing emotion and fighting back are exactly what the bully feeds off. It teaches about a tween’s social world, where your child fits, and how you can help.
I remember reading it with my daughter a few years back, but don’t remember having that impression. And fair warning: while none of this is professional advice, it is powerful stuff and could potentially change your life!
These are socially acceptable mechanisms of conflict resolution; these are acceptable options for hitting back, which a child can afford.
Note that there is still such a moment as emotional significance of the event, requiring the child to defend himself and punish the offender. This is the ability to analyze your actions, to analyze the reasons for these actions and to control your behavior. You aren’t willing to accept the most loving dogs I have ever met, which are all of the pit bulls you have seen in this post.
Him and my mare are very close and he will even go in the pasture with me to help bring her out. She was a very protective mother, and my mothers boyfriend was the only one who could go near her when she had pups, so when I went in to see her she turned on me. There has been much confusion and misunderstanding about whether adoption is allowed in Islam.

Get free article updates here.)You know that first minute when you’re looking at your newborn bleary eyed and vow that nobody will dare mess with your child, because then they’ll have to mess with you? Keep an eye out for signs that your child is being bullied-by children, or even unfortunately by staff. Depending on the situation, children can just as easily be the bully as they can the target. How do you take a puppy from it’s warm mother, and neglect it enough to have the county come take it away? I’ve met some NASTY labs in my day (volunteered then worked a county shelter for 7 years).
She was much larger then me and her mouth wrapped around my head, causing two punctures in my skull (can still to this day feel the holes on the top of my head and the scar on my right eyebrow).
With the help of our learned Scholars, we have come to learn that both adoption and fostering are completely compatible with the Shariah and that there are certain guidelines that should be followed.
Bullying behavior may cross the line to become “disability harassment,” which is prohibited under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
There are bad bad creatures in this world, and while many people would quickly name a pittbull, I can honestly tell you it’s man.
If it wasn’t for our stud dog, a big male Great Dane who was overly protective of me, hearing my cry of pain and running into the room to chase the female off me, I probably would have died. Or is it the general premise of Sister bear getting bullied and you think preschoolers might not be ready to read about yet?
Thank you for spreading the world about the true nature of pibbles, and how the majority of owners feel about them! Nearly one in three parents of children ages 12-17 agree that bullying is a more serious concern than other dangers, including domestic terrorism, car accidents, and suicide.
Not saying that all pit bulls are sweet as pie, but not all dogs are sweet as pie, that’s for sure.
See in my opinion we humans and animals alike bleed red – and to me if you speak to them and show them to sit and give you high five like my oldest does and they both can understand the terms in English and Spanish, what makes you think they do not feel, expect, remember or retain with their emotions. Traditionally Islam has viewed legal adoption as a source of potential problems, such as accidentally marrying one's sibling or when distributing inheritance. My Akita just laid there and the husky couldn’t even get off the chain or he would run off. Most people can’t read a dogs subtle signs when they ask you to back off, especially not kids. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts – I will definitely keep an eye on your sight and look forward to the amazing things you will be posting. Though there are plenty of adopters for healthy Muslim babies, older children, children with disabilities or complex needs or those who need to be placed with their siblings can find it hard to find a suitable Muslim family. In some areas there’s a shortage of Muslim foster carers for unaccompanied minors from Muslim countries. If a child is adopted he or she does not become a son or daughter, but rather a ward of the adopting caretaker(s). An adopted child retains his or her own biological family name (surname) and does not change his or her name to match that of the adoptive family. Usually an adopted child inherits from his or her biological parents, not automatically from the adoptive parents. When the child is grown, members of the adoptive family are not considered blood relatives, and are therefore not muhrim to him or her. Essentially, members of the adoptive family would be permissible as possible marriage partners, and rules of modesty exist between the grown child and adoptive family members of the opposite sex. At the least, it is expected of them to co-operate closely with groups and bodies that are promoting these efforts. Due to the high standards of morality and conduct required of Muslims by their religious laws, Muslim homes and families are ideally positioned to imbue and impart these exalted values to adopted children – values that will be of life long consequence to them. A word of caution to prospective adoption families though; the humanitarian and noble practice of adopting children should never be motivated by material or pecuniary interests or intensions at all. This will destroy and demolish the very spirit of this gracious deed, leaving it as a lifeless corpse.

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