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Frequent headaches or stomach aches, feeling sick or faking illness, lots of trips to the school nurse.  Stress and worry of being bullied can cause many physical ailments.
Avoiding social situations,  sudden loss of friends or not wanting to be with the usual group of friends. You may think that your child would come to you if they were being bullied, but  the sad truth is not all kids do.  Being bullied raises all kinds of feeling in kids. This makes me so sad, but it’s super important for parents to look for these signs and put an end to bullying.
Play Therapy for young children and Talk Therapy with an experienced therapist for older children and teens can be helpful. In addition to therapy, if your child is seriously depressed, a doctor might prescribe medication. It is important to follow the dosage instructions and do not let your child suddenly stop taking the medication. Family members and friends often feel hopeless when a loved one is suffering from depression. Below are some ideas inspired by the resource at and from my personal experience as an adult battling depression. As a parent, try to encourage and join your child in a fun type of exercise or physical play.
Again from personal experience, I can say that when I’m in a depressed mood, I will try to self-medicate with sugar and overeating. For me, sleep is my favorite escape but I will also tend to stay awake late at night and then want to sleep all day. Ensure your child takes any prescribed medications at regular times and does not suddenly stop without a doctor’s supervision. It’s key for kids to have fun and if you see that your child is not having fun while playing, it can be a sign you should discuss with a therapist or doctor. I think that one of the biggest risk factors for anyone struggling with depression is the inability to imagine a future different from the present misery. We often talk of the death of a child being the ultimate pain a parent can have to bear, but I think one step further would be when that death is from suicide. As parents, we must watch for signs of suicidal tendencies in our children and seek help immediately.
It is extremely important that you take all threats of suicide seriously and seek immediate treatment for your child or teenager. If you suspect your child may be depressed, your first step is to begin your journey of getting help. As I said at the start of this post, my journey battling a genetic chemical imbalance began in my late teen years and I’m still winding my way up the hill as my 40th birthday peaks around the corner. The good news is that today there is so much more help available now than when my parents tried to get me help more than 20 years ago.
Sage Day says, “Typically, our students have been diagnosed as suffering from depression, school phobia, school avoidance, anxiety disorder and other issues. I find it profoundly comforting that a school such as SAGE Day exists and is currently helping children and their families find hope. As a long-time sufferer of depression and as a mother myself, I sincerely hope you never have to struggle with the beast of mental illness either yourself or as a parent. This post has been sponsored by SAGE Day, but has been researched and written by Susan Carraretto, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.
You always have to watch children like mine, who have disabilities, and nonverbal children, like my youngest. It is heartbreaking and can make us feel very guilty that our genetics could bring depression to our children. It’s hard to be thankful for mental illness, but I try to remind myself that I can use my experiences and struggles to help others and to empathize with my children as they grow. Sometimes it helps to hear that you’re not the only one who struggles to stay out of bed. And yes, I think depression is a huge issue for so many people and is too often hidden and kept secret. After the birth of my first child 15 years ago I experienced a sadness that I had never felt before. It has been years since I have used medication (with Doctor’s supervision I tapered from anti-depressant use. I feel if we talk about it, keep it in the open, we can begin to take control of how we are feeling, and we can help each other. If you notice that your child is often standing in front of the television rather than sitting on the couch, it could be a sign that they need glasses. If your child tells you that they asked the teacher to move them to the front of the class so they could see the board, then it’s pretty safe to say they are having an issue. If you are out driving around town and your child is asking you questions and cannot read the street signs; this is another sign of an eye disturbance.
It is difficult for us to even think of someone deliberately hurting a kid and yet every year cases of child abuse have been on the rise. There are a number of different types of learning disabilities, so your child's struggles may look different than another's, but moms say it's important to pay attention to your instincts.
That's a good way of describing what a learning disability is: learning in a different way. Among other things, learning disabilities can affect the way your child uses and understands language and the way he organizes information.
If you're concerned your child might have a learning disability, the best thing to do is to speak with your pediatrician about your concerns.
I'm not saying your son has any of these particular issues, but it is definitely worth having him tested.
I think it would be a good idea to try to find a good occupational therapist and a speech therapist. To DanaWeeks- I am not sure how small your town is but I would suggest enrolling him in a martial arts class (Tae Kwon Do, Karate, etc). His grades went back up and he became a B student again and his whole attitude changed, once he saw that he was not stupid(like he thought) his self esteem grew. The medication for us, was the best thing I could have done for him, and realizing that I look back at my child hood and wished that someone would have made the same decision for me. As an elementary teacher with a Masters in Literacy, I strongly agree that if your child has a learning difference, getting help early is key.
My son is now 13, and he had was always slow and clumsy, never could really ride a bike, could never skate, was always the last boy in when he played football. All of the items on this list can be the early signs of learning disabilities, but can also be related to other issues as well, so you're correct that #1 is about speech.
While I believe your article is both pretty well researched and extremely well intentioned I would have to point out that No.1 on your list is about speech development.
By fifth grade, students should be able to be given two two-digit numbers and add them together without needing pencil and paper. If a student hasna€™t conquered one-digit multiplication in third grade, fourth is usually the time to master. Division struggles arena€™t unusuala€”after all, many adults still cana€™t wrap their heads around it.
How have you discovered that your child was struggling with math? Tell us in the comments below.
When  your child fights you about going to school other activities,  that is a warning sign that something is going on.  Over 160,000  kids miss school EVERY DAY sue to bullying.
It may just be hormones, and growing up,  or it may not be.  It is, however, a wake up sign that something is going on. When kids have been friends for years, and suddenly stop coming around, or your child refuses to go to the youth group or club that he used to enjoy, that is a sign that something is wrong.  Most kids avoid their bullies and the places they hang out. Sometimes, bullies take treasured items away from  their victims to show how powerful they are.

Recently, she was suspended from school because some kids lied on her and said she wrote some obscene things on the girl’s bathroom wall. Bring a witness- a friend, your husband, mom, just someone who can go with you and be your other set of ears. Thankfully, so far my 5 and 7 year-old girls are happy and not displaying any symptoms of depression. Preschoolers, school-age youngsters and teenagers all can get seriously and dangerously depressed and the signs may differ depending on their age. If your child is considering suicide and, you suspect, in danger, call a 24-hour help line immediately. The problem is when you’re depressed, getting up and out of the house to exercise can be almost impossible. The fact is that most of us can’t imagine why or how anyone could kill himself or herself and some even feel anger towards the person who has committed suicide. If you are a child or teen and have these feelings, talk with your parents, an adult friend, or your doctor right away to get some help.
It is a private, accredited, therapeutic school in Northern, New Jersey for students grades 5 through 12 who need a different learning environment. But I do hope you familiarize yourself with the warning signs so that you are able to recognize and seek help if it strikes your child. I blog about my life as a mom struggling with lifelong, inherited mood disorders while trying to raise happy preschoolers. I believe there is huge power in food and supplements as well as exercise and positive thinking. I try to remember that God made each of us and our children as He intended and that He has plans for us that include using our weaknesses. As work-at-home or stay-at-home moms, it can be so lonely and the warm escape of sleep is intensely tempting.
It’s crazy how we women also have to deal with the monthly cycles that can mess with our heads too. That is one of the important benefits of us all sharing our experiences… so people can know when to reach out for help. However, when it comes to vision issues, a child doesn’t always know how to tell their parents that they cannot see. The school may also send home a note regarding this incidence to let you know and get vision testing done.
According to a specialist from All About Eyes, squinting works to reduce the size of the object your child is looking at, compensating for their inability to see it clearly.
The worst part is, these are only such cases that are actually reported and, sadly, a lot more in number go absolutely unnoticed. The National Center for Learning Disabilities estimates that one in five children has some sort of learning disability, but signs of learning disabilities are often mistaken for other issues. Another mom, Theresa, who has a child with a learning disability, says Deborah's son might just learn in a different way than other kids.
A learning disability is a neurological difference in the way your child processes, uses, holds onto, or recalls the information that comes at him. He may also have a small vocabulary and have trouble finding the right word for things when talking, almost as though it's right on the tip of the tongue.
Ideas like up and down, before and after, or first and last are hard to learn, but a child with a learning disability may have more trouble than usual getting those connections. A number of moms said that this comes across as though their child just isn't listening to them or won't focus.
Your child might have trouble running, skipping, jumping, catching, or throwing or bump into things and fall down more often than other kids her age.
The earlier you intervene, the easier it will be to find ways to support your child's learning needs. Well when he was in 2nd grade his teacher said he seemed to be having problems sitting still and seeing things.. His senior year He wanted to join the military and has to be able to continue school with good grades for one year without the medication before they will take him.
However, there are many children that exhibit some of these signs to differing degrees that do not have learning differences. He was also a "slow learner" in that he could pass (barely) if him, the teacher, and myself all worked together all year, but me and him had to usually work on homework till bedtime, and he would often cry, and still go to school with it all not done, and he'd be scared to go.
There are, however, learning disabilities, such as Dyspraxia and Non-Verbal Lsarning Disabilites, which affect speech and language processing and production. There can be many factors that determine when a child speaks, many of which have no underlying medical cause. Yet, kids learn at their own pace, some are stronger or weaker in certain subjects, and some may find new concepts difficult even though they were doing well with what they previously learned. Though math struggles can occur at any age, extra attention should be paid to students at this levela€”with algebra just around the corner, mastering the necessary concepts now will make life easier come middle school. Even if they struggle to picture the traditional addition algorithm (one number above the other) in their minds, other strategies should be at their disposal to come to an answer (for example, 57+34 is the same as 50+30 added to 7+4, to get 91).
Despite being a complementary operation to multiplication, division can be tricky, possibly because you start from a big number and compute your way to a smaller number (instead of the other way around). Yet, when your child is trying to figure out 49+51, he gives you an incorrect, odd answer of 99. But if your child is particularly resistant, it could be something deeper than her just wishing she could be watching TV instead. Going to the nurse at specific times to avoid classes, lunch or recess with bullies is common.
They may feel  humiliated by the bullying, or think that they are causing it and they’d get in trouble. The sad thing is my daughter is only in kindergarten so it’s happening earlier and earlier.
As the girl gets older, I only hope someone will hear her and help her because everyone who has been part of her world has tried and no one is listening. I compare myself to others and hate that some days I have to struggle to want to stay awake.
Depression runs rampant in my gene pool hitting many of my family and even causing my grandmother to kill herself before I had the chance to meet her. I can see one of my little guys already showing signs of anxiety (he’s 5), and it breaks my heart. In some cases, there may be eye conditions that develop at an early age that is serious in nature.
Alos Read: Parents Could Be The Worst Child AbusersWell, child abuse basically involves any such action by other adults or even children that might cause hurt and damage to a child, physically, sexually or emotionally. That's where what Circle of Moms member Eva calls a "disability perspective" comes in handy, remembering that kids want to do things well and will if they can. Children with learning disabilities may also be impulsive because they don't see the connection between what they do and what happens next. She may also have a lot of trouble with things like using scissors or zipping, buttoning, or snapping clothing.
We've both been homebound for months and months, except in the evenings a couple times a week, we'll go to town for groceries or something. For example, mixing up letters like b, d, p, and q both in writing and reading is developmentally appropriate for a long time (generally around the start of second grade this should disappear - but children are different). Certainly, this list should not be used to diagnose your child with a learning disability (or any other disability for that matter); it's for informational purposes only.
I have a 19 month old bright little girl who isnt talking as much as my 6 year old was at the same age. If your child does need fifth-grade math help, dona€™t hesitate to talk to his or her teacher, seek Web resources, or even turn to additional instruction, possibly including tablet-based online tutoring. If the slightly more advanced addition is still confusing, you should consider seeking fifth-grade math help.

Multiplying two-, three-, and four-digit numbersa€”and beyonda€”will become much easier once the basic multiplication tables are mastered.
But students will need it for algebra and to better understand decimals and percentages, so if your child is confused, look for some extra fifth-grade math help.
Kids struggling with math will naturally be less likely to tackle their homework because it stresses them out. Buses hold many more kids than a classroom, and most buses not having extra supervision, they can be  a beating ground for bullies. Or they may think that being bullied woudl be perceived as weak and they would be a disappointment to their parents.
It’s so difficult these days to prove bullying because it falls under emotional abuse more often than not and that area of abuse goes with many excuses from officials. The principal basically threatened to call the police on her, if she didn’t say she did it. I just don’t want to see my boys go through what I went through as a kid (thank God we have medication and more awareness now!). While my son can bike to school, I drive him to school because I need a reason to get out of bed. He's failed twice regardless of our best efforts, and two years he had terrible teachers, which also undermined his progress. If your child struggles to recognize and apply such patterns, then that could be a sign hea€™s struggling with math. By fifth grade, most students know what is expected of them in terms of homework, so if your child is vehement about avoiding math at home, take the time to find out why. I don’t know if it has to do with the bipolarism that runs in my family, or if it has to do with her genetic condition.
He's actually been in karate, and with his body size (he's a big boy) and his lack of coordination, he really hated it. Perhaps he is on the spectrum such as Aspergers but it's hard to pinpoint one thing when there are several issues and they could all be masking an underlying issue. Also, most counties will not pay to evaluate students unless they are performing at a certain percentage rate behind their peers. He took the test for special services at the end of 4th grade (when I had asked for an evaluation at the beginning of the year, entering a new school district) and he passed by one point. In a number of cases, it has been seen that the abuser is often someone that the child knows well. He begged us to take him out, and it was obvious that karate just wasn't going to be his thing.
If he does not to well this semester and changes his mind about military I will put him back on the medication. I cried, because I knew he'd be at the bottom of the pack academically at the beginning of 5th grade, and the rules say he couldn't re-test for another year. Does anyone else out here have a child with Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, that is also dealing with depression issues? He played football for a year, and although he was the slowest on the team, he still liked it and wanted to keep playing, but our second vehicle broke down, and I couldn't find anybody who could help us get him back & forth (the geography in my area of horrendous - we go 20 miles to get anywhere, but it's one way to shop, one way to the other small town where my husband works, then the same distance to another town where the public school is). I thought that he was a social butterfly like me, but it hurt his school work and he almost failed 2nd grade.
I ended up taking him home to homeschool him, because he was started to close up again and become depressed, after having dealt with that for years after his first grade year.
Until about 3 years ago, we lived right outside of Memphis, and he played football there too, but he also had neighborhood friends at least sometimes. That's when I took him to a learning specialist, they tested him and he had a processing disorder, he could see and read but it would not process in his brain, it was like missing a step in understanding what he was reading. I also had to be sure to help him get dressed most of those years, which included tying his shoes and zipping or buttoning him up, because he had a hard time doing it himself, was slow, and would get frustrated. I wish I could afford to have one for each of my children even though I do not suspect that they have a learning difference. I have went over phonics a thousand times at this point, and he still misspells even basic words.
The catch here is that the difference can occur due to various other reasons too, and you will have to go with your gut instinct to ensure the safety of your baby.
But I so appreciate the tips and suggestions, because I am truly out of answers at this point. I finally gave in as I watched him struggle with homework, getting angry and then get depressed, I could see him going in a very bad direction.
Nobody seems to care enough about him to see that he is learning disabled, but I am certain of it. I have tutored and worked with many, many children that have different learning difficulties.
Respectfully be your child's advocate, stay after the teacher's and work with your child at home. I did not give it to him on the weekends or holidays because this drug was only to help him in school..
Reading with you child, even when they are in the higher elementary grades has amazing benefits for both of you. He's got the body of a teenager now, and they just cannot put him in a class full of prepubescent kids! He's always been made fun of, and he's so kind-hearted, my mama's heart just can't take anymore watching him suffer humiliation, day in day out, and watching him hang his head, stoop his shoulders, and refuse eye contact anytime we go into a public place.
Adamant Nature To Meet The Person: If a child for absolutely no reason is adamant to avoid a particular person, then I guess that is your first cue.
Maturity seems to be his friend at least, but I'm still extremely concerned about his education. I've really got off on the wrong foot with the man at the local (small town) education department, and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say I detest the man. For reasons I won't list here, I don't think he could care less about my son, and because he doesn't know my family, he's not willing to do anything for our situation, so my son falls through cracks in the educational system. I found Vyvanse, I chose this one because the other medications had side effects that a teen age boy wants to go through during class. Crying For No Reason: If you find your child crying or putting up a fight every time you decide to take them to a friend's place, daycare, school or any other such place, then alert yourself. There can be other reasons too for the kid being so fussy, so here you will have to assess the situation more deeply. Bruises Or Marks On Body: If you repeatedly find your kid coming back home with some unexplained marks and bruises, then it is definitely a warning sign and the situation must be dealt with instantly. Sudden Changes In Behaviour: Sudden changes in behaviour like aggressiveness, irritability, indifference to affection or being excessively withdrawn can be caused by suffering from some kind of an abuse. Certain Strange Symptoms: Being fearful or troubled during sleep, losing appetite, suddenly becoming too protective of other children around them or behaving too infantile are also symptoms which show that the child is suffering from some sort of an abusive behaviour.
Wants To Be Alone: If you find the child suddenly exhibiting a very secretive behaviour or a desire of being alone too much, then you surely need to keep a protective watch on them. Can Have Physical Pain: Sexual abuse may cause the child to bleed, itch or bruised in and around the genitals. There can be an experience of pain while sitting or walking and may have difficulty in performing regular physical activities. Familiarity Of Sexual Information: Also, in cases of a sexual abuse, the child may display familiarity of sexual information and even curiosity towards the subject, way beyond their age. Always Are Alert For No Reason: Another sign which is observed in children who have suffered child abuse is that they are seen to be always on alert. They are extremely watchful of people and the happenings around them to such an extent that it may seem like they look terrified and anxious about something bad that is to happen.

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