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As many as one in ten children are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in the U.S.
As parents, we know our children best, but it can be difficult to differentiate between normal childhood behavior and ADHD, and many parents worry about having to medicate their kids. The key to treating ADHD in children, is recognizing the symptoms and speaking with your pediatrician. Children may have trouble staying interested or focused on repetitive tasks such as working with flash cards or memorizing spelling.
ADHD in children frequently involves the ability to become completely absorbed in activities they find interesting—and oblivious to anything going on around them.
It’s common for kids with ADHD to space out or daydream, going off into their own world for periods of time. Because they have trouble staying focused, kids tend to start many tasks without finishing any.
Rather than think through the steps required to solve a problem, kids will just guess at a solution.
Frequently, kids will blurt out answers without being called on, butt ahead in line or intrude on others’ games. Children with ADHD have a hard time controlling their emotions or lose their tempers easily.
Impulsive, hyperactive kids find it hard to make friends, their peers may find their behavior rude or irritating. I love how this article illustrates what it’s like to live with a child with ADHD, rather than just list the diagnostic criteria. Asperger’s syndrome is a neurological disorder in the family of autism spectrum disorders.
Many children with Asperger’s syndrome are preoccupied with a single or a few interests and focus on them for hours on end.

Other signs of Asperger’s syndrome include unusual facial expressions or postures, and either staring a lot at others or avoiding eye contact altogether. From handwriting to riding a bike, poor or delayed motor skills of many kinds could be a sign of Asperger’s syndrome. What not to say by Anne Harding Living with an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, is a challenge.
By Chris Weller rohn's disease, one of several inflammatory bowel diseases, achieved "complete remission" in nearly half the subjects of one study that were exposed to smoking medical marijuana on a regular basis. Just three decades ago at the start of the AIDS epidemic, testing positive for HIV, the human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS, was essentially a death sentence.
Here's The Homemade Cannabis Oil Recipe That People Are Using as a Chemo Alternative Awareness with regards to cannabis as a treatment and potential cure for cancer has been rapidly increasing over the past few years.
If it goes untreated ADHD can seriously impact your child’s ability to learn and interact with others.
They lose clothing and backpacks, forget to bring assignments home from school, or leave their lunch on the counter at home.
This hyperfocus can be very helpful when it comes to schoolwork but  not so great when it’s video games. They quickly lose interest and move on to something else, forget a step, or leave out important details.
Classrooms, busy sidewalks, or the sights and sounds of a shopping mall, can be completely overwhelming and cause tantrums or anxiety.
They frequently interrupt conversations, ask inappropriate questions, and invade personal space.
They also have difficulty picking up social cues, or they pick up too many social cues and aren’t sure how to interpret them.
Because every child exhibits a different set of symptoms, there is no precise checklist of behaviors that must all be present for a diagnosis.

As a result, they can be easily overstimulated by certain sensations, whether it’s strong lights, loud noises, or textures.
People with these serious conditions can lose weight during a flare-up and gain it all back—and then some—if they need to take corticosteroids to get symptoms under control.
Since California enacted a medical marijuana law in 1996, 20 other states and the District of Columbia have followed suit, with eight of them passing laws in the past four years alone. Not because girls don’t have Asperger’s, but because it’s so much harder to identify in girls that they go largely undiagnosed. Several studies over the last decade have clearly (without question) demonstrated the anti-tumoral effects of the plant. Behavioral problems associated with ADHD include inattention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. All kids are restless and fidgety at times but with ADHD in children it tends to be non-stop and disruptive. If patients are diagnosed early and take antiretroviral medication as directed, doctors say they can live a normal lifespan.
But Snoop Dog has something a little bit different in mind with “Tangerine Man,” a strain of cannabis that boasts the highest amount of THC of all cannabis strains. Children can begin exhibiting these signs as early as 2 or 3 years of age and the earlier you begin treatment, the better the outcome for your child.
Education, behavior therapy, proper nutrition, and support at home can all help control symptoms. People who don’t get them think we are being babies or that we aren’t “tough enough to handle a headache.” Most people who know me know I’m tough.

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