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Originally I wanted to try to get Avery out of diapers before the baby came, but I realized that she just wasn’t ready to begin the process.
Rather than nonchalantly going to the bathroom in front of everyone, Avery now is too embarrassed to go in front of anyone.
I know this sounds like something that all kids do, but Avery is now very interested in watching how I go to the restroom.
Just recently, Avery has been going into her big sister’s dresser and pulls out panties to try to put them on.
The more and more Avery shows me that she is ready to start trying to use the potty, the more anxious I get to begin. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Content provided on this site is for entertainment or informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical or health, safety, legal or financial advice. To encourage him and his interest in potty training, we purchased some Pull-Ups potty training diapers so that he can pull them on and off easier and sit on the potty chair. Last month we shared the exciting news that Little Mr and I have become Huggies Pull-Ups brand ambassadors and we’ll be sharing our potty training journey with you all. Luckily for me and many other thousands of first time parents, Huggies Pull-Ups are able to offer advice on how to recognise the first signs that your little one is ready to potty train.
We will continue to ask him if he needs the potty and if he has done something and we are encouraging his independence as he has started to take off his own clothes at bedtime although watching him take off his socks is pretty funny! Watch this space for more potty training insights from us as we make the move with Huggies Pull-Ups. We are at the same stage with Little Man, he tells us after – which isn’t much good! There was going to be so much change coming her way with the new baby, I didn’t want to add any stress on her to try to force her to use the potty.

Even with clothes on, she manages to take everything off, including her diaper and wants to run around naked. If she has to go to the bathroom in her diaper she will quietly go into a room that no one else is in and go to the bathroom.
She gets very uncomfortable when her diaper is dirty, and she wants us to know so that we can change it. While I know that she isn’t fully ready to wear them, it is refreshing knowing that she is excited to wear underwear. I look forward to saying good-bye to the diaper stage, not having to buy diapers, or worry about leaks. Some tell you to start early and introduce baby to the potty in order to get the idea going. We are right at the very beginning with potty training and with the help of Huggies Pull-Ups and expert advice from the team fingers crossed it will be a smooth transition for both Little Mr and for me. At 28 months old, he can let me know when he has done something in his nappy but this happens to be a bit hit and miss dependent on the situation; where we are, who we are with or if he’s tired.
He adores Disney® Cars so with them having a Lightning McQueen graphic on the front is already a great way of introducing them to him – The Disney® graphics make learning fun and encourage independence and with super stretchy slim sides, help toddlers pull them up and down on their own – just like real underwear!
We’ll be using Huggies Pull-Ups Night-time too as they provide extra absorbency and increased protection during the night without having to revert back to nappies. The fact that she can’t stand to be in a dirty diaper is letting us know that big girl underwear might be in her near future.
On the other hand, the actual transition and process of potty training seems daunting to me. On most occasions, Little Mr will only tell us he’s done something after the event and not before. I know that as soon as Little Mr is ready he’s going to love wearing his Lightning McQueen Huggies Pull-Ups.

Rather than fighting her on it, I have let her run around without a diaper while we are at home in hopes that she might tell me when she needs to use the restroom. Her awareness of everyone around while she uses the restroom is a definite sign she might be ready to go on the potty. That’s one less child of mine that is out of diapers which means less diapers I have to buy and change! Before I embark on the journey of potty training with my 23-month-old, I really want to know he’s ready. I personally believe you need the right combination of baby being ready to potty train and you being ready to potty train your toddler. With this in mind I’m pretty sure he’s still not ready to potty train but as a first time parent, this isn’t something I’ve had experience of. I don’t want to start too early and scare him away, something I believed happened with our older daughter.
The new Learning Liner inside allows toddlers to feel wetness for a few moments, before quickly drawing the moisture away.
That way little ones learn the difference between wet and dry and can ultimately stay dry on their own.  This hopefully will be useful as Little Mr would then begin to learn he has had a wee and will become much more aware of what he is doing. However, with all the signs in mind I’m pretty sure he’s still not ready to potty train but as a first time parent, this isn’t something I’ve had experience of so I’ll be watching for more of the signs over the next couple of months.

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