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The Singing Toilet Paper plays a medley of Christmas tunes, including Jingle Bells, Santa is Comin' to Town, and We Wish you a Merry Christmas, as the paper pulls from the roll. Celebrating Present Day - Student Accommodation near your colleges or university around Ireland. Simply push on the right nostril of the Nose Gel Dispenser and your green gel will ooze right out. In this mat, slippers are integrated into the mat itself that allows you to walk comfortably without slipping on dirty or wet floors. Made from a rubbery material that will stick to any surface; all you need to do is just slip your shower hose through and move it anywhere you like.
If you are among those who get most of your creative ideas in the shower and you had enough using washable crayons, then perhaps these may be just right for you. Creation of designer Anna Karmazina, this innovative techie assistant cleans and tidies up your bathrooms automatically. It winds and compresses the tube evenly, allowing maximum usage of each tube, available in four different colors.

Just press the supplied magnet into your soap bar and your soap is now beautifully and neatly stored when not in use. This totally baller shower enclosure called Plano Acquario by Cesena has a real aquarium built right into one of the walls.
Blood Bath Shower Curtain ($18.46) is completely practical - you can use it to keep the water in your shower, but that's not why you want them.
Kids will love it, your hubby will find it hilarious and the best part is that everyone will enjoy getting clean.
All you need to do is connect it to a water tap and it starts to clean showers, bathtubs, floors or walls; the suction pads on the bottom allow it to climb up the wall too. This waterproof underwater light show creates beautiful light display perfect for a relaxing night or to get the party started. The coolest part about this toothbrush is the charging glass- that normal looking drinking glass is actually an inductive charger sitting on a power base that you plug in. The Maitre mirror from Italy’s Stocco adds a sleek digital touch to your bathroom mirror.

You want them for the thrill, for the little jolt down your spine every time you turn on the lights. Anyway there are still some people who like to make their bathroom a little different and creative.
Sure YOU wash your hands but nobody else does and they all put their germ-filled hands all over the handle. So we bring you a collection of cool bathroom gadgets and innovative creations designed to make things easy.
This hook shaped device goes on the bottom of the door and lets you open it with your foot.
This elegant looking iPad stand has integrated toilet paper roll holder.With bendable nose of the stand, you can use iPad at any angle, distance and orientation.

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