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After emerge at the briliant decoration small toilet image slowly maybe you will get numerous fresh idea to be implementing on your own design.
After look at the funny retro interior design photo carefully maybe you will get a little fresh inspiration to be implementing on your own design. This stylish finest design exclusive bathroom toilet interior we think successfully mixing smart bathroom interior design plan, smart design view, material choice, strong quality of enhancement decoration and design idea management. Realizing smart design plan advance and spotlight design motivation is the key reason of this creative luxury bathroom sink toilet interior grow to be one of amazing luxury bathroom interior design. Next home bathroom modern interior design visualization unanimously was distribute dissimilar ambiance to environment bordering which is produced with trendy design. Design focal point to be signed about this beautiful is peaceful character touching uncomplicated design theme and element alternative. Following bedroom girl design display universally was provide singular mood to environment bordering which is twisted with sophisticated design. Getting a few quotes for a utility room extension put on the house and the thought came to us last night about getting a bog put in it too. EDIT: You can download my measurements here using that toilet set - the space also has a sloped ceiling as it is under the stairs.

Not sure about any building regs regarding minimum space (as Tandem's comment) but it does need to have an extractor fitted if it is an internal space. We can build an extension up to 10% of the floorspace of the house (as long as its in keeping with the area etc etc).
Drop a smelly one in that small a space is going to be a nostril-clearing experience, how's it set up for ventilation?
The 10% rule sounds right, but I'd be surprised if it was permissable in a conservation area. Regarding headroom - that can be an issue in ours (but you can only work with what you have). But I did once stay in a hotel in France that had an 800x800 shower cubicle, with small basin and a wooden lattice base. The downside is that it doesn't have a flat topped cistern, so you have nowhere to put your sandwich if you are in there for the afternoon. Seems like most bathrooms in Scottish houses are approximately large enough for 1 toilet, one bath and nothing else.
You might also need to be creative with locating the cistern and connecting into the drainage.

Going mad with a bigger extension isn't really an option due to the space we want to build it in (back yard the size of two car parking spaces). Provided you have no objections and your physique allows, you could probably get away with a floor space of about 18 inches by 18 inches. It seems that generally the sink overhangs the bath and the loo is so close to the wall that you need to lean over when sat on it.
So I was wondering, could you fit a toilet into a cupboard sized 'room' about 3ft x 4ft? Overhead cisterns don't necessarily need to be mounted behind or above the pan which often saves space. I would also budget for a pullcord to activate the mechanism, so as to avoid soiling your fingers.

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