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So on the world race you learn that majority of the world doesn’t use a seat to go to the bathroom. I had been told you squat facing away from the hole and such was the way I attempted to utilize this toilet. I began to pee and relieve my bladder and very quickly realized that this position was NOT going to work for me.
So that was month 5 and it is now month 8 and I can successfully say I have perfected the position of the squatty potty. Yes I believe God cares about me learning how to properly use a squatty potty but that wasn’t the point. He said, “When you wake up in the morning with your heart in that perfect position of knowing who YOU are and how much I LOVE you and how much I APPROVE you before you even get out of bed then you will never again have a bad day. Do you know that God wants to give you everything you need and wants to remind you EVERY morning so that you can start your day in victory and in hope?

The latest video from Harmon brothers for the specially designed stool, is already approaching its first million views in just three days. The highly anticipated movie sequel, Alice Through The Looking Glass, began its magic premiere journey this week in London.
Harry Potter himself…well, the actor who played Harry, Daniel Radcliffe is back in another movie about magic.
Xbox recently released a slick commercial for their new game Quantum Break, starring actor Shawn Ashmore as Jack Joyce. Receive tips in your inbox on how to make little movement and habit changes that get big results!
But it didn’t come the first time, or the second time, and sadly not even the third time. Or are you going throughout your day getting feeling like you are worthless, unaccepted, seeking approval from somewhere, someone, anyone.

Well the marketing company behind that memorable visual, Harmon Brothers, have taken on poop again, with a new video ad for Squatty Potty.
That video marketing tool went on to win several awards including the, AdAge Viral Video Award: Funniest Viral Video of 2013. The people you are with call them toilets and the people you came with call them squatty potties.
We pay the dollar and get our 4 squares of tissue paper from the lady (yes you have to pay to use public restrooms) and we hurry inside. I stepped into the stall, stabled my feet in the specified placements, and then dropped to do the business.

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