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One of the great characteristics of these products is that they are inexpensive and have a high perceived value which makes them a great Christmas gift and a great stocking stuffer you can buy for under $10.
This was extremely fun for me since I’ve never filled a stocking nor had one filled for me. PIXI BEAUTY ICY EYE PALETTE is a fabulous palette for only $12 that I’m in love with.
EYES COLLAGEN EYE PADS (these used to be called Eyedews) are my favorite treat for party time. BEAUTY SPOON is a fun and unusual gift that won’t get you in trouble with your mother-in-law.

SHAVE TECH RECHARGEABLE TRAVEL SHAVER absolutely wowed my husband and I know it would wow my sons. The dupes don’t hold a candle to the softness, performance and finish of the original.
Every woman wants something sparkly for a gift and these mirrors are the perfect item to put a smile on someone’s face.
These are available at Walmart in the beauty section so you could buy this as a last minute gift.
The lighter shades in this are sparkly and fun and would be great for young teens while the darker shades could go to your older teen.

The Beauty Spoon helps get out every last bit of the creams, lotions and potions from a jar. I need a Beauty Spoon in my life, though – am fed up of getting my pinkie stuck in random pots! Here are some items that I used this year that I’d put in stockings if given the chance.

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