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A couple of days ago, we reported about an apparent case of violence against children in which a British couple were accused of putting their 14-month-old daughter's safety in danger after they allegedly threw the baby into a hotel swimming pool during a holiday in Portugal. James Moreland and Lee-Ann O’Donoghue have been accused of being too drunk to look after their little girl and acting disorderly during their stay at the four-star Hotel Paraiso in Albufeira. The couple told the Daily Mail they were on their first family holiday together since the baby's birth when the infant was taken into emergency care by Portuguese police. Kyle Lee Marsh Rupert, 22, and mother Sandra Michelle Jackson, 25, were both charged with aggravated manslaughter, one count of child neglect with great harm and three counts of child neglect without great harm. Authorities had found Milo dead in July 2012 and his three sisters neglected and malnourished. If Kyle Rupert had gone to trial, the maximum sentence he could have received if convicted was 45 years in prison, said Assistant State Attorney Michael Castillo. Although 45 years is the maximum sentence, Castillo said, it was unlikely Rupert would have received that much time, with the maximum penalty being set to run consecutively on each charge. One reason for that is to give Milo's family members or possibly others the chance to testify before the sentencing occurs, Castillo said.
Another is to provide time to research whether the charges of aggravated manslaughter and child neglect with great harm essentially are double charging for the same crime, Castillo said. Castillo said in examining the case against Rupert, there were some factors supporting the sentence being reduced from the maximum.
Another, Castillo said, was that Rupert is mentally challenged, which can be determined after examining some tapes of him playing video games. He lived in the same apartment as the children, Castillo explained, and had no qualms inviting his friends over to play video games, despite the stench, garbage and cockroaches. Castillo also noted that Rupert is the father of only two of the children, while Jackson is the mother of all four of them.
Records showed that Rupert and Jackson blamed each other for the condition of the apartment.

All material is copyright to their respectful owners and no copyright infringement is intended. The 7 year-old boy testified that Dustin Richard would not allow him or his 3 year-old sister to eat.
At the sentencing, the children's foster mother explained how the 3 year-old now has post-traumatic stress disorder, behavioral and food hoarding issues from abuse. The Princeton Detachment of West Virginia State Police arrested a woman for child neglect resulting in death. Stacy Nicole Porter, of 5432 Cheri Court, New Port Richey, was living alone with a 4-year-old girl at the time, the sheriff’s office said. The temperature outside was about 54 degrees and Porter left the girl, dressed only in her underwear, on a couch near the front door, a sheriff’s report said. With the girl present, Porter screamed profanities and kicked a chair toward the deputy, the report said. Porter pulled away from the deputy as she was being placed in handcuffs and kicked the windows and roof of the deputy’s vehicle, the report said. The deputy used pepper spray on Porter after she head butted the vehicle’s partition and refused to stop kicking the windows, the report said. Porter was being held in the Land O’ Lakes Jail Monday with bail at $2,650, records show. The child has been removed from the apartment and is safe, sheriff’s spokesman Eddie Daniels said. Porter has been arrested in Pasco several times since 2011, on charges of driving under the influence, criminal mischief and violating probation related to a grand theft conviction in Hernando County, court records show. After the news about the baby being seized by police spread across media, her parents decided to come forward and tell their side of the story. However, the couple firmly denied the allegations made by hotel staff and other holidaymakers, who told authorities the mother was seen staggering around with the baby on an eighth-floor hotel balcony.

The police told us they had acted like they did, that they had been heavy-handed, because of the Madeleine McCann effect. Moreland was beaten by police and say that money was stolen from them during the apparently unjustified assault.
O’Donoghue staggering around and bumping into walls with the little girl in her arms on the balcony, but the couple explained that their room does not overlook the hotel pool but a car park, so the woman could not possibly have been seen. Castillo said he asked for a delay in sentencing, which is now scheduled for July 30 at 1 p.m. They also indicated the children were pretty much left in the bedrooms unattended and that the neglect increased during the final six months before Milo died.
When the girl was taken to the hospital, she was malnourished, suffered from skin infections, and had to have surgery to remove a wire and piece of glass from her foot. On Thursday, April 14, 2016, Troopers responded to the Flat Top area of Mercer County for two possible overdoses. She left the front door open then began screaming at neighbors and hitting their front doors, a sheriff’s report said.
They said the case had been very bad for them and that they had to be very careful when it came to the welfare of British children on holiday,” Mrs. After having spent three nights in hospital, the child was finally returned to her parents on Tuesday.

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