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Fraulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities is the performing troupe of atypical individuals (commonly called "freaks") in a traveling carnival operated by Elsa Mars.
The carnival, which employs various carnie laborers and a fortune teller, is open all day and includes a Ferris wheel and merry-go-round. Ma Petite (born Mahadevi Patel) is a little Indian woman who serves as Elsa's (metaphorical) right hand and assistant. On stage, the world's smallest woman is unveiled in a birdcage and plays a tiny violin for musical numbers. She narrowly escaped death at the hands of Maggie, whose conscience got the better, but soon afterwards was murdered by Dell, and her pickled corpse eventually made its way to the American Morbidity Museum. Actress Jyoti Amage has stated in interviews that she hates being treated like a child or doll, but on the show that is exactly how she is treated. Pepper is a "pinhead" (suffering from microcephaly), who appears often with a companion, Salty. In December of 1952, Salty died of a cerebrovascular hemorrhage in his sleep, which Elsa claims is not uncommon for those of his ilk.
Amazon Eve also has great body strength, which she displays when Dell (The Strong Man) attempts to murder her in her sleep, although she believed he was "trying to get with me".
She is seen afterwards in Ethel's caravan having her swollen hand chilled in ice water as they discuss whether they should banish Dell or murder him for his crime against Eve.
Shortly after Dandy becomes the owner of the freak show, Dandy earns a reputation for mistreating the freaks. DC Comics kicked off its Villains Month last week, as the evil opposites of the Justice League invaded the DC Universe, seemingly disposing of all the heroes and taking over the world. Likewise, the villains have been taking over DC’s New 52 line of comic books, with the MIA heroes finding the covers of their books occupied by bad guys.
Possibly the most-rebooted and reimagined villain in Superman’s impressive if under-valued rogues gallery returns in his latest incarnation.
All that’s missing is a riff on the kneeling line from Superman II, which most writers touching the character seem unable to resist riffing on (so congratulations to Pak on that score, who has a stronger will than most). This Krypton is neither the everyone-dresses-a-lot-like-Superman Krypton of the Silver Age, nor the cold, sterile space fantasy of the John Byrne years, but a garish collection of pointy edges and extraneous metal bits and pieces. Perhaps owing to the involvement of Forever Evil‘s writer Geoff Johns, this issue is one of the most directly connected to that event to date. So we open in Belle Reeve prison, with skinny Amanda Waller trying to recruit Manta for Suicide Squad while recapping his origin story, when unseen villains (Power Ring and Deathstorm) release all of the inmates, sparking a riot. Aside from his weird-looking King Shark, who appears like a Great White with crustacean-like eye stalks growing out of his head, St. I kinda wish the book came with a character key, though, as I really want to know who the guy is in the blue suit that Manta gives a dirty look to when he declares, “Y’hear that, Manta?

With this issue, regular Batman writer Sndyer co-plots a story scripted by Fawkes and drawn by your next Batwoman artist.
That’s an all-around pretty effective comic book script then, fulfilling more promises than DC even made with its promotion of the issue. Haun’s artwork is has a refreshing crispness to it, and he does manage to make the Riddler look mildly cool rather than extremely silly (particularly before the character puts on his hat and mask). California hardcore act Stick To Your Guns has announced a string of winter North American tour dates, check out the details below.
The band is touring in support of their upcoming album Disobedient, which is set to be released on February 10, 2015 through Sumerian Records. I'm not even sure how I'm typing this sentence considering my face has just been melted off by the insane riffage of New Dead Project's brand new EP "Run To The Hills". Dare Art Alade’s new music video Pray For Me (Gbadura Fun Mi), is now the hottest gist as he gave this fans a brief of what happened to him in his childhood days. The song which he featured popular South African choir, Soweto Choir gave an insight to what he must have passed through in his childhood between himself and his father by making use of Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva to tell his story.
The video shot by the MEX Film, tells the story of how Darey Art Alade woke up one morning and told his father (Olu Jacobs) he was leaving in search of greener pastures but his father disagreed. Fortune did not quickly shine on him in the city but unfortunately by the time he remembered to write a letter to his family and seeking for their prayers, his mother was six under the ground but his father did say the prayers and immediately things changed for the better.
According to the lyrics of the song it says: “woke up one Sunday morning told my daddy i’m leaving home i’m going off to the city tomorrow, even though i don’t know where to go.
The story "Freak Show" depicts the encampment of this troupe in Jupiter, Florida in the early 1950s. However, the main event is the nightly stage performance of the freaks as well as acrobats, contortionists, sword-swallowers, and fire-eaters. In her youth as one of India's untouchables she was literally the pet of a wealthy Majaraja, led by a leash. Her story is also explored in more detail in a previous (but chronologically later) story "Asylum". He was rescued by Elsa from a boys home in Cincinnati and quickly formed a bond with fellow "pinhead" Pepper, to whom he was unofficially married in a ceremony presided by Elsa. Decapitated by Stanley, who had convinced Elsa to allow him to make the funeral arrangements, Salty's head is now displayed at the American Morbidity Museum.
She is able to disarm and subdue him throwing him out of her caravan questioning "who's the strong man now?". She was first seen by small-screen horror fans as the body (in wide shots) of Shelley Godfrey in Hemlock Grove. Both arms have the appearance of flippers, which coupled with his body ink has earned him billing as "The Illustrated Seal".

Those are, of course, the collectible and somewhat-controversial (among retailers) 3D lenticular covers.
In fact, for the most part it tells the same events of the first issue of the series, only as seen from the point of view of Black Manta, who obviously missed certain portions of the story.
Aubin does a fine job on all of the art, greatly reducing the fan-casting portrayal of Manta as LL Cool J that Ivan Reis had engaged in, and rendering some of the very same scenes that David Finch drew in Forever Evil only in his own smoother, cleaner style. There were a few panels during key action scenes that were indecipherable, however, and the relative simplicity of the artwork on display here compared to that of J.H.
While the company publishes about 52 monthlies every month, and there were to be 52 villain-starring issues, not every book published in August would have a villain’s issue in September. I know practically nothing about this Budapest punk act except they play incredibly fast, metal infused punk rock and the lead singer sounds like Zoli of Ignite.
However, the music star disobeyed his father and left the following morning leaving his aged mother (Joke Silver) and his sister behind. Daddy said son, don’t be a fool because life in the city is unbelievable, you could get broken. While her master toured America, Elsa set her eyes on this tiny prize and traded three cases of Dr Pepper to have Ma Petite join her show, where she became an ideal companion to Elsa's first acquisition, Pepper.
She is a trusting and friendly innocent that doesn't appear to be privy to the darker activities of her fellows. For example, instead of issues of the lower-selling Batman titles like Batgirl, Nightwing and Batwing, DC was instead publishing multiple issues of the higher-selling titles like Batman, Detective and Dark Knight (hence the decimal point numbers). She refers to them as "her monsters" and seems to keep herself aloof from them, despite her performances with the troupe and her own hidden deformity.
She makes them prove their trust by having one freak tied to a spinning wheel while she throws knives at them.
Inspired by the glamor of Hollywood movies, he immigrated to America only to suffer further discrimination. I wouldn't be surprised to find out this was a secret Zoli side project, and almost hope it is after that last disastrous Ignite album. Out of anger, he decided to become the monster everyone judged him to be by tattooing his entire body.
When Penny is mutilated and tattooed indirectly by her father, Paul blames himself for causing it. Whoever makes up New Dead Project, they completely shred and I highly recommend you stream their new EP below.

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