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Beyond the horrors of growing up feral, worst of all, these kids may miss a critical period to learn language and never communicate like the rest of us.
Eric Lenneberg, a linguist and neurologist, first popularized the critical period (CP) hypothesis in the late 1960s. A "Children have usually honed in on their native language's phonology by the end of the first year of life.
I, indeed, know what every liberal is concerned about and I was, too, but have no fear: if any do arise in America with a communication problem, a volunteer with ACORN will help guide them to vote for me. Old grandpa and his son Damya searched frantically for grandma Rano everywhere in the village.
Grandpa was dreaming of taking his grandson with him on the tractor and teach him how to till the land, how to swim in the village lake. They did not even send Nimmo to her parent’s house for the delivery, saying they want to see the boy first. Nimmo opened her eyes and asked “where is the baby?” The midwife gave baby to the new mom. Literary superiority makes a short story famous but it must also reach the intended readers.

A: I feel sorry for myself, I feel angry at everything, I hate everyone and I feel sad for my children. And Oxana Malaya,A a Ukrainian girl raised by wild dogs, ate raw meat and ran on all fours.
His research suggests that a specific window exists for learning language, either spoken or tactile. The window re-opens from four to seven, and learning continues," he said.A "If a child is isolated, then you've affected so many other things. The Rama temple, her friend Pushpa’s houses, the big banyan tree, near bore well, wherever she could be, no, grandma was not there, she was gone. She told her that if she drops the new born girl into the village lake, the girl would come back as boy. So she took the baby when it was still dark and dropped her into water and waited there, for her grandson to return!! Going to bed happy, smiling, and waking up with excitement and anticipation as to what you will learn and discover throughout the day.
I have a request for all the readers out there, if you come across somebody, a mother, grandma, relative, friend, neighbor, maid or a vegetable vendor who ever worries that they have only girl child, encourage them and give them assurance that girls are OK and they are better than boys in every respect especially in loving and caring.

When you are a child, your mind is free to absorb its surroundings and absorb the feelings your body experiences, both physically and emotionally.
Damya, all your property and land is gone in dowry, Chi, Chi”, grandma spat on the ground.
I never had any of that and now I am beyond the reach of any counselling help or education and I have been so from when I was four years old.
I never had a childhood and I never will; for me, my childhood was over before it began and my life with the nuns in Ireland was hell. My emotional pain today is as strong as it was the day it began and from a very early age, I suffered at the hands of the very people who said they would take good care of me and also at the hands of many other people around them who they called their friends. The time that I spent in the institution has made me into a very complicated, difficult and unhappy person and my emotions are cold, I am only waiting to die and I feel like it is taking too long. My family began the path to my destruction, they used me and they abused me, but they never ever loved or wanted me.

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