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Created by Bill Bernbach‘s BBD ad agency, they revolutionized advertising copy and laid out the early foundations for brand storytelling through engaging narrative and brand persona development. It’s no wonder that today, the VW Beetle is the longest-running and most-manufactured car of a single design platform, worldwide. To sell a small, basic, ugly , economical, foreign car to a market used to huge, chrome-finned, gadget-stuffed, home-built gas guzzlers. A well defined brand personality carves a niche in a crowded marketplace and future proofs a business against competitive  fluctuations. In a new age and with the strong influence of social media on branding, a well developed brand persona is as important as ever.

2666 Square Feet (248 Square Meter) (296 Square Yards) Modern two story 4 bedroom house design by Green Homes, Thiruvalla, Kerala. 2520 square feet (234 square meter) (280 square yard) 4 bedroom house with decorative elements on front elevation. 1482 Square Feet (138 Square Meter) (165 Square yards) affordable low cost house architecture plan. This house constructed in Palakkad, Kerala in an area of 1565 square feet (145 square meter)(174 square yards).
If it succeeds at this, it can garner customer loyalty and encourage brand advocacy; only then can it earn the right to charge a premium rather than compete on price.

It was the story of how Unilever destroyed a new P&G product before it had a chance to get to the marketplace. I thought it was a great example of a defensive marketing strategy in play by a category leader.

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