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I’ve worked on formal models of rationality and scientific method beginning at the London School of Economics and continuing at Brandeis. Logic opens up an entire dimension of thought attending to the form rather than the content of statements.
As you submit your last papers and wrap up studying for final exams, don’t forget to plan for your summer! Registration for Brandeis Summer School is still open, and seats in courses that can help you get ahead in degree requirements are still available!
The registration deadline for Summer Session I, June 6-July 8, 2016 and Extended Session, June 6- August 12, 2016, fast approaching –  May 27! While the premedical sciences sequence in the Summer School has a high price-tag than some of the other areas schools, it’s for good reason.

With the start of Summer Session I less than a month away, our office is working hard to get everything in order! This summer students will have the opportunity to write a One-Act Play or Short Film (live action or animation) in our Online THA 71a Playwriting workshop.
You will learn how to write compelling action, three-dimensional characters, engaging dialogue, and use the power of myth (think Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones) to create stories that grab the audience’s attention. As models for writing, members interested in writing for the stage will look at 1-2 plays by such dramatists as Pinter, Albee, Mamet, Anna Deavere Smith, or Tony Kushner. Its general relevance for all kinds of questioning and answering across cultural or disciplinary boundaries is also what makes logic philosophical. If you’re hoping for some downtime between finals and starting up studying again, maybe Session II will work better for your schedule. Don’t worry – we have course syllabi  available online so your home institution can determine if the credits will transfer from the course before you enroll!

Each year, a large portion of these students decide to focus on their premedical sciences courses during the summer so they can mitigate the distraction of school year course loads and activities. Meanwhile, many summer school students are busy resolving their summer living arrangements.
If you’re interested in living on campus during your summer session, you should visit the Department of Community Living site to learn more about summer school housing.
Students will learn to use this formal mode of thinking to analyze arguments as is done in philosophy; yet, they will also develop a foundation for using logic within their own fields such as computer science, linguistics, mathematics, or law.
This summer sequence is intensive, but Summer School instructors are dedicated to student learning.

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