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What’s the most important thing you consider when shopping for children’s decor and furniture for your home?
Set includes a table, three chairs and a stool sturdy enough to hold mom or dad so that they can play along too. The set’s modern Scandinavian design complements any decor, making it the perfect addition to any living room, bed room, play room or nursery.
To be honest, before we had the table and chairs set up I really wasn’t sure how much we would use it. The set is certainly useful for any number of reasons, but here are the main uses in our home. Of course, one of the neat things about the design is that one chair is actually a stool making it adult friendly. The Svan Play With Me Table and Chairs Set is, like all Scandinavian Child products, made of great quality solid birch wood.
To Buy… The Svan Play With Me Table and Chairs Set will serve more purposes than you can possibly imagine. Or Not to Buy… The set has a glossy finish and requires attention to keep it looking shiny and new. KateKate started The Shopping Mama™ in January 2009 when, after graduating law school, she traded in online legal research and writing for locating the best products for children. Crafted of high-quality, solid birch wood, this table set is built to stand the tests of time and kid use – art projects, tea parties, games, and other activities. Its modern Scandinavian design complements any decor – from a bedroom or playroom to the living room or home office. Bebeginiz dogrudan masaya getirilebildigi icin yemeklerde ailesiyle iletisim icinde olabilir. Dikkat cekici bukme agac tasar?m?, modern tarzlardan klasik evlere kadar he ev dekoruna uyar.
Stilize Svan mama sandalyeleri hem bebekler hem cocuklar icin rahat ve ergonomik yemek yeme alanlar? yaratmak amac?yla tasarlanm?st?r.

6 ayl?ktan yetiskinlige kadar cocuklar?n?za hem alan hem de destek saglamak icin dikey ve yatay olarak ayarlanabilir. Tepsi dag?ld?g?nda, basitce tahta tepsiyi nemli bir bezle silebilir, ya da aksesuar olarak sat?lan BPA ve fitalat icermeyen plastik tepsiyi tak?p, isiniz bittiginde bulas?k makinesine atabilirsiniz. Svan mama sandalyesi, tepsi arkas?nda saklanarak da kullan?labilir,boylece cocugun bebeklikte bile ailesiyle birlikte yemek masas?nda olmas?na olanak tan?r. Svan minderler kolayca silinebilir, ya da hassas camas?rlarla birlikte y?kan?p, yine hassas ayarda kurutma makinesine at?labilir bir ozelige sahiptir.
C?kar?labilir 3-noktal? emniyet kemeri, cocugunuzun aile uyeleriyle etkilesimine ve yemek ya da baska malzemelere ulasmas?na engel olmayacak sekilde, ergonomik bir sekilde oturabilmesi icin tasarlanm?st?r. Svan mama sandalyesi 6 ayl?ktan yetiskinlige kadar cocugunuzla birlikte buyuyecek sekilde tasarlanm?st?r. Geleneksel bir mama sandalyesi olarak baslar ve cocugunuzu masada normal sandalyelere oturtma zahmetine girmeden, guvenli bir sekilde islev gorur.
Guvenlik korumas? cocugunuzun sandalyeye kendi bas?na c?kabilmesi icin c?kar?labilir ozelige sahiptir.
Daha sonralar?, gencler hatta yetiskinler icin normal boyutlarda bir sandalye olarak da kullan?lmaktad?r.
Svan sandalye optimum govde destegi saglamak icin tamamen ayarlanabilir oturak derinligi olan tek ergonomik sandalyedir. Oturag?n kendisi ve ayakl?k da cocugunuzun masan?za gore oturtulmas? icin ayarlanabilir ozelliktedir. Svan mama sandalyeniz urunle birlikte tedarik edilen Allen Anahtarlar? ile kolayl?kla ayarlanabilir.
Svan mama sandalyesi bukulmus hus agac?ndan cevreye zarar veren herhangi bir uygulama kullan?lmadan yap?lm?st?r. Svan mama sandalyesinin uretilmesinde kullan?lan tutkaldan kaplamaya kadar her malzeme, Amerikan Federal Guvenlik Duzenlemelerine uymaktad?r ve cocugunuz icin hic bir zararl? madde icermez. Ekonomik - Tek bir sandalye 6 ayl?ktan cocukluk y?llar?na hatta ilk yetiskinlige kadar kullan?lmaktad?r.

Tam ergonomik destek yemek masas?nda daha az kargasaya dolay?s?yla aile ile daha fazla sosyal etkilesime olanak saglamaktad?r. Mama sandalyesinin, ebeveynlerin gozetimi d?s?nda sadece sandalyeye tek bas?na c?kabilen cocuklar taraf?ndan kullan?lmas? tavsiye olunur! Crafted of high-quality, solid birch wood, the Play With Me Toddler Table and Chairs are built to stand up to year-after-year of art projects, tea parties, games and other children’s activities.
Our kids adore sitting at their special table, and we love having a children’s table for them and their friends to share. The Svan Play With Me Set is available for $200 directly from Svan or our affiliate Amazon. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, or any other social media outlet.
But, I have been pleasantly surprised by how much we have used the Svan Play With Me Table and Chairs Set. The set includes a beautiful bentwood table, three chairs for children, and a stool sturdy enough for Mom or Dad to join the fun. Luckily, with sets like the the Svan Play With Me Set you can achieve all three without compromise. We have the espresso color, which matches our furniture, and it’s also available in honey and natural. While called a toddler set, it easily accommodates my 5 year old, 3 year old and their friends.
The set wipes clean with wet cloth, but it has a glossy finish so it sometimes looks a bit grubby after my kids have eaten on it.

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