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Teach your child to pick out each of the colors by saying the name of the color as they pick up each Disney paint sample.
Polka Dots Always Trendy The popular pattern, polka dots, have seemingly been around forever. Little Maisha Kids Clothing Changing lives Presently kids clothing is making an impact on the runway and off  the runway.
Little Maisha: Childrens Clothing Changing Lives Producing childrens clothing that is adorable, ethically manufactured and remain socially aware has always been the number one mission for Treasure Box Kids. Have your kids learn some of the basics of the Spanish language with this printable Spanish color Names worksheet . Here you'll find printables for a variety of subjects, including shapes, colors, and numbers.
Sea Captain, Pilgrims, an orphan, evangelical minister, bigamist (alleged), Revolutionary War soldier, Confederate sympathizer, probation officer, teacher, accused witch…and that’s just on my father’s side! Family History brings the past to life and makes it relevant in a way that classes in school aren’t able to do. Knowing about our ancestors helps us keep things in perspective: Every family has people who have done well, done badly, lived through unimaginable tragedies, fought on the wrong side, sacrificed, struggled, and succeeded. Create a special album for kids who have family members they don’t see very often – grandparents, godparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. Let your child take photos of their room, house, school, sports fields, friends, pets, teddy bears – anyone, anything and anyplace they feel is significant in their life. Create a Family Tree: Consult your relatives to kick start this project and then utilize the many genealogy resources available.
Interview your grandparents: Create a list of questions or utilize one you found online and get in touch with them.
Migration Map: On a US or World map, trace the journeys of the different generations of your family as they traveled from their old countries to the US and then throughout the country. Digital Portrait Gallery: Scan family photos you borrow from your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and create a giant digital family photo album.
Cook an international family dinner with foods from the various countries your family came from.
Invite all of your family over for Sunday dinner and set up the video cameras to record the event – you will capture some great stories once everybody starts reminiscing. Search for photos in the collection of the Library of Congress for the cities and towns your family has lived. Search eBay for postcards of the places your ancestors lived, family diaries and photos and other memorabilia.
This is a treasure trove of exhibits and research material covering all facets of our local history. Let your kids imagine how their great grandparents and great-great grandparents lived at this museum. If your family isn’t buried locally, or even if they are, Forest Lawn is a beautiful place with a rich history.
Shop like your grandparents did in this historic, family run general store in East Aurora, NY.
Genesee Country Village has 47 meticulously restored original buildings dating from the 19th century, which you can visit for a day or more of connection with Western New York's past. Go to your local paint store or home depot and pick up colorful Disney paint samples with Mickey Mouse heads.

This inexpensive activity has a number of variations: write the name of the color on each Disney paint sample, mount paint samples on a poster board to create a color matching game, write letters on each paint sample to teach your child small words, or adding numbers to teach your child to count. Look through our archived blog posts for craft ideas, birthday party ideas, children’s clothing tips and kid’s activities.
The pattern has been spotted (no pun intended) as early as 1867 on Flamenco dancers, depicted in the paintings of Fredric Bazille and in the 1920’s collection of Carolina Ferrera. President and founder Carolyn Bailey has never been shy about her efforts to make her  company Treasure Box Kids a socially responsible platform. Since our inception we’ve made efforts to be a responsible company and give back as much as we can. Containing eight different colors, this color coordinated printable is free, so be sure to print it TODAY!
You'll also find many different tracing pages that will help your child learn to write their alphabet letters. People all over the country will be introducing kids to their histories and giving them the chance to become a part of something bigger. When young people begin researching their roots, they turn into detectives, treasure hunters and historians on the quest to ferret out their “missing” family members. Try to use close up photos of their faces so that your kids will feel more familiar with them during visits.
Take it a step further and include a copy of any photos you may have of the people who the item used to belong to. Get creative by asking relatives to mail postcards from their town or state and include them on the map.
Discuss headstone art work or epitaphs you see and explain how the people relate back to them. Give each picture a page in a scrapbook and encourage your child to write about each image. Ask a couple of questions to get them relaxed and soon they will be sharing their memories.
A great hands-on way to help them connect with the lives of their ancestors is by taking a field trip.
Most of us have been on it ourselves and if your family had immigrant ancestors in the area, chances are good they worked on it in some capacity. They can visit one room school houses, log homes, a pioneer chapel and other commercial and residential buildings. Sure, the merchandise might be a bit different, but it is not the Big Box Chain shopping experience our kids are most familiar with.
Village homes range from the simple pioneer log farm house to the elaborate Victorian mansion.
While an adult might hear an intolerant statement and brush it off, knowing that it is not indicative of your character or true beliefs, a child will internalize it and repeat it. If you notice something in a book or on TV that you think is intolerant or inappropriate, point it out and explain what you don’t like about it. The single most important thing that you need to do to ensure that your kids are tolerant and open-minded is to be that way yourself. Practice color and number recognition while working on his fine-motor skills with this worksheet, which challenges him to match colors with numbers, then color in a high-flying kite! Our website offers free worksheets that allow kids to recognize objects with the corresponding color.

The tracing pages can also be colored, as they feature an object that begins with the letter that is being traced. Along the way, they learn about the sacrifices, triumphs, determination, and quiet existence of the people who helped make them who they are today. Whether your family is crafty, digitally minded, exploration driven or a combination of all three, you will find something to kick start the re-discovery of your extended family. Keep the album near your bed time story spot so that you can say good night to everybody right before lights out. Alternately, your child could illustrate the pictures with art supplies and dictate to you what should be written. Capture your tour on video and treasure the experience for decades (and generations) to come.
Sometimes just googling your ancestor’s names will result in historical newspaper articles, obituaries, and other bits of fascinating information.
They will be delighted that you want to talk with them and flattered that you want to teach them something “high-tech”! Here are a few area places where your kids can learn about the places, times and events their ancestors would have been familiar with.
This is a great place to learn about all facets of the Erie Canal including its construction and the people who earned their living from it. Costumed interpreters are available to answer the questions of even the most curious child.
Parlors, kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms are filled with period furniture that brings you back to the 19th century.
These are good for single colors and kids can color in the pictures with the color listed on the worksheet. As you go along, talk about the people in the different family units and explain who they are in relation to you or your kids. By visiting the graves of ancestors your kids will understand the idea that families are connected through memories. Public libraries and historical societies are also fabulous places to discover information.
One way to hold younger kids’ attention is to give them the camera and ask them to photograph all the angels (lambs, crosses, mosuleums, etc.) they see. Print out this free color names worksheet today containing eight different colors and their names! Include your own pictures so you can all see who you look like and how each of you fit into the greater family. It will also suggest to them that when they experience death in the future they will still be connected to those they have loved. These are specifically designed to assist your child in learning their numbers, letters, colors, and shapes.

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