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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I am a Singaporean who uses the one of the Best Math curriculum in the world - Singapore Math (some call it Math In Focus) to coach my children at home. Adopting the Singapore Math curriculum and this teaching approach had proven to be effective for my kids.
As noted before, multiplication and division are opposites, or reverse (reversing) operations. There are times when you don't want to refer to a number, because it is very large like 6,303,589,102, or a decimal like 3.14159265358979323846264338. Because we use the decimal system, our culture tends to round (change) to the nearest appropriate number ending in zero - to ten, a hundred, a thousand etc. If the last digit is 4 or less, the complete number is rounded down to the nearest number ending in zero.

If the last digit is 5 or more, the complete number is rounded up to the nearest number ending in zero. In the examples we gave, 6,303,589,102 could be rounded to 6 trillion or 6.3 billion, depending on the degree of accuracy wanted.
Sometimes, often when doing sums at school, it is required to give a decimal number to a certain number of decimal places. The challenge comes about when the fractions given are of different numerators and denominators. I advocate the importance of making math concept visible and concrete in order to help children learn abstract concept easily.
Fraction wall is provided for children to visualize the different fraction sizes.Visualizing the different fraction sizes is important. Print and bring it along during traveling or waiting in restaurant.* Let your child learn at her own pace.

Most of my math worksheets include pictorial models to make math concept visible to the learning child. Here, the fifth decimal place (9), being bigger than 5, signals rounding up the fourth decimal place (5) to 6. It helps to lay a strong concept foundation for the child before he starts to learn about equivalent fraction.
Re-print any section if you need to reinforce any concept.* Saves you time in preparing lesson plan. Kids will learn to solve problems with the aid of pictorial models before working just on numeric terms.

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