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Whether your child is struggling in school or you want to teach your child to read before he or she starts kindergarten, you have an important goal.
In fact, did you know:You can teach any child to read if you use the right system, even if your child is younger than 3 or has been struggling in school for yearsThere is a direct link between your child's academic performance and early success as an adult. SRA's DISTAR is the most succesful beginning reading program available to schools across the country. My daughter is now a very good reader, and regularly gets positive comments from adults at how well she reads.
BTW I almost gave up on the book, because of the lengthy introduction, but don't give up. Learning to read early stimulates intellectual abilityVocabulary at age 3 predicts reading success in high school But if you're trying to teach your child how to read by using phonetics or memorizing word shapes, you're on the wrong track.

This is an affordable way to teach your child to read by learning how to easily decode word sounds.
Research has proven that children taught by the DISTAR method outperform their peers who receive instruction from other programs. We were not as diligent to teach her the alphabet at a young age, nor could she recognize simple words.
I got determined, I sat down, I read through it in one sitting and I have never looked back. A friend of ours was so impressed that she bought the book to help teach her 6 year old who goes to public school. You see, there's a huge difference between teaching your child to read by memorizing words and sounds and actually teaching them how to figure it out.

All said she is progressing using this book, and it is a book we will definitely be using for years to come (we have 5 children and our oldest is 5). The second way teaches kids how to how to decode words on the fly and they absolutely love it because it's like solving a puzzle that they can solve. Using this method, even a 2-year old can learn to read.Why?Because this method uses the word sounds that make up the human language. Since all of us are born with the ability to produce all these sounds, this method is Simple, Easy and It Works!

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