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The biggest challenge for everyone, even for teachers, is knowing how to go about making it fun so that children want to learn.
Best-selling author Pamela Druckerman, who is leading our first Stress-Less Parenting workshop, offered us three keys to building children’s patience from her new book, Bebe Day By Day.
It takes a lot of practice to build it up, so we can’t expect to see results immediately. French parents are just as traumatized by tantrums as American parents are … but I think they realize, rule number one, you don’t give in.
Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same. She challenged us to bake a cake with our kids as a fun way to put this week’s lesson into practice.

But stay persistent because it’s a skill that will save us and our children a lot of misery.
When Pamela visited our New York City offices earlier this month, she answered some of your biggest questions about building patience and handling tantrums and other problematic behavior.
Like so many parents before her, Julie’s mother relied on the local primary school to give her child a foundation in English. There’s that validation of yes, there’s a system here and it is going to work, and I will get the attention I need. I wish I had learned English like that when I was a kid.Ana Lucia Garcia Mendes, BrazilWe are both missing you a lot. I find them very useful and inspiring as much as the teaching e-book you offered me before.Helen (Olena) Khromykhina teaching in China, September 2014I have been using your games and the story book for several weeks now.

Practically every day when we get home from the kindergarten, he asks if we can play games and he means the English games. He was playing for all animals in turns and his favourite part of the story is the lion's hiccups. This should not stop you from teaching, but make sure people can understand you and that the words are recognizable. She managed to stay concentrated for more than half an hour, which is fantastic for a dyslexic.

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