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Develop some ideas for them to occupy themselves with while you’re on the phone or otherwise unavailable. When you need to make a call or have an important conversation with a visitor, head off trouble by saying you’re about to phone someone or have a conversation and estimate how long you expect to talk.
Reading is a great tool to teach manners.  Find several books on the subject then read them together. Welcome to an educational journey where your child's abilities are the building blocks to home learning. What I love most about education is that there is no right formula to teach or learn anything. You should be encouraged by this knowledge as a parent of a child with special needs because this means that you can be as creative as you want in order to meet your child’s needs.
When it comes to reading, you might think it may never be possible for your child to one day pick up a novel and read leisurely for hours. You cannot fully know the extent to which your child will be able to read; therefore, you cannot limit him – even if today you think it’s impossible. As an example, we’ll look at the concept of reading with regards to my son, who is both non-verbal and cognitively delayed. Just because your child cannot speak or read aloud, does not mean that he cannot learn to read.
Receive weekly actionable strategies for homeschooling or after-schooling your child with special needs. Joshua also talked about what parents can do if their child is being bullied and how adults can minimize and stop the prevalence of bullying in their communities. Joshua explained to me that confrontations do not need, and should not result in, a physical confrontation. Joshua was certified in Verbal Judo in 2012 and became their Pittsburgh Bully Expert and teaches at the Ryer Martial Arts Academy. The Counterpoint Tactical System was designed by Master Zach Whitson and at Ryer Academy the Verbal Judo has been embedded into their kids’ martial arts program. Joshua has seen kids become more empethethic, responsible, and confident after taking his classes. Walk around with great posture: neck on top of spine, chest out, shoulders relaxed, and eyes looking forward.
Shake hands assertively: maintain good posture, give a firm handshake, and maintain eye contact.

Know when it is time to make a move and having the confidence to carry through with your next step. You can visit the Pittsburgh Bully Expert where you can sign-up for a free online 30 day anti-bullying boot camp. The free Verbal Self Defense emails talks about how parents can stop bullying in their community.
School-aged children have a difficult time holding their thoughts for more than a few minutes. Keep a box full of puzzles, crayons, colorful markers or other quiet toys nearby that they can only use when you have to make a call. Ask them if they need anything before you make your call or have your conversation with your company.
Then, through intensive instruction that meets his learning style, you can get him to the next stage.
Receive FREE weekly actionable strategies for your child with special needs directly in your inbox, subscribe below. I believe your son may already be conscious words are written there and that these words have meaning. What intrigued me even more was the idea that a school that teaches breaking planks of wood would also be teaching how to use your words to diffuse a situation.
Let your kids know that you will stop what you are doing when they ask for your attention. Teach your child empathy. You can also access other resources from the Verbal Self Defense Team. If you are in Pittsburgh you can visit Ryer Academy or visit their website.
But putting these principles into practice is easier said than done, especially for a very verbal or high-energy kid. Indicate to her as best as you can that you’ll be with them as soon as possible and then stay true to your word. Set snacks and drinks on an accessible level so they don’t have to interrupt you for help. Then do your best to adhere to that time schedule, and excuse yourself from the conversation long enough to check on them. However, this does not mean that literacy is to be completely scratched off your lesson plans.

These behaviors demonstrate critically important skills that are required to get him to the next stage. Meet your child where he’s at, plan the activities accordingly and you before you know it, you will find yourself checking-off the acquired skills on the list! I have done many of those types of activities over time, where he selects a text card, but I usually have an image on there, so I was probably assuming he was relating to the image. Joshua was offering these classes in a homeschool group for something called “Verbal Self Defense” at his martial arts school. The pledge is that you will help a person defend themselves if they see someone being bullied.
LJSkool was born out of my boys teaching me, a former software developer, that one size does not fit all.
That’s why now is a good time to revisit some basic lessons about good manners and teaching your child to wait their turn to speak. Instead, you have an obligation to expose your child to the experiences that are necessary for his life-long success.
After learning about these Verbal Self Defense techniques I think that’s something I can do!
It’s through this exposure that doors open, the mind expands, and brain connections are made.
Yet Joshua Ryer told me that he teaches kids how to prevent bullying and the best way to respond if they are being bullied. He remembers watching police officers who had been on the force for more than 20 years diffuse serious situations with only their words.
It isn’t that you anticipate these things happening, you simply want them to know what to do if it should happen.

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