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Child development and education is important as a basis of child growth from human  development. Being able to provide a good early childhood education for child development and education is a major investment for early child development. Good educational system should involve all the stakeholders, both parents, society and government. The key to healthy child development is how much time is spent between parent and the child. So child development is effect of physical maturity and the influence of family culture, socio-economic family. Posts related to Child Development and Education Early Child LearningOne of important target in early child learning is to develop early learning habits to children.
If a baby has not started walking by fifteen to eighteen months, he or she should be taken to the pediatrician for an evaluation. All babies will need a pair of shoes for when they go outside or on errands with their caregiver. How many times have you been in the middle of a conversation with an adult, spouse or even another child and your child interrupt you? Children have a tendency to act nervous, fidget, or have a nervous tick when talking to an adult. TEACHING CHILDREN MANNERS EBOOKGet your copy of Sienna Wildwood's Teaching Children Manners - Manners Do Matter eBook.
With over 60 pages of plain common sense ideas on teaching children manners, this little eBook if full of much encouragement. GIVE YOUR CHILD THE GIFT OF A HEAD START IN LIFEWill you leave your child's future up to chance, or will you choose the path of success for a bright, successful future for your child?
QWIRKLE- playable from early ages up, helps chldren develop and hon spacial recognition, planning, and problem solving skills. Teach Defiant or Difficult Child Better BehaviourIs your child is among the 15% of children who have ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or defiant child behavior?
THE SMART PARENTING GUIDEUse all the information this guide contains to nurture and build your child into a successful and happy individual. The  future success of the child is also determined on how we stimulate and help the child development in an early age.  Good child development should be followed by a good early childhood education.
Stimulate children with learning and social interaction, both inside and outside the house  will help children to develop the ability they need in learning new ideas and learning more complex things later. Teaching and learning are best achieved through the involvement of all stakeholders, so that the learning process will either bring out the change of child positive behavior both at school, home and society.

There are four general parenting ways, they are authoritarian, permissive, neglectful and authoritative. More time child spent with the parent, the healthier teenager and adult they are in development compared to child that lacks of time together with the parent.
Early childhood education requires healthy families and societies so that child get a good experience both in the family and in society. The sooner you start to develop early learning procedures to your child, then easier for them to be excel in school. Eventually babies will learn to stand from a seated position without having something to hold on to. If the child is in a warm environment and it is free from sharp hazards on the floor, they will learn to walk easier free of shoes. We grab their attention with facial expressions, our words and just being plain ole’ silly!
It has happened to all of us at some point and it is something that should not be tolerated.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. So the process of child growth is not separated from  how we provide a good and proper early childhood education. It will create a good individual concept and teach self confident, include being a fighter personal who not easily give up.
The school provides continuous opportunities for student’s success to see that the child is a unique individual. Research shows that children learn more easily with parents whose parenting is gently compared with parents whose firmly in parenting.
So family and society play important role in the success of child development and education. The factors that help decide when a baby will start walking are the baby’s genes and his or her personality. It has been proven that the more you talk to your child as a baby the more they are apt to learn to say at an early age. In order for your child to be a good conversationalist he should understand when it is appropriate to interject a conversation.  Keeping a child from interrupting is impossible, but teaching them how to do it appropriately is key.
Brain is important to process the things related to depression, violence, and social behavior. Child Education CoursesDo you have a good knowledge and skill about early child education courses?

Personality characteristics which help determine when a baby will walk are the baby’s sense of adventure, activity level and their sense of fear.
When a child is in a hurry to reach something, or someone, he or she may revert back to crawling.
For slippery surfaces or homes which are drafty, babies can be outfitted with a pair of socks that have non-skid or rubber soles. Not any that I am aware of, so let us teach them real words that will help them develop a real vocabulary.
Children who consume enough milk will develop their brains better than children who less consume it.
If no then child education courses will help parents to understand their child in particular and more in general. Helping them understand the importance of their words can turn a child into a successful adult. It may seem weird telling your baby that you are folding the laundry and the colors of the socks, but if he is watching you intently he is hanging on to your every word.
More often than not, it is not so important that it cannot wait until the end of the conversation. That great job hangs on the hopes of an interview and that interview must contain great conversation and eye contact. The more vast your vocabulary the more apt your child will be expressing big words early, and using them correctly.
Kids have a way of making things seem like the end of the world is near, so teach them patience. Getting down on your knees to the child’s level when talking to them makes them understand you mean business.
Benefit of Early Childhood EducationAbundance of benefit of early childhood education will help children.
He may not use it then, but one day when he is repeating colors you will look back at those sock folding days and think it was not for nothing! Meaning as parents we should understand that early childhood education is very important so that there is no other consideration whether children really need it or not.

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