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What is the new generation of mothers thinking allowing their kids to go to school without being toilet trained? Actually I started this with flashcards - all the rage at the time - as soon as she said her first word. Then there is the fashion aspect - and thatA  matters to kids of all ages and all backgrounds. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
MPs broke cover for the first time to insist that Mr Clegg must go - with Vince Cable being tipped as his most likely successor. I certainly cannot tolerate any of these rudeness in kids and cannot imagine how they will turn out when they become adults and parents. If you are a teacher with a class of students, and a parent and her child open the door and quietly join in the class without acknowledging you, how do you feel? This entry was posted in Learning for kids, Mummy Diaries, Parenting issues and tagged Chinese, Courtesy, learning, Motherhood, Parenting issues, Respect, Singapore, values. There’s definitely a number of differences in protocol here between the traditional Chinese way and what we feel is polite.
Wow, greeting everyone elder at the dinner table is really difficult, and (ashamedly) I also can’t do it. I am all for manners in children and I think it is now when they learn for the rest of their lives…so why do so many people make excuses for then when they are young? No matter how much or how little we have, everyone wrestles with this issue (adults included).
Wants:  Bat Cave, Cookies, Soccer Foosball Table, Lightning McQueen Toy, Golden Key?, Pizza, Veggie Tales movie, Waterpik Flosser, Blocks.
I decided that I should give this a shot too…it would be good for my perspective as well! I love your posts you have given me so many ideas and encouragement as a stay at home mum of 2. This will make an excellent group activity (more curriculum coverage) in the classroom which will stimulate conversation.
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Schoolteachers complain that they can't even get round to basics - no doubt they mean fingerpainting, not the ABC - for having to change nappies all day. We had fun together and now she is grown up we still speak on the phone several times a day so presumably there is no resentment there.It all stemmed from wanting to introduce her to a wonderful world so she could make the best of her one life.
A party frock, a pair of slimline jeans, well they just don't look the same if they are bulked out with clumsy sanitary wear. We learned it from our mothers and many of them did not have our educational advantages so its not a privilege thing. Kel and I always make an effort to see our guests out of the door and thank them for coming.
Now, some people may think that’s alright and they are trying to minimize disturbance to the on-going lesson. Once they reach the defiant teens age, it will be difficult to start teaching manners and respectful behaviour.
With my kids having to move from one protocol to another the details get confusing, so I try to emphasise showing thoughtfulness and good intention. But in the long run the most important thing is that everyone works to get along, so I guess more head-banging for me it is .
Bad manners tend to be more immediately self-reinforcing so it is a slow struggle until they can come to understand a broader and more long-term view.

It is harder to teach manners but boy does it pay off when they are older, I get so many compliments from friends when the boys stay over at their place and that makes me very proud- keep going! It is our duty as parents to instill these mannerisms to our kids…else how will they know.
Me too emphasizing this culture in my family especially for my two boys 9 and 2.5 years old. The issue of need and wants is just beginning present itself in our home so found this article timely. The more we can teach our children about what is realistic in life the better off they will be. If you wish to share any posts or photographs from this site on your blog or website, you may use one picture with a link to the original post. Apparently the new variety of disposables is so comfortably porous that the kids themselves see no reason to be trained.
There is no end to the things a child can achieve if challenged and they end up happier too. I know if I had turned up at my mother's house with an incontinent kid of school age my mother would have taken it upon herself to have her trained in no time and she wouldn't have spared me a tongue - lashing all of my own for neglecting my parental duties.
What do you make out of a kid who never greets you nor say goodbye when you leave his house? The youngest will have to call out one round of Chinese Bon Appetit to those elder than him. But for me, even if I have to disrupt the class, I have to greet and apologize to the teacher for being late. True that showing thoughtfulness and good intention is the equivalent of courtesy and respectful behaviour. Sometimes I do wonder how much is parental teaching, how much is normal development you just have to be patient with, and how much is genetics, but I guess you have to do your best and hope the other stuff falls into place! Now a days such things are diminishing and I find it disrespectful and offending when parents overlook such important things. Your passion for teaching your children is beautiful and I thank you for sharing a little of it with me. Sometimes as adults we need to take a second look and make sure we are on the right path as well. Put that way, presumably they would blithely go on forever changing their own nappies as soon as they got old enough rather than learn a bit of self discipline.In my day we couldn't get the kids to master the basic human skill of using the bathroom properly soon enough, not just for their convenience but for our own as well.
We knew that because she held her hands out for her woolly mittens as soon as we put her coat on.
Then there were the domestic science lessons we had to attend at school,A  even though in my generation we were trying our best to avoid the label housewife. It hits me hard when I still see my kids displaying rude behaviour after many years of teaching. XX, being our first born has to call her elder female cousins as ?? (Chinese greeting of elder female cousin. Young toddlers have no sense of whatsoever acceptable behaviour, but even then, though we are talking to walls, it’s still important to teach them from young. Gladly I have been practicing most your practices but must improve on the salutations to relatives, not an easy tasks ha ha. We wouldn't have wanted strangers, even if they were teachers, to get so intimately involved in our business.
I was dragged kicking and screaming to cookery and sewing but even so I can bake a cake, make a frock and take care of a child.
But I am determined to continue correcting and teaching them till these values are deeply rooted into them. In Chinese, we call out specific proper hierarchical names depending on paternal or maternal side of relatives.

When the kids come back home from school, they have to go to the rooms to find their father and me to greet us. My prayers is that my boys will show respects and keep Chinese culture and values and pass down to next generations. When they would ask for things growing up we would always respond with a question of was it a need or was it a want. The tragedy is that mothers who don't are failing not onlyA  their own offspring but the rest of the class who don't want to waste time on things they have already mastered. It only took once for me to accept this and it was then difficult to revert to calling out individually after that.
Recently, in Singapore, we are trying to be a gracious society by clearing the table ourselves.
The responsibility of bringing up respectful and courteous children lies greatly on the parents.
Although my elder boy claimed himself as English boy when he was 5 years old, cos he could not speak Chinese much at that time and because he thought he has a English cousin making him convince that he is a English boy, faint..lol! You can't concentrate on anything else unless you are physically comfortable and even with the new state-of-the art permanently dry nappies, I bet a nice clean pair of snug pants feels much better. But recently I had told them sternly that they shall be calling each name no matter how many people there are. Let’s continue patiently reminding them of the respect actions they should have as a life style. My oldest son is 23 and a few weeks ago he stopped by to share a story about being at the mall and getting ready to make some purchases. Everyone would have a much better time if they introduced a routine and proper expectations to their family - and as a bonus for society as a wholeA  there would be a knock-on effect of much better behaviour later. Then he had to call his 3 elder female cousins as ???, ???, ??? (Chinese names of First cousin, Second cousin, Third cousin). When it is only our own family, I insisted XX to say Bon Appetit to her brother YH since he is the youngest at the table and no one to say to him.
So, it would be a good opportunity to teach my kids to show respect to people doing a service for us. He said he could hear me in the back of his mind asking him if he needed the items or did he just want them.
We shared a good laugh and he hugged me and thanked me for helping show him what was best and important in life.
The elder siblings or cousins are allowed to call the younger siblings’ by their given names but not the other way round. I want my kids to learn respect and courtesy and it is best to learn it at the dining table. So when one of my nieces does not address my kids by the proper name, I will teach her to and remind her constantly.
Even if the parent forgets or thinks it’s ok to let her child be, I will still teach her child to address my kids properly and not by their names.
If my kids practise a respectful greeting, they should deserve to receive the same respect from younger cousins. We have to grasp Asian values and pass down to our young or else these values will be fast eroded with Western influence which usually emphasizes more on equality than hierarchy.

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