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Back when we were both teaching, we dreamed of a website that would make lesson planning easier. March 18, 2014 by Angela Thayer 4 Comments Chants, songs, and rhymes are so much fun for preschoolers! And if you want to take a peek into our home, then you can watch us doing one of the chants!
Today we are sharing a few ideas that we’ve found to help teach our youngest learners shapes.

This is a very real-life video…it is not perfect and we mess up a few words in the end, but you can get the gist on how we did the chant using the foam bunnies. Attainment of goals will require ongoing planning and monitoring of the stated goals.Like any skill, the skill needs to be modeled and then demonstrated.
With our adorable Mother's Day Superhero craft, kids create a cape for the special woman in their lives! Simply have your class write about their supermoms in our adorable View on Facebook·ShareThe Classroom Creative 3 weeks ago This adorable Mother's Day Apron Craft and writing activity is our top seller for Mother's Day!

View on Facebook·ShareThe Classroom Creative 3 weeks ago I created this Secret Agent Mother's Day craft and writing activity with my friends who foster children in mind. View on Facebook·ShareThe Classroom Creative 1 month ago Keep your students hard at work on their literacy skills with our NO PREP Spring Poem of the Week Unit.

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