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The plan was to get him from Point A to Point B, but, as puppies often do, Liam had other ideas.
He made a beeline off the hard floor in Old Orchard Elementary School classroom last week, hustling back to a section of carpet and his blanket as students laughed and scrambled to catch him.
Teacher Jean Keating, who also heads up the Lucas County Pit Crew, brings her now 9-week-old foster puppy to school each day. Liam was surrendered April 19 to the Lucas County Canine Care and Control because he could not walk. With help getting into position, Liam could stand but couldn’t walk more than a few awkward steps before face-planting. The children are understandably enthralled by their four-legged classmate, and are taking full advantage of the opportunity while it lasts. Home / Behavior / Dog Teaching Puppy to go Down Stairs!Dog Teaching Puppy to go Down Stairs!
Partners in CrimeOtis, the Lab, and William, the baby, just LOVE the world’s most annoying dog toy. Made by Lab lovers, especially for Lab lovers :) The Labrador Fan Club is a community where you can find various information, tips, photos and other news about the Labrador Retriever.
A new ad campaign from the International Fund for Animal Welfare features rendered images of cross-sectioned endangered animals on the beds of 3D printers, being printed out, layer by layer.
Contrary to popular belief, product managers aren’t just the employees who somehow get things done. Thing is, Xeni, you have an outlet to hundreds or thousands of people and some of them quite influential. I don’t like it either, but consider that maybe the original video was encoded with the pillarboxing. The vertical format is not nearly as distressing as the fact that even in cute and touching puppy videos, you can’t read 3 youtube comments without someone calling someone else a f*g.

It brings to mind how much of what we think of as exclusive to humans is just par for the course for a lot of other animals as well.
Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links. Instead, the pups try to pull themselves around by making swimming motions with their front legs. Keating and a few groups of students have been working with Liam each day, helping him build muscle and stamina through physical therapy while they learn lessons in biology, math, general science, and other subjects.
Old Orchard Elementary School teacher Jean Keating uses Liam, a 9-week-old foster puppy, to supplement her students in learning in many subjects.
While he still prefers the carpeted area, he’s now able to stand up and walk on the more slippery surface. West noted Liam could develop other symptoms as he grows, but his overall prognosis is very good.
Mom has hidden the toy, but Otis and William locate it… So, they team up to get it out of the drawer!
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Of course they should remove the black rectangles and allow the page designer to decide how to fit it into the page. Now if only the youtube app on my phone would display it to its fullest, instead of including the black bars at the sides. Email * Okay, here it is folks, my official favorite cute and cuddly YouTube find of the day."Puppy Teaching Puppy To Go Down Stairs" or "Dog Teaces Puppy" as reddit named it, is so adorable, you'll find yourself needing to watch it again and share it with all of your friends. Brooke West of West Toledo Animal Hospital said the pup’s condition may have been caused by a neurological issue, improper formation of muscle, a nutritional problem, or some other factor.
She holds him in a plastic tub of water and he instinctively paddles, working his leg muscles with the correct gait.

If a comment violates these standards or our privacy statement or visitor's agreement, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report abuse. They’re all busily feeding and you can hear the little squeak sounds they make at this tender age! The perfect Facebook video post on a lazy Friday afternoon is this one, which features a 6-month-old lab mix rescue pup which is going about the task of teaching an 8-week-old foster pup from the Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue in Winnipeg, Canada, to go down the stairs. Maybe if I take this chance to say something a dialog will start that could lead to a change. It seems the little pup shimmied her way up the stairs quite confidently, but once she got there she had no idea how to make her way back down.This is when the older and wiser rescue pup comes to the rescue.
We now have vertical video showing up with some regularity and youtube has not made an effort to accommodate. Heading to the top of the stairs, though older pup as if really intent on instruction takes a very slow step downward, darting his eyes all the time between the stairs and his pupil as if to say, "See how it's done?"The pup, encouraged by the quick lesson, manages to get her front paws down the first stair but then, when left by her teacher begins to whimper and soon retreats back to the top of the stairs.At this point, the older puppy teaching the younger puppy seems slightly exasperated and runs up behind the young pup and somewhat grabs it by the scruff of its neck in attempt to nudge it towards success.
The younger pup runs down the hall and while the older chases after letting her know the lesson is not over.At this point Simon head to the stairs for one last attempt at teaching the puppy how to make her way down the stairs and this time around. Find out where the Agent of the Nine set up shop and what exotic gear Xur is offering to the Destiny community this weekend. Find out what little we know about Destiny: Rise Of Iron, the new Destiny expansion expected to debut later this year.

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