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The Terrible Two will soon be available in over 20 languages, if you prefer not reading English (in which case, thank you for making an exception for this sentence).
For the last few months, we’ve been on the road, crisscrossing America, attending large conferences and chatting with booksellers, librarians, teachers, parents, and children. So keep a watchful eye on the events section of this website for the chance to take the prankster’s oath with us sometime very soon. Nous aimerions tous que nos apprentissages se fassent dans la facilité, le confort et le plaisir.

Un des moyens les plus efficaces est de vivre des moments agréables avec votre enfant. Their pranks bring joy to their classmates and embarrassment to their nemesis: blowhard Principal Barkin.
And for us, sussing out whether somebody is willing to take an oath generally goes in one of two directions. But with thousands upon thousands of people at a large conference, somebody’s going to be sick.

The new principal (who is also named Principal Barkin) runs the school with an iron fist, out to destroy all signs of fun. Les chansons et des imagiers peuvent aussi être de bons moyens pour stimuler le langage.

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