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TopWare Interactive et Reality Pump comptent faire revenir leur licence de RPG sous les feux de la rampe puisque les deux studios viennent d'annoncer qu'ils allaient consacrer les 36 prochains mois au developpement de Two Worlds III.
En attendant, les deux studios n'avaient pas que cela a annoncer, car ils ont profite de leur intervention pour declarer que Two Worlds II allait de son cote recevoir cette annee une mise a jour majeure de son moteur, ainsi que huit nouvelles cartes pour le multijoueur et deux nouveaux DLC pour le solo : Call of the Tenebrae et Shattered Embrace. Si aucun detail n'a ete donne concernant Shattered Embrace, TopWare et Reality Pump ont neanmoins precise que Call of the Tenebrae sortira a la fin du deuxieme trimestre 2016 et se concentrera sur le retour des heros a Antaloor, ou ils seront temoins du meurtre de DarPha par une tribu - jusqu'alors jamais vue - de creatures ressemblant a des rats et s'appelant "Les Elus". Pour en revenir au nouveau moteur de Two Worlds II, qui devrait donc etre mis a disposition a temps pour les nouveaux DLC, il faut savoir que celui-ci ne sera disponible que sur PC, Linux et Steam OS.
TopWare Interactive et Reality Pump ont mis a disposition une petite serie d'images montrant a quoi nous attendre du cote des ameliorations graphiques a venir sur Two Worlds II. Ma courbe se dessine petit A  petit, et j'avoue que je suis impatiente d'avoir la courbe totale pour pouvoir savoir si elle est normale. So, here’s our list of pinnacle wedding disaster events and how to avoid them at all costs. Right from our Ask Wedding Planning website, we have our last nightmare feature and preventative advice. If you know one of your guests is likely to start snogging people once she’s been in her cups, give her a job to do.
Not the biggest deal in the world — but if it bothers you, maybe you can have some purse shoes on hand. Laugh it off, then put on a song that everyone knows and loves, and get the whole crowd to sing along. At least she had the decency to go pass out discreetly instead of sitting slumped in her chair at the table of honor. Beer goggles shouldn’t prevent him from noticing the large, hulking boyfriend glaring as he attempts to hit on his lady. Feeling like they’ve earned a night of drunken debauchery after being so responsible for so long.
They do know that getting blackout drunk means they won’t remember anything the next day, right? You can participate, too, by answering questions in our Q&A forum! You could even win prizes by answering our Question of the Week. But one of our favorite things to talk about when it comes to bridesmaid dresses is how easy it is for them to go wrong. Unless you’re getting married in Disneyland, or using a Disney theme, these dresses a bit over the top. According to fashion expert Tim Gunn, the right silhouette, proportion, and fit are essential aspects of any outfit. And one other thing you should never use… Have you ever seen The Incredibles, with that wonderful superhero fashion designer Edna Mode? Unless you’re Scarlett O’ Hara, do yourself a favor and leave the curtains on the window! What’s even weirder is…why does is she wearing this hot mess, while the bridesmaid in the background is wearing olive green all over? Treat your bridesmaids like the women they are. Save the bows, poofy sleeves, and fluffy hairpieces for the flower girl. Keep it classy. Remain highly suspicious of rhinestones, glitter, low hem- and necklines, high slits, and tons of makeup. Neatness and good construction can make just about any dress look better, even if the design is lacking. Readers on Ask Wedding Planning have been gabbing about cakes since we started our Q&A forum. We’re going to pick up on that last question today by taking a look at the hazards of doing-it-yourself.
Here we have Deb’s analysis of what exactly went wrong with these cakes, plus some tips for how she would do it instead. I assume that the decorator was going for a flowing ribbon look, however, as you can see, the final product just looks messy. Started with a pretty standard floral design, ended with same greenish-brown hue of goose crap. Deb says:  Perhaps the couple was going for a camping theme with flowers artfully scattered on the ground.
Now, the previous cake did have contrasting colors, but the colors chosen were a bit juvenile. An elegant, easy topper for this cake could be made from additional strips of fondant arranged in a bow.
Deb says:  All they needed to do was to cut the chocolate strips to exactly the height of the cake layers, to allow the strawberries to take center stage. If you’re going to make a castle tower, you have to do it right, otherwise it just looks like a pointy penis. Avril Lavigne avait provoque l’inquietude de ses fans il y a quelques mois en allant jusqu’a leur demander de prier pour elle alors qu’elle connaissait des problemes de sante.
D’habitude discrete dans les medias, Avril Lavigne avait inquiete ses fans en publiant un message enigmatique sur les reseaux sociaux il y a quelques mois : « Je me sens mal parce que je n’ai pas ete capable de dire quoi que ce soit a mes fans pour leur expliquer la raison de mon absence.

Ce titre n'en est pour le moment qu'a l'etape de concept mais de plus amples details le concernant devraient prochainement nous tomber sur le coin du nez. Au passage, ces images ont en plus la bonne idee de nous donner un premier apercu de Call of the Tenebrae, que l'on devrait donc decouvrir, avec le lifting de Two Worlds II, d'ici trois petits mois. Oui clairement XD Je sais pas pourquoi dans ma tete j'ai fait 24 mois, ok 1 an, plus 12, un an et demi. Whether you’ve been the victim of one or an innocent bystander, Penny & Mary thinks that everyone should have a bout of knowledge with them before approaching such an event. Late vendors and guests can kill the bride and grooms spirit and leave them desperately rushing to finish the ceremony before another couple kicks  them out. Coffeemakers, lights and music all suck a huge amount of energy from electricity, so make sure you talk to the nearby electrician about maximum conservation. Make sure your food is fresh for your guests to eat (no flies or crusted edges please!) then make sure you’re taking your weather into consideration.
Learn some tips from couples and wedding experts for what to do when your guests start crooning impromptu karaoke, spilling drinks all over the bride’s gown, and poking their fingers into the wedding cake. According to Pop Trigger, there are actually 14 different types of drunk wedding guests that you’re likely to see. If you’re going to have to deal with sloshed relatives anyway, you might as well hope for ones that can keep their cool. If you want to be considerate, have water and B-vitamins on hand to reduce the chances of a massive hangover. The responsibility will keep her busy enough that she won’t have time either to drink or to smooch. I know you don’t want to think about food again after reading about chicken chunks — but seriously! These guys are tireless party-holics who won’t let a little vomit on their shoes stop them from dancing the night away.
Maybe one dude will try to drink them all himself, but hopefully the other guests will glare at him until he puts them back.
But if the other guests are losing their lunches all over the floor… she might want to reconsider.
Her drunken antics will no longer be the center of attention, and you’ll get that great feeling of everyone sharing a moment. But of all the days they had to pick to go three sheets to the wind, what gives them the right to trash your wedding day?
You made sure it would be entertaining enough for yourself, your partner, and all of your guests. Channel their enthusiasm into the activity of your choosing. Not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but isn’t the point of having hideous bridesmaid dresses so that the bride gets all the attention?
This looks great on little girls (like the one in this photo!), but on women, it just looks outdated.
They don’t look good on the back of the dress, on the butt, on the bottom, on the sleeves, and rarely on the bodice.
The main issue with the bridesmaid dress here (design issues aside) is that it doesn’t fit the woman wearing it. Its length (or lack thereof), the rhinestones, the inexplicably voluminous side ruffles, and the snowflake headdress make me dread winter more than Game of Thrones ever could. The icing needs to be soft enough to spread easily, but not so soft that it starts oozing off the cake! If your design idea is too ambitious for your artistic abilities, go to a cake decorating supply store to get the appropriate molds.
To fix this design, keep the natural flowers and baby’s breath, but place them on a smooth, ivory-colored icing base. You want your guests to appreciate the beauty of the design, not be scratching their heads wondering what you were thinking. La chanteuse est revenue sur cet episode pour le magazine People, revelant avoir redoute le pire. Moi c'est A  la bonne franquette, dans un bol, et chacun le met sur son petit bout de pain ! Quant a ce que permettra ce nouveau moteur, il s'agira de graphismes plus detailles, d'une interface utilisateur en HD, de l'ajout de succes dans le jeu, du multi en cooperation et de nombreuses nouvelles fonctionnalites et ameliorations. Mais oui je suis effectivement bien claque, a peine un jour ferie et j'ai deja perdu le rythme de me lever le matin >.
J'ai aussi pu noter les tiraillements dans le bas-ventre que j'ai eu aujourd'hui et hier (le petit 10 orange). Even if you’re a guest, reading this article and sharing it with your bride may be extremely helpful.
So once we’ve identified the different kinds of drunkenness, we can figure out what to do about them.
Then, instead of needing to be scolded, she can be praised and thanked for being so useful.
It’s too depressing, and it sets a bad tone for the marriage we’re trying to focus on!

Get that person to listen for a bit, make your guest feel understood and appreciated, and then pull your redirecting magic again. Shedding a deluge of bitter tears, though, is something he really ought to save for his next therapy session. Offer your guest a safe space to vent and unwind, and let him decide if he wants to rejoin the party or go home. If they still aren’t satisfied, and they need increasingly extreme activities to keep them entertained, remind them that they can plan a fun night out for themselves anytime. We have here not only ten crazy outfits you’ll love to hate, but also a few simple tips to keep bridesmaid dresses classy and cute at your own wedding. Watch where the dresses poof, and consider whether that’s really the area you want to accentuate.
It looks tighter than a corset, and her breasts are liable to explode out of her bodice with the twang of a button popping off an ill-fitting shirt. Your bridesmaids have different body types!
Impeccable ironing and tailoring that comes together in a dizzying combination of colors, patterns, and styles. She’s baked wedding cakes for herself and many of her friends, earning herself a reputation for style, quality, and good taste. Good thing, too, because this cake looks like someone rolled it around in the dirt before putting it back on the serving plate. For those DIY-ers, keep the fondant ribbons neat and pressed up against the bottom and sides of the cake.
It looks like the bride is holding a deer crossing sign, which she just used to knock the groom unconscious, and the groom is slumped against her with a bird feeder in his lap and a deer in his face. Now, I’m sure a bacon cake could be done, for the true aficionados out there, but this is not the way to do it.
Roll out your fondant and use a ruler and a pizza cutter to create straight, uniform strips. To make this design less chaotic-looking, the vegetables could have been served in bowls on the side.
Je ne me sens pas bien, j’ai des problemes de sante, priez pour moi » avait demande la chanteuse canadienne.Depuis ce tweet, les medias americains se sont acharnes a decouvrir ce qu’il avait bien pu arriver a l’interprete de Complicated. After all, everyone needs a helping hand when a ceremony of love just seems like it can’t go right. Tell your friends to arrive at 1pm instead of 2pm, and give them that extra hour to fix makeup mishaps or spilled drinks on garments. If you’re holding your wedding at an outdoor venue, make sure to prep in time for the threat of flies and insects. Talk with your caterer about spoilage atmospheres and what you can do to keep your entrees fresh and wonderful. That way, you have an alternative to toe-crushing fancy shoes, and you also have a polite way to insist that people don’t go around barefoot.
She still gets to dance, and her partner can make sure she doesn’t knock anything over or scar the children for life with her twerking. There’s the hot pink skirt, the rainbow petticoat, the dalmatian sweater, long white gloves, a little pink veil, and a giant bow on the back. Then use a toothpick and a ruler to mark where you want the fondant to go before you carefully place the strips on the cake. Then small bunches of fresh herbs or lettuces could have been placed on the sushi base, one or three per tier. Some guests may have a hidden fear of these four legged insects and scream when they catch sight of it.
How is it that this outfit breaks every fashion rule known to womankind, and yet she still looks kind of fabulous, in a weird way?
Et elle est revenue sur cet episode difficile : « Je pouvais a peine manger, quand tout le monde est alle a la piscine, j'ai du partir me reposer dans mon lit. Fire and light keeps insects away from your wedding, so try featuring lanterns, a safe distance away, from your guests and ceremony.
Mes amis m'ont demande ce qui n'allait pas et je ne savais pas quoi leur repondre » explique-t-elle. Il a fallu plusieurs mois a ses medecins pour enfin comprendre ce qu’il arrivait a la jeune femme. Parfois, je ne pouvais pas me doucher pendant toute une semaine parce que je tenais a peine debout.
C'est comme si la vie etait peu a peu aspiree hors de moi » raconte celle qui semble donc avoir vecu un veritable enfer. Elle a d’ailleurs tenu a remercier ses fans qui n’ont jamais cesse de la soutenir pendant cette periode difficile : « Comme ils n'avaient plus de nouvelles, ils ont commence a s'inquieter et a me poser des questions.

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