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If you recall, we had a few practice potty days several months ago, but the timing was not right… for me or for Holden. I’ve been avoiding doing the Potty Training Bootcamp for multiple reasons, mostly not having time and having my bathrooms being renovated.
Last month, Target had a sale on a dress-up-Anna costume and doll, so I bought it, excitedly envisioning surprising Holden with the dress, perfectly braiding her hair and taking my eternally grateful, happy little two-year-old to her first live performance of her favorite story.
Holden sat in my lap with her arms around my neck for the entire second half, but she seemed to love it. Now, Holdy wasn’t so sure about the whole crab business when it actually came down to it. He would hang out in his little tent, and was pretty happy unless he got too hot or his sister kicked sand in his face. One of my favorite memories of going to the beach when I was younger was playing with glowsticks on the beach when the sun went down.
One night, we took a trip over to the amusement park for Holden’s first taste of some non-quarter-at-Target rides. I think it’s going to be great to provide her some real structure and to be around other kids. She ran into the room, said hi to the kids, gave and accepted several hugs, and then joined the crowd and literally never looked back. I didn’t get a call all day telling me to come back and get her out of there so I figured we were good to go.

I decided our new tradition is going to be ice cream on the first day of school, so I went ahead and got that started today. I’m envisioning that this will likely be the first in a series of posts on what I can only anticipate is going to be a very *interesting* trip to the beach. Speaking of tantrums, today has been one long day of cranky behavior, hour-long screaming tantrums and various poop incidents. But until the business catches up to the party, I guess we’ll just keep rocking that mullet. Ask her to use an indoor voice – If you want to feel absolutely invisible, ask a hysterical, screaming, hiccuping toddler to use her indoor voice.
When your toddler starts screeching up a storm, turn on some music and suggest he sing or join you in a sing-along.
So, again, these ideas all sound well and good but… seriously, when Holden gets worked up, it seems like pretty much all I can do is put her in a safe place to let her scream through it. When she finally calms down, we talk about how it isn’t nice or effective to scream and how she should use her inside voice and apologize for screaming, etc. My hometown puts on a pretty fun event for Independence Day at our Atlantic League baseball stadium. I’ll preface by saying Holden has been getting her two-year molars, had a fever the day before and I was keeping her up about an hour and a half past her bedtime. Hit Me Up!I want to hear from you, EVEN if you want to yell at me, and ESPECIALLY if you want to give me money.
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In my experience, the most important factor in contributing to a well-behaved toddler is consistency. But for the past couple weeks, she’s been announcing it immediately and wanting it OUT. Holdy especially had a wonderful time and it was great to watch her experience so many things for the first time.

She’ll be going three days a week while my parents continue to watch Gatsby full-time. In fact, the teachers told me they think she’s the only kid to never cry on their first day. She’s exploring the power of her voice, and experimenting with what she can do with it. That may catch his attention and may make him curious enough to listen (and hopefully quiet down so he can hear). Think bounce houses, carousel, playground, live music, concessions and, of course, fireworks. It’s going to be a naked-toddler-butt-setting-a-timer-and-sitting-on-the-potty-every-15-minutes-getting-a-sticker-doing-a-dance pee and poop extravaganza. Holden has never been to a movie or live show before, so I wasn’t sure how it would go.
She did apparently cry for her mommy a couple of times (is it bad that hearing that made me feel a little good?). Please check your email, click the link to verify your address, and then submit your comment. If you can't find this email, access your profile editor to re-send the confirmation email. If I put her in her room, she beats on the door like the zombies in the Thriller video while calling out my name.
Today I literally let her scream in my face for 15 minutes while I drank my coffee without even acknowledging her or saying a word.

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