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Before you buy a puppy you must understand some basic training steps in order for your puppy to be well behaved from the day you bring him into your home.
By the time you have welcomed your puppy home,  his brain is ready to start soaking up all the new experiences you can give him. If a small breed your puppy will reach maturity during this time frame. Although your pup may look like an adult dog by now, he may still be quite immature in his behavior. Somewhere between 1 and 2 years of age, most dogs reach full sexual and developmental maturity.
At this point you can start your pup on more vigorous exercise, such as jogging, agility etc.
It seems that pretty much all we did last year (aside from moving twice and buying our house) was watch Judah grow.
Last year aside from my standing resolution to eat healthier and lose weight (pfft), I resolved to take at least one photo every day. One of the things I love most about our house is that it rests on about an acre of beautiful land. Good ReadsShelfari: Book reviews on your book blogFind new books and literate friends with Shelfari, the online book club. Creative CommonsThis work by Living Well on Less is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

There are breeds which take alot longer to fully mature, and who remain puppy like until the age of around 24 months.
Your pup may show fear or apprehension about people, places or things that he was previously unafraid of. These procedures have a positive impact on your puppy’s future health and helps to reduce the huge number of unwanted puppies born every year. It’s important to continue obedience classes and socialisation and to insist on good behavior and compliance with your rules. This is known as the 365 Project, and people all over the Internetz and Flickr participate in it every year. Unfortunately, we moved in a little late in the season to till and plant a garden, but you better believe I’ll have a mini farm back there next spring.
It wasn’t until I started compiling links for this post that I realized just how much has happened this year. Most importantly never punish by hitting or harming your puppy in anyway. Bad behaviours should be ignored. Owning a puppy takes alot of patience, you should be aware that you will have alot of puppy behaviours to deal with until they fully mature. But, remember to use a firm conisitent tone and never use a harsh voice or physical punishments.

Stick with firm and consistent voice commands and positive reinforcement, you will need to be patient. This lack of attention is itself enough punishment for your puppy.  Always praise your puppy for good behaviour with a treat, toy, or even just lots of attention.
Remember your puppy is still too young to be taken out and socialised with other dogs as they still need their vaccinations. But, also be careful not to expose him to situations or experiences that are unduly nerve-wracking for him. Puppy will soon realise why he is being praised and will continue with these good behaviours. Its a big world for him to learn, take it easy and build up confidence with positive rewards.

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