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After you read this, swing by Lauren’s blog The Military Wife and Mom where she shares simple tips to make your life as a parent easier. I’m a first-time mom, and I often find myself falling down and making mistakes each and every day. Lauren Tamm is a military wife, stay-at-home mom, and author of the blog The Military Wife and Mom.
For inspiration on maintaining your sanity throughout the day, check out this sample daily toddler schedule from Lauren. This is just what I needed to read… my youngest is 20 months and hitting that stage of testing boundaries. While obviously I don’t know how it might apply to other kids, with my two kids, I did my best to help them explain what they wanted when they were 2 and along with boundary setting, the result was relatively few meltdowns. The second major factor involved in the Terrible Two’s is that the toddler has just reached a childhood development stage named “autonomy versus dependence”. This will help the toddler begin to express her individuality in ways that are acceptable to her adults. That doesn’t necessarily mean giving it to the child, it just means saying back to the child what you heard the child say. Tips one through three are designed to lessen the number of tantrums the family experiences.
This is a difficult thing to do, but a lot of tantrums occur because a physical need has not been met. This can be really difficult to do, but it’s often the best thing to teach the child that tantrums won’t get her what she wants. So, this also means be sure this point is one you are willing to be stubborn about before you start. Some of these tips can be implemented earlier than when the terrible two’s hit, and some are exit strategies for when the terrible two’s are at their worst. Being a first time mummy, I think probably most first time mummies are like me…Always checking the internet to google about things to check on their child.
Jack is 21 months old now and just few weeks ago, he started throwing tantrums and these tantrums is becoming more and more often. Ohhhhhh… I always thought that Terrible Two means when two or more toddlers get together they will fight and become terrible. The best thing to do is to keep calm and not lose your temper no matter how angry you might get, stay close to your child, and let him release his feelings. If you are in a crowded place for example in the middle of a restaurant when everyone is staring at you while trying to eat their meal, you can pick up your child and take him someplace where the two of you can sit calmly until the feelings subside.
Most 2-year-olds still aren’t able to move as swiftly as they would like, clearly communicate their needs or control their feelings.
By accepting the changes your child is going through and showing him or her love and respect, you’ll help your child make it through this difficult stage with confidence. Babies are putting weight on, often doubling their weight at 6 months and tripling by a year. Some children will learn to sit unsupported and then crawl as early as 6 months, though crawling normally doesn't start until around 8-9 months.
ToddlersThey are starting to understand instructions and often understand more than we give them credit for.They may also become fussy eaters. WalkersFrom around 10-12 months onwards they are learning to take some steps by themselves. See the article on infant and child health on BabyWebNZAlways see a health professional if concerned about your baby's health.
Most babies start toilet training around 2 years of age but will still need a nappy on at night up to 3 years of age. To have your domain name placed on BabyWebNZ please fill in the Request Listing form and include a short site description (20 words or less), and suggest which page you would like the site added to.
This is simply a phase of life when children incessantly test boundaries to learn about the world. The protesting is often less as time goes on, but today my son is especially interested in testing the limits. Some days I wonder where my precious, sweet, affectionate little girl is beneath that screaming banshee. That made me wonder if much of the problem isn’t related to stress arising from the inability to communicate well at that age. This will be our fifth time through the Terrible Two’s (which actually starts around 18 months for my kids). In other words, the toddler has just figured out that she is her own being –separate from Mommy. On to the nitty-gritty – How parents stay sane, and keep the household functioning while their toddler moves through the Terrible Two’s.
Once a battle has started saying things like “If you stop crying, I’ll give you a treat”, or “Okay, fine, here you go”, only undermine your parental authority and will make the tantrums happen more often.
When the child asks for something, as long as I’m not really opposed to the idea, I try to say yes. This list isn’t exhaustive, but it contains the seven tools Iuse most when my children are dealing with this stage of life. Good luck with your little guy, and always remember — he will grow out of this moment in his life. There is never ending things you would worry with your child whenever something doesn’t seem to be normal with the kid. Hahaaa… So it is more like when they get close to 2 year old they start to have mood swings. One minute a child might be clinging to mom or dad, and the next he or she is running in the opposite direction.
Praise your child for appropriate behaviour and minimise the use of the word NO so they know when being told No they must follow. This little person is taking in a lot about their environment and learns about him or herself. Signs that they can hear are turning their heads towards noise and getting a fright with a loud bang. The Well Child Tamariki Ora Health book is a good resource, and this is free from your plunket nurse or LMC (midwife, doctor).

BabyCenter is an online resource for expectant and new parents, filled with parenting information.
Teeth start coming through around 6 months of age and sometimes with some tears so it is a good idea to look after them otherwise there will be more tears if they have to get fillings later. Up till then, they often had been standing supported by something else.One year old, the first birthday part, well in some ways a second one. Healthline registered nurses assess a person's condition and health needs and recommend the best course of action and a time-frame in which to take action.
That will mean you have a lot of nappy changes ahead of you, approximate 7000 nappy changes. Every day after we get home, he does this thing where he wants to pretend to drive the car. There are a lot of great books to help with this, but my favorite is “Teaching your Baby to Sign”. Also, teaching the baby the sign words will help because then the baby will have a way of expressing herself long before she is able to do so verbally. This simple act of letting her choose what she is eating lets her develop her autonomy in a positive way.
The following tips are how I’ve learned to deal with a tantrum once the tantrum has started.
I’ll often go through a check list in my mind while the child is tantrum-ing and see if I can remember the last time the child ate, drank, or napped. As long as the child is safe, and you’ve done what you can (without giving in), then sometimes it is best to walk away or put the child in her bed – away from you.  This helps to teach the child that throwing big fits will not get her what she wants. There are a lot of questions I’m asked and I really don’t have strong feelings about the outcomes one way or the other. Good luck with your boy, although I’ve found boys to be a bit more mellow through this stage then girls. He’ll keep you on your toes for a while, but offering him two choices and talking to him about what you and he are doing will help alleviate some of those tantrums. I always didn’t really believe about this and thought that the Terrible Two is a Myth. A hug and a shoulder to cry on may be all that some toddlers need to feel better, while others may benefit from the distraction technique like offering him another activity or toy. They have to learn that their hand is actually attached to them and all the things they can do with it. The health professional may know more about health concerns, but you know more about your own baby, you look after them more than anyone else.
You can have emails sent to you from this site each week about what you can expect your child to be doing at what age. But once they have learnt to move, make sure your house is child proof.They will be jabbering a lot by now. If you brush your teeth in front of your child, they will learn what to do.Try using milk teeth toothpaste (adult toothpaste often has strong tastes to it) and a brightly coloured child's toothbrush. Knowing how to react, and where to start, are key in keeping calm and doing the right thing. A range of things can stop a child breathing such as suffocation with a plastic bag, drowning or medical conditions. It is a good idea to have a thermometer to check baby's temp if you think they are unwell, (digital ones go under babies arm-pit).Jaundice is yellowing of the skin and eyes caused by a build up of waste products (bilirubin). Babies loose a lot of heat from their head so should wear hats when going outside.Neck and head control is poor so you have to support their head when picking them up and feeding. Dressing your baby in natural breathable clothes also helps to keep them comfortable.Babies usually sleep well in car seats. I was whining to my friend Lauren about how there’s just no TIME, and a couple days later she surprised me with this post. And although the tantrums are very frustrating for the parents, they are how the toddler is expressing her voice, will, and separate self. Signing has also be shown to help language development in babies and toddlers – an added bonus.
If I can, then usually the child has received too much stimulation, and needs to be wrapped up in a soft blanket and cuddled until she calms down.
Until toilet trained (around 2yrs old), you have approx 7000 nappies that will need changed!Weight may go down (up to 10% loss) in first 3 days, then they regain their birth weight in approx 10 days.
You want them to want to do this, as they will have to do this at least two times a day for the rest of their life. Listen to cry if very distressed, and if you are worried seek advice from a health professional. Most parents have heard a story of someone driving around and around the block trying to get their baby to sleep.
Not only did she let my sleep-deprived brain off the hook, but she also opened my eyes in the most fantastic way about toddlerhood.
They can be grumpy or feel angry or whatever, but as long as they actually follow the instructions they can be as mad as they want to be. It’s the unmet physical needs that are causing the tantrum, and once they are addressed the tantrum will dissipate.
Thus they need to feed often, including during the night.Some babies will sleep through the night by 6 weeks (for 6-8hrs) but not many!
From around 5 months of age they learn to roll over, but sometimes they can do this from 3 months of age, so never think it is safe to leave your baby on a high surface. If you don't they may refuse more and more foods and you will find it hard to provide them with a balanced diet.
You wrap the presents, invite people, bake the cake and does your one year old appreciate it?
When you call PlunketLine your call will be answered by a Plunket nurse, who can give you advice and information on your child's health Call an ambulance on 111 NZ. Your midwife or doctor will monitor this and the baby may need to go under phototherapy lights if levels get too high.Infection around the fingernails called paronychia. Though it is really annoying to have your kid screaming at the top of his lungs, throwing things and rolling on the floor. They have adult vision at three months and their eye colour can change up to 6 months of age.

The Ambulance Emergency Communication Centre can give you advice and will send an ambulance if required. Try cleaning with alcohol wipes from the chemist and let your midwife or doctor know about this if it doesn't get better, as sometimes your baby may need antibiotics.
There is research about times babies should stay in car seats, as it is good to remember their spines are still immature. And second, saying it so many times stops the frantic, stress response before it starts and helps the child calm down.
Alert when awake, increased weight and lengthBreast milk is all babies need in the first 6 monthsNewborn babies need one more layer of clothing than you do. Remember, a baby falling off a bed or table is like you falling off the roof of your house!From 2-3 months they will start responding to you more with smiles and baby noises (coos, squeals and laughs).
Check their temperature using your 2 fingers down their back in-between shoulders, this gives you an idea of their core (central) temperature.If using a heater it should have a thermostat.
If they cry a lot, and you are concerned, always have them checked by a health professional in case it is related to a health problem or colic.
This attachment to you will continue to grow over the next months to a point when they will become scared of strangers and will not like it when you leave them.
Some gas heaters give off toxic fumesKeep cots away from windows as there will be draughtsIf wanting immunisations, these usually start at 6 weeks of age. See the information on colic and infant health on the Plunket website and the article on BabyWebNZ infant health.If you are finding things aren't getting better and every day is a bad day then you have to ask yourself, could I have postnatal depression? Clean the eye with normal saline solution from the chemist and drops of breastmilk into the eye can help also as this has a natural antibiotic in it.
Otherwise you can have a shower with your baby, but it is not always an easy thing to do.Parent's RoomsWhen stopping in towns that you don't know, it can take some time finding a parents room to change a nappy. Hepatitis B and BCG vaccines can be given to shortly after birth.Wind can cause abdominal discomfort in babies. If you are still having problems, talk to Plunket Karitane centres, La Leche League or a Lactation consultant's ph 0800 4 Lactation or look on the LLL webiste here you will find answers to your breastfeeding and parenting questions, drawn from the various resources. If you are in tears a lot of the time and life just isn't any fun, go talk to your midwife, plunket nurse or doctor.
Again see your midwife or doctor if it doesn't improve or if the discharge is yellow or green in colour or the eye is inflamed.Thrush may be present in the mouth or the bottom of babies. Resources come from New Beginnings (publication for parents), Leaven (publication for our volunteer Leaders), Breastfeeding Abstracts (publication for professionals), our Frequently Asked Questions collection, and our podcasts. Wind could be due to the baby feeding fast and also sometimes diet related if breastfeeding. If you try to read all the books re parenting you may get fustrated because there will be conflicting advice and you will be so busy reading books you will have no time to have fun with your child.
Cabbage, leeks and onions can sometimes cause wind.To wind your baby try positions that put some gentle pressure on their stomach eg over your shoulder or across your knee, and rub their back at the same time.
They want eg food, nappy change, winding a cuddle or they could be over tired and need sleep.If nothing seems to settle them and they draw their legs up they could have colic. In New Zealand you can also use the Plunket rooms but in smaller towns these may be only open at limited times. If after trying for several minutes and they won't bring up wind or they are asleep put them down.
You will learn from them and talk to other new parents about any helpful hints.There are a hundred and one books written on babies.
WeightAverage is 3.5 kg at 40 weeks, may lose up to 10% of birth weight and then regain it back by two weeks of ageDouble their birth weight by around 6 months, triple at 1 year.
With full term infants this can be present in the skin creases under arms and groin area, with premature babies it may cover them.Lanugo is fine downy hairJaundice is a yellow discoloration.
Birth Marks may be present including mongolian spots in non-caucasian babies, stork and strawberry marksNewborns have very sensitive skin. Front and back-packsWith a front-pack, a newborn will usually face inwards and then again when they have head control can face outwards which they often prefer as they want to see everything.
Try to avoid "strict" routines, though a bedtime routine is helpful in letting them know it is time for sleep. Nappy rash and heat rash are common.With nappy rash (ammonia dermatitis) avoid plastic type nappies, strong soap and laundry powders.
They can also see a lot with backpacks, but it also gives them easy access to pull your hair! They will develop set sleep patterns as they get older, and just when you think you know the times they like to sleep, they change the routine or drop a sleep during the day.
You should never shake a baby.SleepFeed approximately 2 - 4 hourly day and night and sleep 1 - 3 hours in-between. Also with newborns before 6 months it's hard to know what to record for their details - Eye colour: blue turning brown, hair colour brown turning blonde. They will have growth spurts when they feed more often to put on weight.They may spill or vomit a small amount.
Ask the airline for a sky cot and baby food (if on solids) when you make the booking.Taking a tri-pillow is useful if breastfeeding. If they projectile vomit large amounts often, they may have a reflux problem, and need reviewed by a health professional. You may find that you get your baby off to sleep in the sky cot and the plane hits turbulence and you have to take them out and onto your knee with the baby seat belt on. So you may find it easier to have them sleep on the tri-pillow on our knee with the seat belt around them. The airlines often provide you with baby food, but ask about 10 - 15mins in advance of wanting it, as the airhostesses are often busy.Breastfeed or give a bottle on the take off and decent as it is meant to help reduce the pressure in their ears by having them suck.
A digital thermometer, bibs, new toys (that he hasn't seen before), baby wipes and baby snacks go in the baby bag.

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