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Catherine Ellen Meiklejohn was brought into this world at 9:34 AM on the 3rd of December, 2004. We brought Cate home on Tuesday 7th December, half expecting someone to run out of the hospital shouting "Bring that baby back".
We've been on a few outings: including lunch at the Coach House in Luss, and visiting Priscilla's church in Muirhead, for her baptism (hi Priscilla!).
Cate is 6 months old now, and Claire and I can barely remember the days when we could lie in beyond 7am.
It's been 4 months since the last update, and Cate's been walking and running all over the place. We had to find a new football club after graduating from the soccer academy, and the choice was mainly based on available nights and no Sunday games. We had more drama last summer as half of the church membership left, leaving just me and Claire. Like most people from whatever country, I have an inbuilt impulse to defend my country as "the best in the world", despite our small size, poor health record, tendency to ginger hair, etc. There has been a lot of up and down movement in the past in the Scottish landscape, producing an impressive set of hills, mountains and lochs.
The ash tree has quite a light coloured bark, and long, thin leaves which stick out in opposing pairs along the stem. I forgot the name of this one after buying it and had to go back to the shop later to find out. This is a little nugget of copper, a metal which is quite heavy, easy to stretch without it breaking and which conducts electricity.
This stuff is iron oxide, one of the types of iron ore that we get our iron and steel from. Quartz is the second most common mineral in the earth's crust and there are a lot of different types of quartz.
Tiger eye is made from a type of asbestos, which is made up of lots of little fibres of mineral. This is a lovely stone, transparent but with a deep red colour, which makes it look like a gem stone. This stone has a nice iridescent sheen on it, showing up in different colours as you turn it in the light. Lapis is a deep blue colour, with little lines of golden pyrite through it, and that colour has meant it has been sought after for a long time. Gypsum is an important mineral because it is used for lots of things, including plaster of paris and blackboard "chalk". Not much to say about this stone except that it appears that despite its name it doesn't actually come from the Amazon. A stone notable for its name, which sounds a bit like Coca Cola, but actually means gold-solder.
I've put these pages here in the hope that they'll help the Meiklejohns around the world in contacting each other, and in seeing where other Meiklejohns have spread to. Andy Boag from East Kilbride knew of his cousin Stuart Meiklejohn in Sydney but they'd never had a chance to meet. I have been involved with coaching and assisting with preparations for the lawn bowls for the Commonwealth Games later in Glasgow. I was sent this picture of the shop front of the Meiklejohn Tea and Wine Merchants in Glasgow's Gallowgate by Paul Finch, who collects old postcards of shop fronts. By the time your baby reaches 12 months to 18 months of age, you hopefully will find that he or she has fallen into a more consistent schedule. Disclaimer: CloudMom and its content are for informational purposes only and should never be used as a substitute for advice from a qualified professional. She was not keen to join the outside world, and eventually had to be delivered by a section.

This was the easiest time for the father: turn up at 2, stay a few hours then home for a good sleep. Now she's settling in at home and we're trying to get used to having her here, what with waking up every couple of hours during the night for a feed, crying for no apparent reason - and that's just me.
We're going to Wales in the early summer and I'm wondering how we're going to get any luggage in the car when the car-seat, pram and bouncy chair are in. Well, Cate can now crawl, though she's eschewed the standard hands and knees type of crawl for more of a commando style, belly on the floor, crawl.
We had a few friends and relatives around for a party, and just so she could enjoy it a bit more she learned to walk the week before. She's run after cats, dogs and children, learned how to jump, spin round and climb the stairs.
Cate and her classmate Sasha were chosen to be the ringmasters, and did a great job introducing all the acts. 3rd place in the photography competition, 6th place in the inter-schools road race, distinction at country dancing (despite her tights falling down during the dance), blue belt at tea kwon do, player of the year at the soccer academy, winner at mixed badminton and winner at the school sports sprint, then distinction at grade 2 piano. We decided we couldn't carry on as a church and so finished up after the prizegiving service. A decent report means we go for a meal out and so we had an evening at Khublai Khan's where you get to put together your own dish. We had a few days in Centerparcs in October, with lots of climbing action, a week in Skye in April, with lots of hill walking, and two weeks back at the Marylanza in Tenerife for summer, which was mostly spent in the pool, but also included a bit of parascending.
There seems to be even more work to do, more responsibilities for the kids and a big trip in May, which Cate's very much looking forward to.
A huge amount of rain falls on the country, keeping everything very green, so when there is some sunshine, the land can be very pretty indeed. On the outside they look like normal boring stones, but cut them in half and you find a miniature crystal cave. It's not transparent, like quartz, but has a nice smooth surface and a deep red colour due to the impurities (iron?) in the rock. It is often formed in layers which are different shades of green, giving it stripes or swirls. The light bouncing off the different layers give it a sheen which is the origin of its name. The fibres give the stone a sheen which changes as it is moved around, a bit like a cat's eye. The mud hardens and the animal is gradually replaced by minerals as they seep through the mud. Shark lose their teeth quite easily and others grow in to replace them so there are millions of shark teeth scattered about the bottom of the sea. Carnelian gets its name from the latin word for flesh, since it's sometimes flesh coloured. The shop says it's peacock ore, our stone book has it as peacock pyrite or chalcopyrite, but Wikipedia's article for chalcopyrite looks a bit different, and bornite looks nearer to the mark. When it grows in crystal formations they are known as desert roses, and this one is the biggest stone we have in our collection. I was asked to go with two players to Australia last April as support for them in the World Cup singles.
Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the CloudMom Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. She weighed 7 lb 11 oz at birth, and took the earliest opportunity to make full use of her lungs. Pureed apple, pear, courgette, carrot and sweet potato are all being met with an enthusiastic response. It took a couple of days for Cate to get used to the cottage but she settled in fine after that.

We can now put her down at night without getting her to sleep first (hurrah!), but she does sometimes have a fight with Winnie first.
I'd expected a couple of faltering steps and a lot of encouragement, but true to form she went from holding on to the table to wandering all over the living room in a matter of a couple of hours. If she gets into the toilet she comes out with the entire toilet roll in an Andrex puppy type of moment.
There was a bit of a scene just after summer when all the coaches resigned and took some of the players away with them, but we got a new coach and he started building the team up again from very modest beginnings. We tried out a few churches during the summer holidays, and settled on Harper Memorial, in Glasgow.
As well as piano, Cate decided to take up the trumpet, and they also all got a recorder home, so it's been a bit noisy in the evenings. I had been in touch with Stuart before travelling and got opportunity to meet him for first time ever in my life along with his wife Vicky and also met my aunt Meg who I had not seen since 1986! A A Very often this is NOT the case, so dona€™t worry if your daily life doesna€™t look like this.A  The idea behind this schedule or guideline is to develop a routine so that you ensure your baby is eating and sleeping enough.
She quietened down soon enough though, and even remained docile during the visits of various odd people she will later refer to as relatives. Mother recovered quite quickly, and baby did well with her feeding and not being sick everywhere.
She's three months old now, and she's sleeping in her own room (the Moses basket was getting a bit small for her), sleeping through the night (hooray!), making a variety of noises and she'll now hold on to something if you put it in your hands. Latest skills learned are sticking out the tongue and lunging towards anything that looks bitable. Latest tricks learned are shaking things wildly, holding the arms out and rotating the wrists, making pterodactyl noises and being sick into her father's t-shirt pocket.
Cate has really enjoyed going there, taking part in the Sunday school, which runs during the morning service, and especially enjoying the third Sunday evening service, after which we usually have a fellowship supper. Eventually I spotted it in another shop and found it is turqurenite - howlite which has been dyed blue to look like turquoise. We spent around 4 hrs together and shared a lovely meal and had a fantastic catch up sharing stories. She smiles a lot, which is encouraging, and cries quite a lot, mainly because she's tired, but too nosey to go to sleep. She's enjoying pretty much every type of food we throw at her, and especially likes her carrots. She's desperate to walk, as well, but seems to think the way to do it is to make enormous steps each time. She's also dead keen on the television programmes on the CBeebies channel, particularly Boogie Beebies.
We were a bit unsure about letting her take part, especially as some of the other acts were really well prepared and very precise. Cate has established a place in defence as a tough tackler but needs a bit of work on the rest of her game.
We've been teaching her lots of animal noises, too, but I wonder about the practical value of these. I can't remember the last time I used an animal noise in a conversation at work or with friends.

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