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Once your baby has gotten the hang of eating solids and is ready to graduate from the so-called a€?first foods,a€? you can really start to have fun mixing different food groups and preparing really nutritious and delicious meals.
The timeframe for moving on to stage 2 foods depends somewhat on when you began stage 1 and this is definitely something to discuss with your doctor.
Once it is clear your baby has tried a variety of single foods and has had no adverse or allergic reactions, you can begin to mix many of these single foods into medleys and interesting combinations. My doctor told me to stay away from fish, eggs, and nutsA until after the first year because these foods can cause allergic reactions, and honey because it can be a source of bacteria.
Although the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no cowa€™s milk until 1 year of age, they do say you can give your child yogurt at this stage for the simple reason that it is easy to digest, where cowa€™s milk is not.
When your baby has been safely eating these medleys for a few months, you can move onto chunkier purees and combos and also finger foods. Between 8-12 months, your child will develop the pincer grasp, or the ability to grasp things with her thumb and forefinger. Also, contrary to what you might have gotten when you were a kid, my doctor told me that my baby did not need juice.
Disclaimer: CloudMom and its content are for informational purposes only and should never be used as a substitute for advice from a qualified professional. Catherine Ellen Meiklejohn was brought into this world at 9:34 AM on the 3rd of December, 2004. We brought Cate home on Tuesday 7th December, half expecting someone to run out of the hospital shouting "Bring that baby back".
We've been on a few outings: including lunch at the Coach House in Luss, and visiting Priscilla's church in Muirhead, for her baptism (hi Priscilla!). Cate is 6 months old now, and Claire and I can barely remember the days when we could lie in beyond 7am.
It's been 4 months since the last update, and Cate's been walking and running all over the place.
We had to find a new football club after graduating from the soccer academy, and the choice was mainly based on available nights and no Sunday games. We had more drama last summer as half of the church membership left, leaving just me and Claire. Some people start their babies on solids at 4 months, so for them stage two may fall between months 6 to 8.
A The basic difference between stage 1 and stage 2 foods is that now the foods can be strained instead of just pureed so the foods are not as soupy and have a bit more texture.
Baby food companies are mixing tastes and mixing fruits and veggies in creative and fascinating ways.
However, some doctors think it is okay to introduce eggs and certain types of fish beginning at 4-6 months. Make sure to watch my show where I demonstrate all this including how to prepare your own stage two foods.
A If you are buying pre-made food, you might find these with veggies, meats and bits of rice or pasta.A  If youa€™re making food, I think this is when your world really starts to open up. A As time goes on, you can add pieces of scrambled egg, meat like ground meat, or flaky fish such as white fish or salmon (avoid swordfish, too high in mercury).

You can even try pancakes in very small pieces or even pizza, just make sure you give foods in tiny little small bits so that there is no risk of choking and make sure the food is nice and soft. A He said small sips of water were fine after six months and even good to get the baby into the habit of drinking water, especially on a hot day.A  Make sure you never leave your baby unattended when it comes to any of these foods because you dona€™t want to run the risk that something gets caught in her throat.
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She was not keen to join the outside world, and eventually had to be delivered by a section.
This was the easiest time for the father: turn up at 2, stay a few hours then home for a good sleep.
Now she's settling in at home and we're trying to get used to having her here, what with waking up every couple of hours during the night for a feed, crying for no apparent reason - and that's just me. We're going to Wales in the early summer and I'm wondering how we're going to get any luggage in the car when the car-seat, pram and bouncy chair are in. Well, Cate can now crawl, though she's eschewed the standard hands and knees type of crawl for more of a commando style, belly on the floor, crawl.
We had a few friends and relatives around for a party, and just so she could enjoy it a bit more she learned to walk the week before. She's run after cats, dogs and children, learned how to jump, spin round and climb the stairs.
Cate and her classmate Sasha were chosen to be the ringmasters, and did a great job introducing all the acts.
3rd place in the photography competition, 6th place in the inter-schools road race, distinction at country dancing (despite her tights falling down during the dance), blue belt at tea kwon do, player of the year at the soccer academy, winner at mixed badminton and winner at the school sports sprint, then distinction at grade 2 piano. We decided we couldn't carry on as a church and so finished up after the prizegiving service. A decent report means we go for a meal out and so we had an evening at Khublai Khan's where you get to put together your own dish. We had a few days in Centerparcs in October, with lots of climbing action, a week in Skye in April, with lots of hill walking, and two weeks back at the Marylanza in Tenerife for summer, which was mostly spent in the pool, but also included a bit of parascending. There seems to be even more work to do, more responsibilities for the kids and a big trip in May, which Cate's very much looking forward to.
Some of the traditional brands include Gerber and Beechnut, but also check out purees from companies such as Happy Baby and Plum Organics. A You can also make your own soups like split pea with carrot, chicken, and other veggies and you can partially puree this. A Now, with regard to fish and eggs, there used to be a fear of giving these before 12 months due to allergies: now for some the tide has turned and giving these is sometimes encouraged to prevent allergies. She weighed 7 lb 11 oz at birth, and took the earliest opportunity to make full use of her lungs. Pureed apple, pear, courgette, carrot and sweet potato are all being met with an enthusiastic response. It took a couple of days for Cate to get used to the cottage but she settled in fine after that. We can now put her down at night without getting her to sleep first (hurrah!), but she does sometimes have a fight with Winnie first.

I'd expected a couple of faltering steps and a lot of encouragement, but true to form she went from holding on to the table to wandering all over the living room in a matter of a couple of hours.
If she gets into the toilet she comes out with the entire toilet roll in an Andrex puppy type of moment. There was a bit of a scene just after summer when all the coaches resigned and took some of the players away with them, but we got a new coach and he started building the team up again from very modest beginnings.
We tried out a few churches during the summer holidays, and settled on Harper Memorial, in Glasgow.
As well as piano, Cate decided to take up the trumpet, and they also all got a recorder home, so it's been a bit noisy in the evenings. A These are a lot of fun and are great for travel; you can use some and give the rest later in the day. Now, this sounds hard but when you get into the habit you really are just throwing stuff in there and you can eat it yourself!
She quietened down soon enough though, and even remained docile during the visits of various odd people she will later refer to as relatives. Mother recovered quite quickly, and baby did well with her feeding and not being sick everywhere.
She's three months old now, and she's sleeping in her own room (the Moses basket was getting a bit small for her), sleeping through the night (hooray!), making a variety of noises and she'll now hold on to something if you put it in your hands. Latest skills learned are sticking out the tongue and lunging towards anything that looks bitable. Latest tricks learned are shaking things wildly, holding the arms out and rotating the wrists, making pterodactyl noises and being sick into her father's t-shirt pocket.
Cate has really enjoyed going there, taking part in the Sunday school, which runs during the morning service, and especially enjoying the third Sunday evening service, after which we usually have a fellowship supper. She smiles a lot, which is encouraging, and cries quite a lot, mainly because she's tired, but too nosey to go to sleep. She's enjoying pretty much every type of food we throw at her, and especially likes her carrots.
She's desperate to walk, as well, but seems to think the way to do it is to make enormous steps each time.
She's also dead keen on the television programmes on the CBeebies channel, particularly Boogie Beebies. We were a bit unsure about letting her take part, especially as some of the other acts were really well prepared and very precise.
Cate has established a place in defence as a tough tackler but needs a bit of work on the rest of her game. We've been teaching her lots of animal noises, too, but I wonder about the practical value of these. I can't remember the last time I used an animal noise in a conversation at work or with friends.

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