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Kids are smarter, learn in small ways even at 3 how to manipulate, they are stronger for sure.
They have each other and hopefully by that point (may?) fight a little bit less, and play a little bit more with one another. 2.) They become more independent, which is not always a great thing, like in a department store as an example. 5.) School is only a jump and a holler away, but you might as well sit out in the parking lot.
Click here to see my 10 reasons why I say the smaller the better, and not just for my back’s sake.
The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding until age two or beyond, so I weaned both of my kids at age two.
Again, it’s true that most one-year-olds can walk, but they generally only seem to walk in ways and to places that put them in imminent danger. One-year-olds might enjoy seeing their age-mates, but even the briefest encounters invariably lead to toy-stealing and physical assault. Two-year-olds are better at entertaining themselves (in non-life-threatening ways) than their one-year-old counterparts. I’m walking around in the nude eating granola and reading the news online when an article catches my eye.
For the record, I wasn’t really in the nude when I read this, but I could have been because I walk around nude in front of my children all the time.
My children usually respond to my nudity by covering their eyes like I’m Medusa about to turn them into stone.
Which brings me back to Mariah Carey saying she wears swimmers when she gets in the bath around her kids. To each of her own, I’m not going to drag down the parenting choices of a world-class diva.
Bedtime is the loveliest time of the day and also the most harrowing.  After the usual routine of bath time bubbles and cuddles and warm milk who wouldn’t want to get snuggled under the duvet and drift off into the land of dreams. Every night we get the same record – I need water, I need a wee, I need a cuddle, I need another rendition Puff the magic dragon and then finally the dreaded I need mama’s bed.
Then at 2am one night I came across a great article from Baby Sleep Advice on reward charts. The next evening I enthusiastically explained the prospect of visiting a castle to my two year old. I have to add I also re-introduced her daytime nap which always made her really cranky but keeping it down to only 45 mins seems to do the trick. Just after Christmas (cripes – nearly a whole month ago!) Mike, the kids and I went on our first family skiing holiday to Chantemerle in Serre Chevalier! A year ago today I started a challenge; The castle challenge, where I aimed to see all the castles in Northumberland with Reuben and anyone else who cared to join us.
You know that moment when the whine starts escalating and you just know that a full-blown tantrum is about to assault you with all its loudness and irrationality? At that very moment when the whine starts to escalate, you throw yourself down on the floor, kicking and screaming and flailing around (just like they were about to do).

Your actions must be extreme and they must be congruent – in other words your child must actually believe that you are freaking out – half-hearted acting attempts are not going to do the trick. I used this myself with my youngest when she went through the terrible two’s and I know from experience that it works.
The more flexible you are in your behavior, the more in control you are of whatever situation comes up. Definitely going to try it…when does the terrible two stop, my son is almost three now and it seems to be getting worse. The pen has been lifted from three; for the sleeping person until he awakens, for the boy until he becomes young man and for the mentally insane until he regains sanity. Give them a choice: This, often, makes the difference between compliance and a complete meltdown.
Enforce reasonable consequences: Take away toys for a period of time, and remove them from the situation.
Remove them from the public: take them somewhere private, like to the car or into a dressing room or a private corner, so they calm down. Three supplications are responded to: The supplication of the oppressed, the supplication of the traveler, and the supplication of the parent (for or) against his child. This entry was posted in Akhlaaq, Islam and tagged children, parenting, parenting-matters on December 20, 2014 by Ilm Seeker. You get asked a gazillion questions, and as they get older the trap just flaps faster and faster.
Always feeding themselves, if you are lucky at 3 at least, NOT picking out clothes just yet.
At 3, saying my twins are 16 months just isn’t going to work anymore for a better deal. Singer Mariah Carey says she wears a swimsuit when she has a bath, just in case her four-year-old twins wander in. It’s not let’s-eat-dinner or sit-around-watching-TV in your birthday suit kind of nudity. It’s a lying in the bath but not covering myself with a towel when they walk in kind of nudity. I was the girl in Year 7 who just stripped off in front of everyone in the change rooms while the rest of the class huddled behind their towels.
It’s that one thing that used to be my private time, and now it’s not, but that’s OK,” she says. And even watched youtube videos on the subject but none of the advice seems to work with our little one.
With all the creative talent I could muster in the dead of night (motivated by the idea of sleep) I mapped out the next week and drew a princess castle at the end of it. If we made it to a week of sleeping in her own bed, for which she’d get a gold star and a smartie as reward, then we would go on a family trip to a real life princess castle.
It wasn’t completely smooth and the first 3-4 days involved middle of the night negotiating, a lot of tears, and some mention (bribery) of no smarties in the morning.  By day 4 she was walking into our room, getting a cuddle, and then walking straight out to get back into bed and by the second week she was happy to get back to sleep herself. Despite never having skied before, I finally agreed to have a ski holiday under the condition that I could have some lessons in advance.

Over the year, Reuben and I, and our motley crew of friends, family and people we didn’t know, visited over 40 castles. I’m sure that that is not a moment that you usually look forward to – until now.  That is the exact moment that you can make lasting change by stepping out of your own comfort zone.
Basically it’s creating an extreme interruption to an unwanted behavior that then creates a new neural pathway that will interfere with that behavior in future. You want to interfere with the neural connection right at the beginning of the behavior so that next time they are about to do it the new pathway kicks in immediately. The next time that whine starts escalating you look over and see that look of oncoming tantrum turn to confusion and then completely disappear.
If you’re feeling too stressed or overwhelmed to be able to do what I have suggested, give us a shout – parenting is supposed to be challenging and to help you to grow, but it is also supposed to be fun.
I wish I received it a day before yesterday because my 2 year old was throwing her tantrums and I didn't know how to handle her. Yes, people might think you're mad, but trust me, your child will definitely not do it again! Hopefully I'll pull it off with a straight face and avoid rolling on the floor from laughing! Often, we give them completely ineffective or incomprehensible responses (that they don’t understand). From their perspective, they crave attention; give them due attention for good things they do (even if small) with complements and new toys (remember, speak to them in the language they understand) for good behaviour.
This just popped into my mind this morning, and I thought it might make for some interesting conversation.
The ever-increasing vocabulary of two-year-olds greatly reduces the instances of the latter type of tantrums. After a full day working on my start up business, much as I love any excuse to have a snuggle with my little one, snuggle time between 1am and 5am after an hour or so of intense screaming is not one I can handle.
I filled a jar of smarties and found some gold stars from the days of potty training my older one.
I’m no expert but for anyone struggling with nighttime waking I’d highly recommend giving this a go. Today I thought I would reblog my Easy Pancake Recipe, which I first published here on the blog back in 2013 when Reuben was a mere year old.
Start with simple choices, like letting your two year-old do things without your permission. See them as a child that they are, think about what they’re feeling, and influence the situation based on that.
Plus, I think that other people (myself included) would like to know from some seasoned pros.

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