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Everyone talks about the “terrible twos” and we understand – two-year-olds are challenging.
Toddlers tend to start becoming more challenging at bedtime – they want another story, more cuddles, a lullaby, some water, ice for their knee. Insist on a nap!  Just because he’s walking and talking and using the potty (maybe), does not mean that he has less of a sleep need. Use behavioral rewards if you’re struggling – good old fashioned sticker chart where your child can earn a “prize” after a few successful nights. Establish a morning routine as well – Lots of toddlers tend to wake earlier than we’d like – see Melissa’s blog on the traffic light alarm clock. Top 5 Food Safety Tips to Keep Your Family SafeKeep your family healthy by following simple food safety practices for a clean and safe kitchen. Parenting Tips - How to Give Time-OutsTime-out is a true and tried discipline method that really works if done correctly and consistently.
Parenting Tips - What is Positive Discipline?Heard of positive discipline but not sure what it means?
How Do I Get My Baby Into A Routine?Routines are really good for babies but can you get your baby into a routine? Help, My Baby Swallowed SomethingA quick reaction to accidental ingestion could save your baby's life!
Should A Newborn Lose Weight?Are there any circumstances in which a newborn is expected to lose weight? Early Signs of Learning ProblemsParents always worry that their child may be handicapped in some way.
Why is my potty-trained child wetting again?What do you do if your potty-trained child is wetting again? Choosing the Right Preschool ProgramsChoosing the right preschool for your child will set him up for the rest of his life. Exploring FeelingsTalking to your kids about their feelings and teaching them to journal is a great way to connect with your children in a meaningful way. Birth, skin-to-skin and the first feedDo you wonder why you are coaxed to breastfeed right away even though you are exhausted after giving birth? How To Trim Your Baby’s NailsAlthough cutting your little one's nails can be a bit unnerving, keeping nails short is important for your baby's safety.
Playing with your Newborn BabyYour newborn baby may look fragile and helpless but he is growing, learning and taking in the world around him. Where Should My Baby Sleep?When you take your baby home, where he is going to sleep is always a big question for most parents. Tummy time exercises for your baby: How to do it and whenTummy time exercises is very important for your baby.
How Much Sleep Does Your Baby Need?All babies need plenty of sleep hours, but how much sleep is enough?
Preparation For The First Day At SchoolSay 'goodbye' to first day nerves and 'hello' to happy school days!
Childcare Choices for Your BabyEven before your newborn arrives, you'll have childcare on your mind. Parenting Tips - How to Discipline Children at Different AgesWhen do you start disciplining your child? Parenting: Older Kid, New BabyWhen you bring a newborn home, your older child may experience sibling rivalry.
Baby Urinary Tract InfectionsAbout 8% of girls and 2% of boys will have a urinary tract infection during their childhood.
If you're concerned that your baby may have a urinary tract infection, or bladder infection, here are some basic facts that may help! Baby Schedule BasicsMany parents find getting into a regular routine with their babies make life much more easier.
Your Diet and Your Breast MilkHere's everything you need to know about how the things you consume affect your breast milk!
Tummy Time!Lying on his tummy may not feel natural to your infant, but he needs to spend time on that tummy every single day! Baby Poop BasicsWhat goes in must come out, so expect frequent bowel movements from your constantly eating newborn! Attachment: Why is Bonding with Baby Important?Attachment experts discuss why bonding with baby in the first few years of life is so important to a child's cognitive and emotional development.
Patricia Kuhl: The Linguistic Genius of BabiesPatricia Kuhl shares astonishing findings about how babies learn one language over another -- by listening to the humans around them and "taking statistics" on the sounds they need to know. Pumping and expressing breast milkIf you need to leave your baby with other people even if that situation seems far into the future, it is definitely worth getting used to expressing breast milk.
Baby AcneIf you assumed your child wouldn't experience acne for AT LEAST another decade, then you might be surprised if pimples appear on your newborn's skin!
Tips to Treat and Prevent Cradle CapCradle cap is nearly as common as diaper rash, but do you know what causes it and how to treat it?
How To Get Kids To Eat Healthy SnacksKids are gonna snack--but snacks don't have to be junk food. Tongue-Tied: Helping Babies BreastfeedTongue tie, a simple yet often untreated problem can sabotage breastfeeding efforts. How Can We Stop Over-parentingHelicopter parenting vs free range parenting - what is the balance between legitimate safety concerns that parents have and the things we need to let go off?
How do I know if my baby is properly latched?Midwife Kate Taylor talks about how to check if your baby is latched on properly. Car Seat Safety By AgeChildren 2 years or older, or those younger than 2 who have outgrown their rear-facing safety seat must be restrained in a forward-facing safety seat.
What Are The Different Positions For Breastfeeding?Midwife Kate Taylor describes the different positions in which to breastfeed your baby.
Is my baby getting enough milk?Health visitor Penny Lazell talks about how to find out if your baby is getting enough milk. Benefit of Circumcision: To Cut or NotParents considering circumcision for their sons often have similar questions about this procedure. How to Identify and Treat Eczema in ChildrenA baby's rosy cheeks is a sign of good health but when rosy cheeks translated to red irritated skin, it can be a sign of something serious. Recognizing and Treating JaundiceJaundice is a common condition in newborn infants that usually shows up shortly after birth.
Diaper Rash: What to Look ForOne thing babies seem to have in common is the occasional return of diaper rash. How to Make Homemade Baby FoodUniversity of Maine Cooperative Extension demonstrates how to make & store your own baby food using fruits or vegetables. Emotional Intelligence EducationThe key to success in life is more strongly linked to emotional intelligence than it is to intellectual intelligence.

Children Birthday Party PlanningKids party is supposed to be fun, but organizing it can turn to be a stressful and challenging process, especially when you just don't know where to start. Thumb and Finger Sucking: What You Need to KnowDoes your baby suck his thumb or use a pacifier? Potty TrainingLearn how to recognize the signs of a toddler's readiness to start potty training and how to make learning to use the potty easier for your child. Terrible Twos, Surviving the Power StrugglesBabies hit many milestones before they turn into toddlers first steps, first foods, first words. Starting To SitIt's a small thing for you, but for your sitting infant, the accomplishment is huge!
Childproofing Checklist For Crawling BabiesBaby safety is EXTREMELY important, and you can help ensure that your home is as baby-proof as possible by watching this video!
How Tall Will My Baby Grow Up To Be?He's still a baby, yet already you wonder how tall he'll grow to be!
The Science of Early Childhood DevelopmentHow much experience from birth and even before birth gets into our bodies and shapes our learning capacities, behaviour and physical and mental health?
Toddler Moral DevelopmentWhen teaching toddlers about morals, or rights and wrongs, the first step should be teaching toddlers not to hurt other people.
How To Swaddle A BabySwaddling is a technique used to soothe, comfort, and protect an infant who is sleeping (or trying to sleep). How To Raise A Happy BabyYou already know the basics of baby care, but what do you know about your infants emotional development?
How To Soothe Your BabyA constantly crying little one is enough to send even the most patient parent over the edge! Diagnosing AutismStatistics show that one in every 150 children born today has a typical autism.
How To Help Your Baby Learn To WalkBefore your baby walks, he'll need about 1,000 hours of practice! Delayed Speech DevelopmentA developmental delay in language may mean that your infant has a hearing impairment -- or, maybe he's just learning his first words at his own pace! Teaching Your Baby How To SpeakWhen do babies talk, and how can you encourage baby language? Encouraging Infant DevelopmentHow can you help raise your newborn's IQ, stimulate his brain and keep him in top health?
Everything You Need To know About PacifiersIs it OK to comfort a fussy baby with pacifiers? Tooth Care For BabiesIt's as important to know how to care for his new chompers as it is to be able to provide pain and fever relief! Baby Teething BasicsMost babies sprout their first tooth between four and seven months of age. Crash Course In Classic Baby GamesStimulate your baby's mental development and physical development with the help of silly baby games. Imitation Development GamesImitation games help build social skills and encourage mental development.
Newborn Development Month 10Your baby may have a limited grasp of speech, but "mama" and "dad" are two words he might know now that he's reached month ten! Newborn Development Month 9In month nine, your baby's personality growth and mental development will continue at rapid speed! Newborn Development Month 8Your eight month old infant is creeping, or even crawling around. Newborn Development Month 7During the seventh month, prepare for changes like standing up to bedtime rituals! Newborn Development Month 6Your six month old is getting ready for big changes like crawling, transitioning to solid foods and teething! You buy those little mittens to protect your infants precious little face, but eventually those mittens have to come off and here is how you can trim those thin, sharp finger nails. Yes, babies who are born prematurely (before the due date) may need special care during their first 2 years, especially if they were very small at birth (less than 3 pounds).
Imagine that your child has had three days of a cough, fever, runny nose and feeling just plain sick. We have all heard scary stories about the ingredients in cosmetics and skin care products so how do you choose a baby skin care product that is safe for your baby? Physical wounds heal but research shows that the effects on a child’s social, emotional and future physical health is far more damaging. The best way to check how a baby or toddler is growing is to mark their weight, length (infants) or height (toddlers), and head circumference on the growth charts on their Well Child book.
Diaper rash is extremely common amongst babies and sometimes, you simply cannot prevent it.
A baby’s skin is as delicate as it is soft which makes it vulnerable to damage and irritation. We have often made our home childproof to keep our children safe but have we given any thoughts about the dangers that lurk outdoors?
By around two years of age most children have mastered their walking skills and are ready to progress to the next stage of their physical and social development. Babies spend a lot of time sleeping and feeding but it is very important to make the most of the time that babies are awake and not feeding to encourage movement or active play. Understanding colic can help in coping with a colicky baby as it can be distressing and overwhelming especially for a first time mother.
Positional plagiocephaly, more commonly known as infant flat head, is a concern for many parents.
The idea of having babies settle themselves to sleep seems crazy to parents who have sat up all night trying to get them to stop crying.
If you’re going to be separated from your baby – if you’re starting back at work, for instance – or if you can’t breastfeed for other reasons, you can still feed your baby breast milk by expressing milk. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the sudden and unexplained death of an infant under one year of age, sometimes known as crib death.
A recent study published in the journal Pediatrics found that many magazines targeted toward women often portray infants sleeping on their stomachs or on their sides, sleeping on a soft surface, or surrounded by soft or loose bedding. The normal social and physical development of children ages 3 - 6 years old includes many milestones. Motherhood is a magical journey of joy, sorrow, anticipation, anxiety, guilt, pain and more. Think you have done all the necessary shopping for baby stuff and you are ready for baby’s grand arrival? Some mums take to breastfeeding like duck to water, while other mums feel like a fish out of water trying to breastfeed! The first year of a baby’s life is usually the busiest for every parent, with trips to the doctor’s clinic every other month.

By the fifth or sixth month, your baby will be beginning another new exciting phase in life- eating! Yes, parenting lasts for a lifetime; yet nothing beats the excitement of baby’s first major milestones! Now that you have a baby in your life and his safety becomes your top priority, you can forget about keeping a designer home or the interior of your car looking immaculate at all times! They are starting to exert their independence but don’t necessarily have the skills they need to do all they want to do.
Most parents encourage independence and we are thrilled when we can take a step back and help our little one a little less!
And before we know it, it’s 8 pm and our child is very overtired (and we are pulling out our hair). If your child is getting out of bed in the middle of the night, return him to bed without eye contact or talking.  You may have to do this many times in one night but you shouldn’t need to do it for more than 3-5 nights in a row if you also are doing the other techniques.
Try not to become emotional with your child – toddlers are GREAT at picking up on our stress and frustration. From proper hand-washing, to keeping your kitchen restaurant-quality clean, learn ways to prevent bacteria and illness before, during and after meals. Here are some fun and easy ideas for helping your kids flex their Emotional Intelligence muscles that don't require a PhD! When in the womb the baby's legs are in a fetal position with the legs bent up and across each other. This means that you will be able to leave your baby for a longer period than just a few hours. Natalie Abramson, pediatric psychologist at Children's Hospital Colorado, gives tips for parents about bullying. How do you help your child learn the basic building blocks of emotional intelligence in their first few years of life?
You race to your child's room to find her sitting upright in bed, with her eyes wide opened filled with terror.
Helping your infant through these stages can be a lot of fun, and sometimes a challenge, especially during one notorious stage in life the terrible twos. Siobhan Dolan talks with a new dad about his baby's developmental milestones at 1 year old. Ear infections are LITERALLY a pain, and they're also the most common illness among infants. Don’t worry - most parents make common mistakes like putting on a diaper lopsided or backward, getting a spray of urine from their baby boy, etc.
Here’s some advice on how to care for your baby when he or she comes home from the hospital.
You bring her into the doctor’s office in the hopes of receiving something to make her well. They may have extreme difficulty establishing normal relationships and achieving normal development milestones. So know the signs of child abuse to catch the problem as early as possible and get both the child and the abuser the help they need. The reason is that younger babies tend to carry immunity from their mother and this acquired protection starts to wear off at about 6 months of age. Rickets can result in weak bones, delayed walking, bowed legs, and swollen wrists or ankles. This is normal, and there are several things you can do if you’re worried about their eating.
However, you can take measures to minimize your baby’s chances of developing diaper rash.
From here, it is important to introduce children to a range of activities that help to develop their full range of fundamental motor skills (FMS). Some cases of misshapen heads are attributed to the trauma of childbirth, but flat spots are mainly associated with placing infants to sleep on their backs.
Therefore, you would need to protect your baby from exposure to harmful germs until their immunity has matured.
But every mother will agree that the experience is priceless as nothing beats coming home to a waiting baby! Through it all, one thing remains – the satisfaction of giving unconditional love and care to another, which is the ultimate essence of motherhood.
Unless you have had a baby before, you will never quite know how challenging it is to feed a baby.
I have had some lower back pain that keeps me up some nights so i am hoping after a few adjustments i will be good as new.
Imagine you just arrived in a new city – one you’ve always wanted to visit – but when you arrive, you discover no one understands you, you can’t figure out how to move as quickly as everyone else, and they seem to be on a different time-zone. I love the fact that I no longer need to dress my daughter (granted I never know what she may end up wearing to school on any given day but does that REALLY matter?), that she can wash herself (sort of), that she can tell me what she wants and needs (often when I’m on the phone). Sudden straightening of the legs to a standing position can loosen the joints and damage the soft cartilage of the socket. The good news is, the earlier its recognized the more you can do to help your child reach her full potential. Not long ago, many doctors would have handed over a prescription for a broad-spectrum antibiotic. If untreated, rickets can lead to failure to grow, deformed or broken bones, pneumonia and seizures.
There are twelve fundamental motor skills and there is an extensive range of activities and games that children can be encouraged to play so that they learn and become proficient in each of them. A newborn’s skull bones are somewhat soft and flexible, which makes them susceptible to pressure. Some infants suck their thumbs even before they are born, and some will do it right after being born. First, you need to reorganise your house, only then can you look into shopping for your baby. In THIS article, we just want to focus on general sleep habits – mainly, not wanting to cooperate and go to bed when we tell them!
And why wouldn’t our children also be willful about sleep when they seem to want to exert independence in every other way!

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