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From what toddlers understand to how to get them to talk to you and from managing defiance to keeping them happy and healthy, everything you need to survive the Terrible Twos is right here. Find out how much your toddler’s behavior will predict how he will act as a teenager.
I have seen where people buy a nice .22lr rifle and then go down to the local bullet mart and buy a brick of the cheapest ammo they can find and take that to the range and shoot a few targets and then are disgusted with the "terrible accuracy" that the gun gave.
In my opinion the .22lr is a great survival gun for foraging, however, it is marginal for any kind of defense use, of course it is better than a sharp stick. As a training arm the decreased noise and recoil are conducive to helping anyone learn how to shoot or shoot better. I have found that the Ruger .22LR Semi-automatic pistols are accurate and very reliable over the long run. Ruger initially designed this handy pistol to be cheaper to produce than the Smith & Wesson, Colt Woodsman, and High Standard pistols of the day.
The rifle is easy to take down: First take out the magazine and make sure it is empty, then loosen the barrel nut and remove the barrel. Production of the AR-7 rifle has been performed by a few different manufacturers over the years. The rifle comes apart simply by - first ensure it is empty by removing the magazine, retract the bolt and inspect the chamber, then unscrew the barrel nut and pull the barrel forward out of the receiver.
While training with any .22lr is great as far as it goes, getting a target quality rifle (or pistol for that matter) will really improve your shooting ability.

I recently found a Remington 40X in .22lr at a yard sale with the original Redfield Olympic aperture sight.
The short of my opinion is to get a .22lr to improve your skills, hunt small game or just to have fun with.
Then my mind catches up to the fact that the racket is coming from someone else’s kid, and the relief washes over me.
One of my top goals as a parent is to help build the empathy muscle in my kids, but my default reaction in those moments isn’t setting a good example. Some people may tell you that kids aren’t even capable of feeling empathy until the age of six or seven.
When my oldest was a toddler, I came across an article about how to develop empathy in kids. Then last weekend, something opened my eyes to how this approach to teaching empathy has impacted my kids.
We’d just gotten home from running errands, and my eight-month-old Charlotte was overdue for a nap.
My toddler Bailey trailed me as I walked into the bedroom to get little Charlie ready for sleep. Then I went back to buttoning up Charlie’s onesie, popped her paci back in her mouth, and scooped her up. Teach him to make good decisions, take on responsibility and cope with new siblings and friends.

If they’re walking down the street and someone yells for help, I want my grown kids to be the type of people who call 911.
I try to do the same when we’re reading too by asking how the kids think the characters must be feeling and whether other characters are being nice or not.
Kids start developing empathy skills even during infancy, so it’s definitely something you can nurture as a parent.
They actually bring babies into the classroom and follow this process to get the school-aged kids thinking about the baby’s feelings. Along the way, learn to laugh at the amazing things this little person does right before your eyes. The tip is actually the basis of a growing classroom effort designed to nurture empathy in kids.
And that one tip completely changed how I react in those moments when someone else’s kid is freaking out. The children who go through this program for building empathy even experience improved academic outcomes.

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