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Frederick said “When we had our first child, my wife said to the paediatrician she has started doing this and the book says she should be doing that.
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Sleeping through the night – It can be very hard work with a newborn at the beginning.
Becky commented “My son slept through at about 6 months (sometimes he would wake for one feed). Fizzy drinks; it has recently been revealed that some fizzy drinks (cans) contained the maximum recommended daily amount of sugar (for an adult) of six teaspoons per can!
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My mom thinks I’m nuts for all of this, but my reward so far has been kids who are well-adjusted, smart, and funny, and who have never been in any serious trouble, who have been a delight rather than a heartache. The worst advice was also the most common advice: Just do what works for you and your family. There are a very sacred few things parents must “always” or “never” do, and the people who’ve given me advice with such superlatives are extremists who weren’t living my life. Kids are individuals, and each day is different.
Julie Prince:  Gosh, this is a hard one because I have heard some really terrible advice over the years and also some very wise advice.
Looking back I think one of the worst pieces of advice I received was not to worry about children all that much because “kids are resilient.” I didn’t believe that then, and I still don’t. Some of the best advice I received (from my mum) was don’t ever talk badly about anyone’s child and their behavior because you never know when your child may make a mistake or go through a bad period. The worst advice I ever got was to let my son sleep with us to keep him from crying.  This may work for some, but I didn’t get a wink of sleep when he came to bed with us. Based out of Dallas, Texas, Mary McCoy is a writer and social worker for disenfranchised women and children.
Notably, the words of wisdom passed down from father to kid have a way of sticking in young minds.

The paediatrician replied, she hasn’t read the book and you should stop reading the book. Do you let your little one have fizzy drinks and what action would you like to see the authorities take? They are perfectly happy with it and choose it if asked what they would like to drink, even when eating out. It is especially important to trust yourself when you go up against those who are supposed to wield superior knowledge over you, like doctors and teachers. For the 12 million things motherhood forced me to give up or rearrange, there are still some things on the calendar that won’t wait for a baby who decided to sleep in 2 hours later today.
I breastfed all my babies as long as I could (up to around a year, because teeth and because feeding a walking toddler seems gross to me), I co-slept, I listened to their preferences in foods and clothing and toys as much as was feasible. I’ve got to be up for what’s next, and it’s almost “always” different and “never” quite the same. But women today have been taught to not trust their instincts — that women’s intuition is chauvinistic propaganda designed to be a sort of consolation prize for us supposedly not being logical. In fact, women should trust their intuition, and even more importantly, they should pay attention to the nurturing instinct.
I was so paranoid that I’d crush him or push him off the bed that I couldn’t sleep at all.  I went weeks without more than an hour of sleep at a time.
In honor of Father's Day, we asked our readers which pieces of fatherly advice stayed with them through the years.
I was having problems with my 9-month old daughter not sleeping well in my bed and also refusing to go down in her crib. They definitely woke me up in the hospital when it was time to nurse so I could establish a good supply from the beginning. Examples: Doctor appointments, church (especially when your husband is a pastor and you only have one car), getting to daycare so Mommy can get to work on time…you get the picture.
I even tried cloth diapers instead of disposables for my first daughter, though I had to give that up because it was seriously too much work for me. In their attempt to turn women into good little worker bees that Move Us Forward, socialist-progressives have done everything to eliminate that mothering nurturing part of us, and when you look at kids today it shows. There have been many times when advice I was given by authority figures did not feel right and I trusted my instincts.

Talking to your kids and keeping lines of communication available to them are crucial.  Also, trust your instincts and intuition about your kids. It’s that nurturing part of us, however, that is critical to good outcomes in child rearing, that and all the little intuitive processing bits that seem more like magic than rationality. It was brutal for two nights, but he slept for 8+ hours a night after that — completely worth it. The worst parenting advice I’ve gotten was to back out of extended family traditions so that you can do whatever you want.
This method would drive anyone insane, but particularly someone sleep-deprived and unshowered, as I was. Sometimes necessity must have her way, but usually doing what works right now means avoiding little problems and letting them fester until they become big problems that are much harder to solve. I get that, but what I want is for my kids to value traditions—the ones we start and many of those we inherited. The method involved picking up the screaming child and soothing her until she stopped and then returning her to the crib. If she began to scream again (and mine always did) you were to pick her back up and repeat…all night!
Then there was the endless patting on the back and sitting watch in her room until she became comfortable in her crib. I figured if I didn’t get some sleep soon I was going to end up running away from home, so I shut the door and went to bed with a pillow over my head. I have learned since that all babies are different and all stages in my life are different, too.

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