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The challenges faced by this age group include forming friendships with other children, starting nursery or pre-school, learning to share and take more responsibility for their actions, bladder and bowel control and potty training.
Gina puts great emphasis on your child’s enjoyment of learning in a relaxed and stimulating environment.
Gina tackles what is for many mothers, a major dilemma regarding the balance of childcare and work in their lives. As your toddler develops he needs less daytime sleep, but also needs to avoid becoming overtired. A crucial chapter in the book includes Gina’s supportive and realistic advice about planning a new baby, what to expect from the age gap and getting help in the early days. Gina suggests ways to encourage good habits such as hand-washing and teeth-cleaning and tidiness from an early age, thus avoiding problems in the future She also advises parents on how to tackle nail biting, whingeing, nose-picking and excessive dependency on dummies or thumb-sucking.
It is essential to provide your child with a safe place in which to grow up and master the many challenges that will occupy him during the toddler years.
This handy guide is full of practical, sensible advice to help parents, and toddlers, cope with tantrums.

This book contains unique routines for parents trying to juggle the demands of a lively toddler with the very different needs of a new baby as well as a winning combination of practical tips. More no hassle, no tears, no tantrums, no pull ups, routines from Gina so that your child can start wearing pants and using the potty. Sound, practical advice from bestselling parenting expert Gina Ford in a new concise format - ideal for busy parents on the go. He is learning to be more physically independent, to make himself understood, to make choices about what to eat, to feed and undress himself and to play and share with other toddlers. Gina guides parents through all of this and includes advice on teaching new skills, tackling the most common fears, approaching pre-school education, dealing with bad behaviour and encouraging good behaviour and manners. She advises on how to encourage a variety of fun activities including physical play, reading, creative play, problem-solving play and social play. She offers support and reassurance as she examines the three main options: nanny, childminder or nursery and includes invaluable checklists to help you in your choices. This chapter provides four routines in the CLB-style to help parents spot the signs their child is ready to cut back on sleep and get the balance right.

She shows how to adapt her famous routines to accommodate a baby and toddler and gives great advice on how to breastfeed and manages a toddler.
She explains why she does not recommend vast amounts of toys, excessive television watching or scheduling too many activities for young children.
Gina advises on what a typical day’s menu should look like at each stage of development and makes practical suggestions about toys, activities and games appropriate to each age group.
She draws attention to the high-risk areas in a house and advises on toys and plays equipment, fire-prevention and car safety. She also addresses common sleeping problems that can develop at this age, including the change to the big bed.

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