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The location of The Old Pottery Place is among the most historically significant commercial sites in Laguna Beach. In 2006, after two years of caring renovation, 'The Shack' was lovingly reborn as The Old Pottery Place, providing a home for an array of distinctive shops, food purveyors, and offices once again welcoming visitors from around the globe. Extraordinary handmade confections created by the shop's owner using only the finest ingredients. Affordable and adorable footwear and handbags to fit your lifestyle, with an emphasis on fun and fashion-right. Jack Thomas at Home is a unique, clever home-style store carrying linens, bedding, furnishings, vintage and new accessories. Need the dinnerware set to have an extra unique flair?Dinnerware can be customized at an additional charge. You may select different pieces for your dinnerware to fit your needs by putting together a place setting from the list below. Coiled pots are constructed by gradually stacking and joining coils of clay one on top of the other. To avoid cracking or coil separation, the clay is required to be soft and using the proper process to connect the coils together. See a basic step by step example below where the coils are not visible in part of the pot and visible with surface texture on one side of the pot's rim.

Here are some examples of the beautiful handcrafted artwork found in Spring Place Pottery and Artists' Gallery. Initially the site of a small home, then the Yum-Yum Tea Room, in 1936 it was to become the home of The Pottery Shack and remain so for the next 66 years. Inspired by cuisines from around the world, menus feature fresh local ingredients amidst an ambiance of warmth and whimsy. Personal and friendly attention by a knowledgeable staff who will be delighted to help you find that next great book. We are committed to enriching the lives of our clients through impeccable service and by creating fabulous hair.
The coils can be left visible or can be smoothed away depending on your desired aesthetic end result. You can use your thumb or index finger to smooth the coil into the lower level coil or use a wooden or silicon rib tool while the clay is still soft. Many of the structures, materials, and features of the original site can be seen both outside and inside the stores and office. Blue Eyed Girl has everything she needs from ultra-soft tees, premium denim, dresses, tops, tunics, accessories and more.
It is important that the coils join well during construction to avoid cracking or separation during the drying and firing process.

If you want the coils to show on both, the inside and outside of the pot, slip and scoring is required but with no guarantee of surviving the drying and firing process without coil separation. Bauer’s Glendale factory, The Pottery Shack flourished as a destination for residents and visitors alike combing through stacks of pottery and collectibles. Cut first layer of coil as illustrated below to insure perfect fit around the parameters of the slab. The founding Childs’ family retired in 1972 and sold their business to Pier One Imports with its intention of using the brand and concept as the basis for national expansion. With these plans aborted, it passed back into private hands and in 2004 one of Laguna’s favorite shopping places closed its retail store. Make sure your pre made clay coils are covered with plastic to keep them soft - coils dry out very quickly!

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