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The location of The Old Pottery Place is among the most historically significant commercial sites in Laguna Beach. In 2006, after two years of caring renovation, 'The Shack' was lovingly reborn as The Old Pottery Place, providing a home for an array of distinctive shops, food purveyors, and offices once again welcoming visitors from around the globe. Extraordinary handmade confections created by the shop's owner using only the finest ingredients.
Affordable and adorable footwear and handbags to fit your lifestyle, with an emphasis on fun and fashion-right. Jack Thomas at Home is a unique, clever home-style store carrying linens, bedding, furnishings, vintage and new accessories. Sometimes the best things to  hack out of the Pottery Barn catalog (or any catalog for that matter) are the things that aren’t even for sale. After I got the plant in place, it was time to fill in with some natural-type stuff that I had around the house…rocks from the mailbox bed, wood and bark from the wood pile, reindeer moss from another project.
When I was a child we used to do similiar things just before christmas – creating little landscapes with moss and stones and then putting figures in it. I think there are a nice glass container at IKEA that would be perfect for this kind of project. Spring Place Pottery and Artists' Gallery was featured on Georgia Made Georgia Grown and Cartersville Uncut. Editor’s Note: Our First Place Winner of a $150 Gift Card is Erin Litchfield, who is currently serving our country in the Middle East and we are grateful for her service. Erin says her favorite piece she painted is the black oval platter with a melting Rubik’s Cube in the center (top left). AYW: What made you decide to join the Air Force? After a few years of college I was ready to find not just a job, but a career I could enjoy and be proud of. AYW: What is your favorite part of serving? My favorite part of serving in the military are the friendships that form between the people in my unit and especially the bonds made with my crew during deployments. AYW: What do you miss most when you are away from home (besides As You Wish of course!)? What I miss most when I am away from home is physically spending time with my family. AYW: Do you have a special piece that you can’t wait to paint? My mother and I bought a couple of platters before I left.

AYW: What other interests do you have? Other things I enjoy include Rugby, paintball, ultimate frisbee, basketball (basically any sport), chess, board games, card games, puzzles, hiking, shooting, camping, 5k mud runs, drawing and creating home movies.
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Get The Dish On As You Wish!See our most recent blog posts and get caught up on what is happening at The Wish! Initially the site of a small home, then the Yum-Yum Tea Room, in 1936 it was to become the home of The Pottery Shack and remain so for the next 66 years. Inspired by cuisines from around the world, menus feature fresh local ingredients amidst an ambiance of warmth and whimsy. Personal and friendly attention by a knowledgeable staff who will be delighted to help you find that next great book. We are committed to enriching the lives of our clients through impeccable service and by creating fabulous hair.
At this point in the process, he walked in the door from a 4-day trip and saw my big mess on the kitchen island. It’s adding a little life to my entryway right now, but I think it will end up being a spring centerpiece. This fabulous site features the best knock-off projects from your favorite stores and designers. She had little Wade Elves that she mixed in with the little plants, moss, rocks, sand and soil, along with little bits of driftwood from summer beach holidays. My latest was a picture that I spotted at West Elm- I loved it so I ran home and recreated it! Following is her amazing artwork and entry, along with some follow up questions we had to get to know her better. Did you grow up here? I was born in Washington but raised in Arizona since I was about 2 years old. I get to know each person on a deeper level when we live, fly, eat, play, and spend each day together half way across the world. The technology we have today is incredible and allows me to speak to them and see them each day.

Many of the structures, materials, and features of the original site can be seen both outside and inside the stores and office. Blue Eyed Girl has everything she needs from ultra-soft tees, premium denim, dresses, tops, tunics, accessories and more.
Even though I have ideas of what I might want to paint on my platter I won’t know for sure until I start to paint. Bauer’s Glendale factory, The Pottery Shack flourished as a destination for residents and visitors alike combing through stacks of pottery and collectibles. My family and I later moved to Maricopa and after a few years there I joined the Air Force.
I wanted to be happy with what I had created and when I saw my platter for the first time after it was glazed, I knew we would be back! Many times I have changed my mind moments before my brush touches the piece! I can’t wait to paint it! The founding Childs’ family retired in 1972 and sold their business to Pier One Imports with its intention of using the brand and concept as the basis for national expansion.
With these plans aborted, it passed back into private hands and in 2004 one of Laguna’s favorite shopping places closed its retail store.
At that time in my life I never would have guessed I would one day experience that same type of reunion myself.
I knew my father had served in the Air Force before I was born and knew that my family would support me no matter what I did. Looking back at my journey it’s easy to see how blessed I’ve been and that I’m on the right path for me.

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