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Quite a number of our fans also had this problem with their children, or children they have worked with.
Fifteen actionable potty training tips included: The app includes concrete advice about preparation, behavioral reinforcement, behavioral shaping, when to continue vs. Join Little Critter's sister in this interactive book app as she learns how to use her brand new potty!
Odd Socks Mummy is so glad that her toilet training days are behind her, but wishes that she had had these apps to help at the time! We would like to transition him away from diapers completely, as he wakes up dry every morning. He was completely fascinated with the Bad Romance video (we're ok with nearly anything but violence). Consider telling your child that you can flush for them after they are done and out of the bathroom.

Some children benefit from sitting on a child's potty seat that you can put on top of your toilet seat. The Potty Time with Elmo app is a fun way to ease the transition from diapers to big-kid underpants. For decades, Alona Frankel’s toilet learning classics have been helping parents and children conquer the developmental leap from diaper to potty. Some children feel that their poop is part of them and are afraid if they "let it go" that they are losing a part of themselves. Developed for children ready to potty train, this charming app features everyone’s favorite furry red monster, Elmo, helping his toy Baby David learn to use the potty. Narrated by his mother's voice, Joshua learns about different body parts and functions, and figures out what the potty is (and isn't) used for.
Many children feel surprised or frightened by all of the automated devices in public restrooms.

The supplemental motor area (SMA) of the brain is responsible for learning and planning motor behaviors (actions). This patient, loving and humorous Boy edition encourages children to learn through play and empowers parents and caregivers of all ages.
Most children of potty training age cannot read yet; they will simply hear and then mimic the verbal labels for each step. However, many children on the autism spectrum, who are relatively late to potty train, may be able to recognize sight words surprisingly early.

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