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Potty training also known as toilet training is the process through which a child is taught how to use the toilet for defecation and urination.
Potty training is a necessary part of child’s care and parents should take it very seriously since children cannot teach themselves how to use the toilets. Potty training also benefits the environment and helps the government to save money to a certain extent. Apart from the negative impact of diapers on the environment, it also increases the amount of money the government spends in managing the landfill. The above are some of the benefits of toilet training to the child, parents and society at large.
Though each culture expects a child to be using the toilet at a particular time, children normally show signs that they are ready for toilet training. At earlier age especially during the first 20 months after delivery, children have no control over their bladder and bowel. If you start predicting the bowel movement of your child no matter what he or she is fed with, it may start toilet training. At a particular time of their development, children begin to be aware of their bowel movement and other function. Being able to use the potty implies that the child will be able to perform some simple undressing.
Normally, every parent has a toilet or bathroom lingo for the children such as pee, poop, urinate, defecate and others. If you love cloth and want to continue using it through the potty training stage, you’ll have several different options when it comes to choosing a trainer. This is a question I don’t need to bother with, as I have the advantage of paying for my inventory only after I’ve examined it.
People often don’t think to give the diaper a once over before determining it’s condition, this makes them actually think about it. If you’re charging good money for a diaper, be sure to disclose everything you notice, even if you think it doesn’t matter. Make sure you get tracking and send it to the buyer to cover you in case they try to claim they never received their package. When I found out I was pregnant for the first time, I knew right away I would cloth diaper. I’ve had, and continue to have, great experiences buying used diapers, and wish to share some great resources with you.
BST website – There are websites, such as Cloth Diaper Trader, devoted to listing cloth diapers for sale or trade, or buying diapers you are in search of.
Used Diaper Retailer – This is, by far, my favorite way of buying used cloth diapers and training pants these days.
Buying used diapers is an economical way to build a cloth diaper stash, as well as being an affordable way to try different styles and brands of diapers. My youngest daughter is almost THREE and I was pretty sure I would have her potty trained by the time she reached 2.5.
Get all necessary items needed for potty training, such as a potty seat or chair, a good book for her to read while she’s patiently waiting to go, and of course awesome and cool Huggies Pull-Up training pants!
I have discovered in my past potty training experience that negativity and punishment for potty training is counter-productive! And… if you need more tips and help with potty training, The Huggies Big Kid Academy is a GREAT resource!
Please feel free to Enroll in the Big Kid Academy below and get started with your potty training adventure! Gabby received her Master of Science degree in Biology, with Zoology concentration, from Western Illinois University. As you may know, this year’s Wayside Waifs-sponsored Fur Ball Gala is centered around a fun baseball theme. Base 1 – Ease into this year’s A League of Their Own-inspired theme with a classic baseball T-hat combination.
Base 2 – Want to step up your costume game, while showing your favorite team in the league some love?
Base 3 – For a non-traditional approach to this year’s theme, pay tribute to the hardworking men and women who distribute tasty beverages and savory finger foods throughout ball games.  Hotdogs. Base 4 – Cross home plate with a splash and go all out with a full-fledged baseball ensemble. On May 10th you can see the costumes firsthand at our annual Fur ball Gala, which will be held at the Overland Park Convention Center. Beds of green grass are fun for pups to roll around in, but during the spring, be careful of potentially harmful chemicals, such as herbicides, that are used for the removal of  unwanted vegetation. Rolling around in the grass is all good fun until somebody gets a bad case of fleas or ticks. Spring is a time for fresh starts, so be sure to send your pet for a day at the groomers, where he or she can get a fresh cut that keeps them cool and comfortable as the weather gets warmer outside. Unlike their human counterparts, dogs do not need to eat a rainbow (yes, keep those skittles to yourself on family movie night).
While these proportions help most dogs make an easy transition to their new food, it is not a foolproof plan. If you are looking to adopt a dog you can call your own, Wayside Waifs of Kansas City has a number of animals in need of permanent, loving homes.
One of the things that makes dogs such great animals is that they still enjoy all the things we did in our youth – playing in the snow is no exception.
What better way to get your pooch ready for warm park days than some additional training classes? Just as we require mental stimulation, dogs have keen senses that need to be challenged to stay sharp. When there is snow on the ground and you are trying to potty train your canine, be sure to clear off an area that facilitates your dog’s needs.
Once your pooch gets it right, going potty outside upon command, make sure to let them know they have done a great job. Despite Lewis’ devastating abandonment, he remains one of the most hopeful foster dogs in the shelter. Since Lewis came from a home, he knows what it is like to be part of the family and he just can’t wait to settle back in with a new, permanent one. As you gather around the Christmas tree and wait for Santa, be sure your pup has something snuggly to keep warm. If you are looking for a simple way to dress up your mantel over the holiday season, look no further than a dog stocking. Whether your pooch has a mane of high-maintenance tresses or could just use a fresh bath, a date at the groomers is a real treat. To learn how you can get involved this holiday season, call (816) 761-8151 or contact us today.
Maisy and Paxton – Two Dogs Working to Create a More Humane Kansas City — and Beyond! It is referred to as potty training because the training normally begins with potty which is a toilet bowl-shaped plastic.
However, today, various techniques have been developed to make potty training easier for the caregivers and fun and enjoyable for the children. Though, there are different toilet training techniques and practices, but they all have the same goal and benefits. Every society or culture expects a child to stop defecating or urinating in a diaper at a particular age which differs from culture to culture. As it has been said above, the government spend huge amount of money on yearly basis for the management of landfill. It has been discovered that through several studies that later toilet training may increase the risk of bowel problems or urinary tract infections as well as lack of bladder control.

So, you can start potty training if you observe that your little genius is itching to say no to diapers.  Unfortunately, some mothers do not notice the signs their babies are showing them to start the potty training.
Though some children may be able to verbally communicate this in a childlike manner, others may not be able to verbally communicate it. They can put their fingers on their poo-poo in attempt to take the dirty diapers you just changed. Potty training comes almost to nothing if a child cannot yank down the trouser or hike up the skirts as the case may be when nature calls. One of the signs that a child shows when he or she is ready to use the toilet is to start following you to the loo.
When your child starts to understand and use your bathroom lingo as well as the related body parts, it is time to start toilet training.
My best advice (after potty training 3 children with cloth so far) is to take some time to assess your child’s needs and your budget before buying too much of any one thing. Stevens 11 Comments I had the opportunity to review Buttons all-in-two (AI2) cloth diapers for you at the end of March, and absolutely love their AI2 design (easy snap-in inserts, pretty color selection, and ease in laundering).
Here’s my advice for getting the best info you can before forking over your hard earned money for a used diaper.
If someone is claiming to have diapers in EUC and they’ve been using them for over a year, they’re being unrealistic about the condition of their diapers.
If you’ve used the diaper more than a year, I won’t buy it… It’s no longer gently used, and you’ve gotten your money’s worth out of it. Do your homework on how much it will cost to ship (especially if you’re trying to sell a lot of diapers) so you’re not caught off guard at the Post Office if you’re priced your diapers PPD. USPS is catching up to the private shipping companies and offers tracking on almost everything now for free or a nominal fee.
I’ve been a dirt-loving tree hugger most of my life, so becoming a cloth-diapering crunchy mama was a natural progression. Stevens 7 Comments I sold my husband on the idea of cloth diapering with the cost savings it would provide us. My daughter was so excited about wearing Doc McStuffins around that she did not want her to get dirty or wet. Before joining Wayside she served as head of dog training at Dog Pawz Day Care in New Orleans. Check out our website to learn more about these classes and to sign-up for upcoming sessions. Because our organization has some serious spunk, we like to celebrate and fundraise in true style.
Keeping things casual with a timeless three-quarter-length baseball T is a sure way to blend in with the crowd.
Be royal at this year’s gala by sporting your favorite dark blue Royals jersey and fan swag. Tube socks, cropped pants, a jersey, and a glove will have you looking like you’re on the roster. And, if you cannot make it out for this year’s festivities, be sure to follow our social media feeds for live updates. As you leash up and head to your favorite dog park, be sure that you have reviewed this list of dog park dos and don’ts.
It’s a new place with new dogs, so you will want to monitor for signs of aggression or agitation.
Wayside Waifs of Kansas City is home to a number of adoptable dogs and cats that are looking for their forever home, so be sure to stop by the shelter today.
Although eating food with a balanced spectrum of nutrients is important, owners should aim to consistently provide a healthy meal for their canine companions. It’s simple: All you have to do is know some basic calculations for you and Fido to be on your way to a healthy new start. Because of this, there are some telltale signs of irritation you’ll want to watch for throughout this process. In fact, many of these furballs relish the opportunity to run their paws through fluffy, white powder.
These classes are fun for everyone, as they allow pets to socialize with their canine peers, all while learning new tricks and skill sets. When your dog’s nose cannot keep busy sniffing freshly cut grass or blooming flowers, a fun game of sniff-and-eat will combat the winter blues and boredom. The area does not have to be huge, but you will want to be certain it is large enough that your dog does not feel cramped. Since Lewis knows what it was like to have a home, he has been eagerly waiting to find a new, permanent one with a loving family who will never leave him behind. Growing up with a sister, Lewis plays well with other dogs and would really enjoy having another live-in canine companion.
Lewis is hopeful he will be united for his forever owner soon, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring him home.
At Wayside Waifs, we have foster dogs that are in need of finding a “forever home.” If you have room in your heart and home this New Year, our adoptable foster dogs would love nothing more than to become a permanent resident in a stable, loving home. Before you complete your holiday shopping, be sure to include something special for the four-legged friend on your gift list. No matter how your family is celebrating the holiday season, there are holiday PJs for everyone. A cute holiday stocking for your furry friend can complement your decor AND act as the perfect means for spoiling your family dog. Culture and age are the most determinant factors as regards when and how toilet training should be given.
Unlike before when punishment was emphasised, newer toilet training techniques lay more emphasis on positive reinforcement and consistency. No matter the practices acceptable in your location or the techniques you apply, the end point will still be the same. If a child stills wears diapers when he or she is supposed to be using the toilet, it is taken that the parents of the child have failed in their duty. Several diapers are used on daily basis by a child that has not learnt how to use the toilet. The cost will become higher if the landfills get filled up easily with non-decomposable items. Besides, it helps to reduce the spread of faecal related diseases in preschools and day care facilities. Young children still using the diapers especially those who are expected to use the toilet feel the societal pressure also.
You must not wait for your child to reach the culturally required age for potty training before you can start teaching him or her how to use the toilet. So, you can start potty training when you notice that your child is able to undress himself or herself. It is an indication that the child thinks of toilet and he or she will want to see how it is done.
Or that you’ll need one style when your child first starts learning and then something different as they are graduating.
Most of this I’ve learned the hard way purchasing diapers for Re-Diaper, so I’m hoping you can learn from my mistakes. This is not a huge deal, but you should be paying accordingly, because you probably have some work ahead of you. It also helps that my husband is… well… let’s just stay he’s “thrifty.” He was on board as soon as I showed him the math.
When she's not chasing her precocious preschooler, Lauren pens hilarious and heartwarming stories about her life as a mother, ghostwrites blogs for businesses, and sometimes even finds the time to write a bit of creative non-fiction. To get you warmed up and ready for the big night, we have comprised a short list of ideas from our very own Look Book.

A comfy T paired with a baseball hat of your choosing – we’re partial to the Royals – is sure to earn you a round of applause. The options are limitless, and think how much fun – and treats — you can have as you get your costume together. And, if you want to take your outfit to the next level, throw on an umpire’s mask and chest protector for good measure.
With the right precautions taken, you and your pooch will be ready to spring into warmer days with a seamless transition. Although your pooch doesn’t need to get in beach-worthy shape, he or she does need to get conditioned for long days of fun in the sun. Monthly flea and tick preventative medication is best practice; however, you’ll also want to give your dog a thorough comb-through if you go for a hike in a heavily wooded area. However, as dogs mature or develop food allergies or sensitivities, you may come to a point when you need to switch dog food. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to observe your dog for any unusual diet-related behavior as you make this transition. As a pet owner, it is important to remember that while we are able to get outside throughout gloomy winter days, dogs often remain pent up indoors. While it’s still winter, bundle up and take your snow angel (yes, we know you call your dog “angel,” “sweets,” and other heart-melting nicknames) out for some good, old-fashioned playtime in the snow.
After some winter classes, your furry friend will be the star of all his or her warm-weather park dates.
Something as simple as an impromptu food-driven obstacle course will do the trick, keeping your dog’s mind stimulated and its belly full. Although a wintery mix can complicate things, taking some basic measures can help ease this transition.
Treats are another form of positive reinforcement; however, just remember to dish them out immediately after the proper behavior occurs. These pointers should get any pooch on the road to becoming house trained in a short matter of time. Because of his sunny disposition, he would love nothing more than to find a family he could forever call his own.
A nice brushing, bath, or something more are all great ways to show the love to your canine, getting your pooch off to a great start for the New Year.
This holiday season, something as simple as your time could brighten the life of one of our on-site animals. Toilet training helps in reducing the quantity of diapers thrown to the landfill and thus it also reduces the amount of money the government spend in managing it. If preschoolers are able to use the toilet, infectious diarrhoea will not easily spread among children in preschools. When you notice your child giving any of the signs below, it may be indication that he or she wants to start using the toilet like every other person.
But when you notice that your toddler remains dry for a long hour or wakes up sometimes without bedwetting, it is a sign that the baby is ready for toilet training. Once you notice that your child is becoming aware of his or her bowel movement, you can begin to teach him or her how to use the toilet. So, if you notice that your child always want to follow you to the toilet each time you want to answer nature, you should begin toilet teaching at that time.
When I started potty training my youngest girl, we always did breathing exercises with our eyes closed. She has two adopted cocker spaniels, Wylie and Brando and has been a volunteer at Wayside since last May. By employing some basic precautions, you and Fido will have long days of fun in the sun all spring and summer long.
From here, you will up the new food in 20% increments each day, while simultaneously lowering the old mix by 20%. Easy, right?
Sofa snuggles and afternoon snoozes are great, but too much time on the dog bed can have a lot of canines feeling blue. At Wayside Waifs, we know a thing or two about potty training, and we are here to share some quick and simple tricks that should have your pooch potty trained before you can say “spring” and by the time the flowers are in full bloom. Saying commands like “Go potty,” or “Do your business,” just before tinkle time is a good start. Sometimes Lewis gets anxious around unexpected movement, so he needs a family who speaks softly to him and is conscientious of his occasional anxiety. Harley’s gentle eyes, genuine smile, and shiny fur coat are only a few of his many redeeming qualities. At Wayside Waifs, we shopped around and have some grrr-eat holiday gift ideas for your canine friend. Squeaky toys make great gifts, and for just $5, you can purchase several toys from Whiskers and Wags, our in-store boutique that supports dogs in our care. Various applications have been developed to explain, motivate and engage the toilet training process. So, as a parent, you should teach your child how to use the toilet at the right time in order to avoid the societal pressure. If your child learns how to use the toilet on time, it means that you will be saving some money on diapers because the child will either use it less frequently or will not use it at all. Given this, potty trained children tend to have more self-esteem in the preschool socialization world. This is the right time to start toilet training because the child has just started disliking faeces like any other person.
I potty trained my oldest daughter many moons ago, so I was able to pick up some tips from that experience that I would love to share with you all and use them in potty training my youngest daughter. Yelling or being upset at your child could cause her to lose confidence in her potty training abilities and she may revert back to going in her diaper again. And if you need some last-minute tick or flea meds, you can make a quick purchase at our Whisker’s & Wags shop, where all purchase proceeds benefit the shelter animals in their journey to find a forever home. His leash-side manner is excellent, so he looks forward to going on lots of walks with his future owners. Left alone, Harley sometimes cries for human interaction, something that results from his separation anxiety condition. Cat and dog socialization and fostering are both ways you can make a difference in the life of our animals. Other parents can even add to the pressure when your child is not able to use the toilet at the right time. Using disposable swim diapers will cost quite a bit and take up lots of precious packing space. You see, Lewis was brought in from the streets with his sister, who was later picked up by their former owner. It’s in your dog’s DNA to unconditionally love whatever your create, so don’t let that stop you!
Being potty trained will give your child control over his or her body and a positive self-image. Cloth reusable swim diapers, on the other hand, are a one-time expense with essentially the same care-requirements as a swimming suit. Even if you don’t use cloth diapers full-time (or even part-time) a reusable swim diaper is an easy and wise choice!

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