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March 8, 2015Featured Book: The Terrible Two The moment I saw this book, I knew I had to get it.
A But little do they know the horrific truth about that view, which the tourist guidebooks describe as `stunning`. The contrasting blue and red draw immediate attention to the two main characters, Miles and Niles, and their different attitudes. Shark Island with it`s picturesque setting, was the site of the world`s first death camp - the German invention that culminated in the holocaust of World War II, the greatest mass crime of the 20th.
It makes you wonder the connection between them, and the moment you read the title (which is wonderfully bold), you want to know--What makes them "the terrible two"? Century.A Three-and-a-half thousand innocent Africans were liquidated here at the hands of the Germans, decades before the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party, with the tacit sanction of the German emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II, and his ministers. As modern diners tuck into lobster and oysters, washed down with chilled Chenin blanc, just yards away beneathe the waters lie the bones and rusting iron manacles of the Germans` victims. Thousands more bodies are piled in a mass grave under the railway station in the capital Windhoek and more still are piled into a burial pit under the national museum. A The story of the German extermination of the Herero and Nama peoples has been expunged from the history books - and the tourists and scuba divers on the Shark Bay waterfront will find no mention of it in their guides. Kevin Cornell's illustrations enhance the storytelling brilliantly are perfectly balanced with the text. Instead of the illustrations simply capturing an overall sense of a few pages, they are actually integrated with the story to be read seamlessly together.

This adds a fantastic visual punch to the story that compliments the storytelling of Jory John and Mac Barnett completely.
That the Nazi crimes of World War II were not an abberation, as some have claimed, but emerged from a tradition deeply embedded in the heart of German culture, with it`s warped beliefs about racial superiority, going back into the 19th Century.
But hidden from the gaze of Europeans was a land of enormous beauty - a realm of tall grasses, hot springs and waterholes, where an army of tribes prospered by tending their long-horned cattle and hunting the herds of springbok and wildebeest that roamed the land.A Contrary to the German belief, the indigenous Herero and Nama people were not savages. German South-West Africa was to become a test bed for Lebensraum - the twisted policy of expansion that was to form the heart of Hitler`s ideology.A The ideas were developed in the 1870`s by a writer, Friedrich Ratzel, who distorted Darwin`s theory of evolution to argue that migration was essential for the long-term survival of a race. To stop migrating, so the theory went, was to stop advancing and risk being overtaken by other races better fitted for survival.A What better solution for the Germans living in the crowded cities of the Rhineland than to create a new Germany on African soil? And it was easy to justify the elimination of the local Africans because they were an `inferior race`.A However, the Herero and the Nama did not prove quite as `inferior` as the German occupiers thought. For years they stubbornly resisted being driven off their lands into the desert to die, despite huge loss of life at the hands of the Schutztruppe (colonial army) and their `cleansing patrols`.A But by 1905 the survivors were weary and weakened. On one section of the line, two-thirds of the prisoners died in 18 months.A But a sinister new idea was forming in the evil minds of the governors of German South-West Africa. An `anthropologist` was commissioned to investigate the prisoners, who reported that it was of `vital importance` for the success of the German colonial project that those races deemed ` unfit for labour` should be allowed to disappear. She fell down on her face and the heavy sack fell partly across her and partly across the baby. Wearing his military tunic, he stands rigid and poised, walking cane in hand, a group of ragged and frightened African women at his feet.

They were forced to stand knee-high in the icy sea until they had to be pulled out and their limbs massaged back to life.A After two years, the camp was forced to close - 70 per cent of it`s inhabitants were dead, and of those still alive a third were so sick the camp commander believed, `they were likely to die in the near future`. But this wasn`t before the prisoners had become a resource exploited in the name of medical and racial science in terrible anticipation of the atrocities of the Third Reich.A In one of the local concentration camps, at a place called Swakopmund, women were forced to boil the severed heads of their own people, and scrape the flesh, sinews and ligaments of the skull with shards of broken glass. The skulls were packed into crates and sent off to museums and universities in Germany.A Most notorious of all was the Shark Island camp physician, Dr Bofinger. In a spurious bid to determine whether scurvy - an illness caused by poor nutrition - was contagious, Bofinger injected prisoners with arsenic and opium, `opening up the bodies` after they had died. No wonder it was said that anybody who went into Dr Bofinger`s field hospital `would not come out alive`.A In 1914, World War 1 broke out and the following year the South African Army siezed the colony which had been such a crucible for evil. Germany`s African empire had ended, and, after the war, Namibia became a South African mandate, finally achieving independence in 1990.A But Germany`s obsession with eugenics did not enfd in 1915. Through the connection to Von Epp and other old soldiers of the African colonies, Hitler and Rohm were able to procure a consignment of surplus colonial Schutztruppe uniforms.A Designed for warfare on the savannah of Africa, the shirts were golden brown. IMPORTANT NOTICE LITTLE BLOOMS CHILDREN`S ORPHANAGE INDIA MY INDIA MISSIONS TRIP APOSTOLIC BIBLICAL THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY NEW DELHI INDIA NAZARENE ISRAELITE ???

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